Alexandria and Jessica Alberts

It took the group almost half the day to reach the bridge leading to Alexandria, the town which Kalderasha had told them Dhoulmagus was heading towards. As they crossed the bridge it was obvious he was correct, as the wooden gates that closed the bridge had been burned beyond recognition, as if some almighty force had crashed through them.

It was just as the sun was setting they arrived outside the town, The path split to the left and a few yards down the road was the entrance to Alexandria.

Harry had changed into a more comfortable set of clothes he had. Brown pants with his Black boots, and a dark red leather trenchcoat over his bare torse and black fingerless leather gloves on both hands. (Think Dante from Devil May Cry) He had his sword over his shoulder, and his hair had been cut, so his fringe now passed just over his eyes and the hair at the back stuck up in spikes. His staff was currently minimised and in a holster on his thigh along with many other throwing knives and poison darts, some of his creation, others he had gotten from his infinite bag of items.

Before they began to head in, Harry's attention turned to the figure of a windmill like building in the distance.

"Hey Trode, what's the tower over there?" He asked.

Trode looked up from his seat on the cart "Hmm? Ahh. If memory serves me, that is the tower of Alexandria. Inside is the statue of Alexandra, whose eyes are made from rare gems from what I heard. But as only Alexandrians know how to enter the tower, I don't actually know"

Harry nodded, staring at the tower as they walked down the path. He had a strange feeling about that tower. He sensed a...wrongness...around it. He felt as though it was calling to him in some strange way.

As they reached the entrance Trode announced that he and Media would be camping outside the village, saying he didn't want to push his luck with the people in the village. Harry, Alex and Yangus walked inside, stopping at the gate to get a good look at the small village.

To their left side in front of them were two stalls, a weapon and armour one. Further up ahead they could see a church, and over the bridge crossing a small stream was some cabins, one of which had the sign stating 'INN' on it. Alex and Yangus began to move forward, only to stop when a voice called out to them...

"Halt! Who goes there?"

They blinked in confusion as a small blue haired boy ran up to them. He was wearing a long brown sleavless shirt and blue pants, with an orange sash tied round his middle and a yellow and brown helmet with horns on his head. The boy stood in front of them, his eyes narrowed in distrust and his hands on his hips.

He pointed at them "Don't waste your breath scoundrels! I can spot bandits a mile off!"

He turned to a nervous looking boy with brown hair behind him, who wore the same shirt as the first boy but with green pants, red sash and a pot on his head.

"This is for Alistair! Come on Mash! Let's get 'em!" He yelled.

The other boy jumped slightly, but nodded his head "Yessir Bangerz!" He called, jogging up next to the boy.

Meanwhile, Alex and Yangus looked at each other in confusion. Who were these boys? And whos was 'Alistair'? They turned to look at Harry, only to notice he was gone. Both jumped in shock and whirled around, confused and slightly awed as Harry stood in front of the young boys staring down at them, his arms crossed over his chest in a relaxed manner.

Both boys were tensed, the blue haired one, Bangerz, had his hand resting on the wooden sword he had on his back, while the brown haired boy held a small bat up nervously.

Harry raised an eyebow at them, and glanced at the blue haired boy, who seemed to be getting angrier and angrier at the person in front of him.

Just as Bangerz opened his mouth to speak another voice called out;

"What are you two racels up to now? Stop it at once!"

Both boys got slightly fearful looks on their faces as they turned round and spotted an old lady in light green robes with a white hood and apron. The old women looked disapprovingly at them.

"Where are your mannors? That's no way to welcome travellers" She scolded. She leaned forward and bopped each boy on top of their helmets, ignoring their yelps of pain.

She sighed and looked pointedly at them "Didn't Miss Jessica ask you to run an errand for her? And here you are playing around"

Bangerz looked sheepishly at the ground "Uh...I forgot" He mumbled.

"You'd better run along before Jessica finds out" The old lady smiled slightly.

Both boys nodded and ran off. The old lady turned her attention to Yangus and Alex, who both looked slightly stumped at the disappearence of their comrade. The old women spoke up, not noticing the departure of the wizard.

"I'm sorry. They don't mean any harm. It's just that our village has been through a lot lately. Ask around for yourselves. Not that theres anything wrong with the place, mind. It's a lovely village really, make yourselves at home"

She gave a small smile before turning and walking off.

Alex turned to Yangus "Does it feel a to you?"

Yangus nodded "Ev'ryone 'ere seems a bit down in the dumps, don't they?"

Alex nodded "Think it's got something to do with Dhoulmagus?"

Yangus shook his head "There ain't no sign o' Dhoulmagus about. Maybe somefin' else is botherin' 'em"

Alex nodded "True, wonder where Harry went off to? I hate it when he just dissappears like that, it's kinda creepy, and annoying"

Yangus laughed heartily "But 'e's the best kind o' guy we could 'ave asked for"

Alex shook his head "Come on, the INN's this way, we'll get a room for the night


"So you definatly think Dhoulmagus has been here?" Trode asked sceptically.

Harry stood leaning against the outer wall of Alexandria. Trode was standing behind the cart which he had placed nearby the entrance, and Medea was lying down sleeping.

Harry nodded "Yes, I was curious about the feeling I got from that tower earlier, and from what I gathered, the heir to the Albert family, Alistair Albert's, was murdered there. I'm pretty damn sure Dhoulmagus is involved"

Trode 'Hmm'ed to himself for a moment, before he nodded.

"Very well, I trust your word on this. I think you'd be well finding out what you can. The big mansion at the South of the village is the Albert mansion, it's open to the public surpringly enough so maybe you could take a look?"

Harry nodded "The villagers will be handy as well. From what you told me earlier, the Albert's are a very powerful and influencial family in this area"

Trode nodded "Yes, like those...Malfey's? From your world correct?"

Harry shook his head "Malfoy's. And yes, but I don't know how they may act. There will only be the Mother and Daughter now that the heir is gone correct?"

Trode nodded "Yes, Rosiland Albert's beleives in following the traditional ways of the family, I don't know much about the daughter though. Perhaps, if you could, you should meet with her?"

Harry shrugged "I'll have a look. I better get back to Alex and Yangus. Keep safe"

With that, he disappeared with a swirl of his red coat.

Trode stared at the spot he wa for a moment, before heading back inside the cart.

'He is most strange, that boy. Anyways, where was I on this confounded pot?'


Harry woke early the next morning and decided to get an early start checking the Albert mansion out. He dressed in Black pants and his red leather coat. He pulled on his boots and waved his hand over his hair, so it was spiky at the back with his fringe over his eyes again.

Picking up his sword he started to head outside. Suddenly he heard a scurrying set of feet, and turned to see Munchie, Alex's mouse, running up to him.

Harry's lips twitched for a second before he picked the mouse up and put it in his pocket.

"Come on then you little furball, we have something to check out before they wake up"

Harry headed up the hill and came to the front of the mansion, it wasn't really all that impressive, but it still showed a family with money to throw around lived there.

As he walked in he headed up the stairs in front of him that led to the 'living room'. Well he assumed so, because it was a big room with a fire there.

There were a few people moving round the house, he paused when he saw a man with poncy looking hair and weird multi-coloured clothes talking to someone;

"Yes, you have the great pleasure of meeting...I, the world famous poet, Lorenzo" The poncy man spoke arrogantly, yet with his high voice it was hard to tell.

"Not only am I the son of the Chancellor to a large and prosperous kingdom, but I am the lovely Jessica's fiance. Yes that's me" He continued, oblivious to the scowling man across from him.

"She lost her brother recently you see, so I came here today to comfort her. But I seem to be face with an unexpected obsticle to our love" He glared over the stairs to the landing opposite. Harry looked and spotted the two boys from yesterday standing in front of a door, like they were guarding it.

"As you can see, I can't get in because these brats are blocking the way. Ah the sea of true love is strewn with the flotsam of despair. But I shall crest the waves of Adversity and find harbour in my lady's bosom" He continued dramatically.

Harry shook his head in disgust, and headed over to a table he spotted a red headed women to be sitting. She was talking to another man, and Harry again listened in.

Apparantly the women was Rosiland Albert, and she was telling how she and her daughter were not permitted to be outside the house because they were mourning. Apparantly her daughter Jessica didn't agree with her and had confined herself in her room. The one which the boys were guarding apparantly.

Harry walked by the two boys. The blue haired one, Bangerz if he remembered correctly, spotted him coming towards them and spoke up;

"Oh, it's you. Look, I'm sorry about before, but not sorry enough to let you through here" He said importantly. Harry couldn't help but chuckle.

"I'm under orders, see. Jessica said she doesn't want to see anyone, so I can't let people through" Bangerz continued.

Harry shook his head "Well keep up the good work, and by the way" He leaned down and whispered to the boy "Don't let that man in especially" He pointed at the multi-colour clothed man.

Bangerz nodded "Jessica said he definatly wasn't allowed near her. She can't stand him"

Harry nodded his head "Good lads, maybe we'll meet again soon" He stood and, deciding to explore the house more, went through a door opposite the stairs. He climbed up and just as he reached the top a maid stormed by muttering to herself;

"Ohh I hate mice, why did it have to go into Jessica's room? What am I going to do?"

Harry turned to watch her go downstairs. He shook his head and had a look around. He spotted a small mouse hole on the ground. Before he could react, Munchie jumped out of his pocket and scurried through the hole.

Harry stared a little bit "Oh shit, that mouse better get back here or Alex will kill me"

He lay down on his stomach and spotted the little mouse by some stairs on the other side. He cursed when it headed down them.

"Damn mouse you better hope this girl doesn't spot you or I'm going to get in trouble" He growled.

A few minutes later he saw the mouse appear again with some paper in his mouth, not willing to risk it he held his hand out.

"Accio Munchie" He called. The mouse gave a surprised squeek as it flew threw the air and straight into Harry's hand.

Harry stood up and glared at the mouse, before taking the peice of paper of it. His eyebrows creased as he spotted it was a letter, the writing being feminine.

He read;

I don't know who will find this letter. But please consider it my last will and testiment. For by the time you read this I will already be gone. I am going to the tower in the East. I will not return until my brothers death is avenged. Mother, I am sorry to the damage I have caused to our family's reputation. But this is about something far bigger than reputation. I must follow my heart, no matter the consequences. Please forgive me. And to Bangerz and Mash. I'm sorry for lying to you. I hope you will forgive me as well.



Harry re-read the letter, before looking at the mouse now happily napping in his pocket.

"Ok now this is just weird" Harry muttered, before he disappeared in a swirl of red.


Harry stood in front of Trode, Yangus and Alex, all of whom were looking thoughtful after hearing the letter Jessica had written.

" we're heading for the tower in the East that was mentioned in that letter?" Trode asked.

Alex frowned "I suppose it's a good idea, but how would we get in? I mean, you did say only Alexandrians knew how to get in"

Harry smirked "I have a way around that I think"


It was almost nightfall when Harry, Yangus, Alex and Bangerz arrived at the tower. Trode was still a little way out, because Harry had asked him to take Bangerz back after he opened the gate for them.

The party had been stumped when Harry had returned with the boy. Harry explained he was a friend of Jessica's and could be trusted to open the gate for them, without the needless fuss anyone else would have caused.

They walked up to the gate and Bangerz turned to Harry;

"This is a specal door you know, only the people of Alexandria know how to open it. Give it a try if you don't beleive me" He grinned.

Harry and Alex shook their heads as Yangus moved forward and began tugging on the door which refused to open.

Bangerz grinned and moved forwards when a grumbling Yangus stood back.

"Since this an emergancy, I'll show you how to open the door. But promise never to tell anyone else!"

The group nodded as Bangerz moved forward, and to their shock, opened the door from the bottom.

Harry shook his head. It was ingenious really. The door was designed to look like it opened outwards. Yet it opened from the bottom.

Bangerz turned to them "Pretty cool eh?" He laughed to himself.

Harry thanked him and sent him to meet with Trode. Harry, Alex and Yangus stared at the tower, before they moved in, the door closing behind them.


It had taken a while, with many stairs and secret passageways to overcome, but the group now stood in the top room of the tower. Harry was breathing slightly heavily. He had been using his magic to keep away the monsters in the tower. There had been a few strong ones who had gotten by though that they had to fight. He was feeling a little woozy with the drain on his magic.

The room they were in was beautiful. On either side there were three watefalls, and in front of them they could see a statue of a beautiful women, with a waterfall on either side. They walked up to the statue and had a closer look. Yangus moved to look outside and Harry sat down in front of the small pond to relax.

Suddenly there came a soft thumping sound, looking round, the group sotted a red haired girl with pigtails, wearing a white shirt and Black skirt glaring at them. Harry stood up slowly, a sigh escaping his lips.

"You!" She spat at them "I knew you'd be back for the jewels! You killed my brother! Now you'll suffer the same fate!"

She held her hand out, and to the shock of the group, created a powerful ball of magic fire. You could almost feel the magic as it blew like a strong wind, ruffling the girls clothes.

She threw it at Yangus, who yelped and fell back into the water, luckily avoiding it. The second one she threw at Alex, who had to dive out the way, it hit the statue which was engulfed in the magical flames.

Her eyes widened as Harry appeared in front of her in a swirl of red leather. He stood tall and met her stare with his, emerald eyes meeting brown. She was panting slightly, but she didn't back down or flinch. In fact, she seemed to look a little angrier.

"Your fast" She admitted "But I guess you thieves have to be quick on your toes, but you won't get away from me this time"

She held both hand out on her left side, Harry's eyebrows rose as another ball of magic fire appeared, this one almost double the size of her previous ones. The wind was whipping about her more furiously and her magical aura sprang up around her.

'Hmm she's pretty powerful' Harry thought 'But even this low on magic, I should be able to stop that'

She yelled ""

"WAIT!" Another voice yelled. Harry spotted the girls eyes widening in shock, his own ears tried to home in on where the voice came from. If he wasn't came from the statue.

"Jessica. It's me! Don't you recognise my voice?" Came the male voice again.

The now identified Jessica's eyes widened a little more, and her arms began to shake slightly "A-Alistair?" She called.

Harry winced when he spotted she was loosing control of the spell. Her arms were shaking and she was quickly loosing concintration to stabalise it.

"Stay you spell Jessica, I wasn't slain at their hands" Alistiars voice rang out.

She shook her head slightly "Stay my spell? But it's to late!"

She yelped as it sprang from her hands, the force throwing her back onto the ground. Her eyes widened as it flew towards the boy in front of her.

Harry was vaugely aware of Alex and Yangus shouting out at him, but he needed his concentration. He held his hand out and caught the ball of magic in his hand, before bringing the the other up to grip his wrist. Everyones eyes widened as they watched him. He began to sweat slightly with the effort of taming the wild magic.

Slowly he turned and with a yell threw it out the open window. He fell onto his knee's panting.

Jessica's eyes were wide in shock and amazement. That was her most powerful spell, and this boy had caught it in one hand and redirected it? She shook her head, remembering the voice of her dead brother. She ran up to the statue and stared at it.

"Alsitair? Alistair is it really you?" She called hopefully.

"It's me Jess. You have to listen to me. As do you travellars" He called. Alex and Yangus helped Harry up and walked towards the statue.

"After I died, a part of my soul was allowed to linger in this statue. Even now as I speak to you, the power keeping me here begins to evaporate...time is short."

"Look into the statues eyes...The truth lies within...Hurry!" He called.

They all looked into the red eyes of the statue, before the world around them suddenly warped into a blur of colours. A second later, they saw the room they were in, but the colour of the world was brownish.

"It's a memory..."Harry gasped, causing Alex and Yangus to look at him "This is a"

Alistairs voice spoke up "The day I died, the door to the tower was already open. I thought it was strange. So I decided to look around and see for myself. That's when I saw him"

They watched as Alistair in the memory walked into the room, he turned around to look behind him, and suddenly someone appeared.

"Dhoulmagus" Alex growled.

The memory Alistair whirled round, his hand on his sword "Who are you?" He called.

Dhoulmagus continued to smile at him "Such a pity" He called out.

Alistair frowned "Pity? What are you talking about? Who are you? Answer me!"

"Me?" Dhoulmagus called innocently "I am Dhoulmagus. And I was referring to the fragility of human life"

"Fragility? What do you mean?" Alistair asked. He suddenly gasped as he tugged at his sword.

"My...My sword! I, I can't draw my sword" He growled still tugging in it.

"I said: Such a pity. Such a pity, that a shining young star like you should encounter me" Dhoulmagus continued. He suddenly held up his staff, the head of which flashed white.

Alistair seized up, his body trembling as he tried to force his muscles to co-opperate.

"Ngggh! What have you" He yelled angrily.

Dhoulmagus started walking down the stairs towards him, fazing to the left and right as he made his way down. Soon he stood directly in front of the frozen Alistair.

"Dhoulmagus!...I won't...forget this!" Alistairs spat.

Dhoulmagus grinned "What? You won't forget my name? Your to kind. I shall return the favour, and remember yours as well. Now let us finish this before I feel any more pity"

Dhoulmagus moved forwards and place his arm around the, as if he were hugging him. Suddenly he pulled his sceptre back and stabbed it through Alistair's stomach. The boy gasped in pain and fell down, dieing a moment later.

Dhoulmagus leaned down next to his body.

"It has been an honour making your acquaintance. You may rest assure, your death will not be in vain" He spoke in a low tone of voice.

He straightened back up and began to chuckle. Then laugh. Before the room was filled with the haunting insane laughter of the cursed Jester. The eyes on the bird on top of his staff glowed white again, before he phased out of existance.

The world again disappeared in a whirl of colours, before they were back in front of the statue again.

"And now you have seen what the statue saw, my travelling friends. I don't understand it myself. But it seems the statue of Alexandra has been awaiting your arrival. If the memory of my tale can serve you on your quest, it would bring great releif to my soul"

"My time here is coming to an end. It's time for is to part"

Jessica moved forwards, shaking her head. Tears were falling down her cheeks "No! Alistair! Don't leave me" She cried.

"One last thing Jess" Alistair spoke up "Mother may try to stand in your way, nevertheless. Follow your heart, and do as you must. Farewell, my little sister"

The statue was suddenly enulfed in a soft white light. Small beads of white were floating off the statue before disappearing. Jessica fell to her knee's and began to cry softly, at last mourning the loss of he brother.

"What a tragic affair" A voice spoke up quietly from behind Yangus, who jumped in shock "COR BLIMEY!"

Trode ignore Yangus and continued "There can be no question, this is Dhoulmagus's treachery. It would appear that Alistair also wishes us to bring Dhoulmagus to justice. His sacrifice will not be in vain. Now we have another reason to stop Dhoulmagus's foul reign of terror"

He looked over to Alex, who was still supporting Harry "I shall meet you back at Alexandria, we will spend the night there"

He ran off and dissappeared.

"Yangus, little help here would be good" Alex grunted. After all Harry wasn't exactly light.

Yangus came over and grabbed a hold of him helping him keep steady. Alex began to move towards Jessica.

"Wait" Harry called tiredly "Leave her, she needs time, just get us back to Alexandria. I taught you Evac and Zoom for a reason you know"

Alex nodded and the group moved towards the exit. Just as Alex was preparing jessica spoke up;

"um..." She swallowed slightly before turning away from the group "I really must apologise for my behaviour. We'll talk more later, but I need to be alone by now...I'll talk to you back at the village"

Harry grunted and reached into his bag "Jessica" He called, she turned round and caught the object he threw to her "I trust you know how to use one of them" Harry said. She looked down at the Chimaera wing in her had. It allowed you to warp instantly to somewhere you had already been.

She nodded her head "Yes, thank you"

Harry nodded and motioned to Alex. He moved forward and placed his hand on Yangus and Harry's shoulders. They were surrounded by a golden bubble of light, which disappeared, taking them with it.

Outside Alex quickly used zoom to take them back to Alexandria, where they headed straight for the inn to get some rest.

However, the doorway was blocked by bangerz, who was looking around worriedlly, he spotted the group moving towards him and ran towards them.

"Well? Did you find her?" He spotted the unconscious figure between them and looked more worried "Hey what happened to him? Is he alright?"

Alex nodded "He's fine, just really tired though. Jessica needs some time alone just now, but she promised to come back soon"

Bangerz frowned "Well it's not brilliant, but if she said she was coming back soon she will! Jessica's always kept her word!"

He looked back up and smiled, a genuine smile "Thanks a lot, if it weren't for you guys we wouldn't have even known she was gone! As a thank you, me and Mash put our pocket money together and got you a room in at the Inn"

Alex smiled "Thank you, but we can't let you off doing that now can we?" He fumbled in his bag as he brought out a smaller bag of money, he tossed it to bangerz who looked confused.

"As a thank you" Alex explained "Because of you, we now know where the man we're after is heading, plus I feel guilty you paying your pocket money on us, especially since we have so much anyways"

Bangerz beamed before he ran off, probably home. Yangus and Alex headed into the Inn.


Next morning saw Alex and Yangus awake early. Harry was still asleep and no doubt recovering, they guessed he was just simply tired and nothing more permanent was wrong.

Alex decided to head off to the Albert mansion, having not been there already and he had a couple of hourse to kill before they moved off.

As he made his way upstairs in the large house he spotted the girl from the tower, Jessica, standing across from a women who looked like an older version of her.

Neither of them looked to happy.

Alex turned when he felt a hand on his shoulder, and his eyebrows shot up in surprise. What kind of weirdo wore clothes like that? And the guys hair! He just barely held in his laughter!

"Hold on there!" He spoke, Alex's control nearly slipping at the high whiney voice.

"This is a family manner, the lady will attend to you shortly" He turned and walked off, not noticing Alex's huge grin. Ohh if only Yangus had been here right now...

He turned his attention back to the two.

"I'm going to ask you again Jessica" The womens curt voice was laced with anger.

"Are you entirely bereft of compassion? Will you not mourn your own brothers death?"

Jessica sighed and retorted hotly "Not this again! Of course I'm sad! I can't beleive I even have to say it!"

She waved her hand angrily "But all you can think about is tradition and family obligations! I'm talking about avenging his murder!"

The women look indignant "Avenging...?"

She took a step forward and glared at Jessica.

"You will stop this foolishness this instant! you are a young lady! Not a warrior! Do you really think Alistair would have wanted this? You will mourn your brother death like a proper lady! It's our familys way"

Jessica looked indignant now "Out family's way? Who cares about our family's way! I don't ecpect you to beleive me, but Alistair spoke to me! He told me to follow my heart"

She scowled before straightening up "That's why my mind is made up. I don't care about the consiquences. I'm going to make Alistairs murderer pay" She vowed.

Her mother scoffed slightly before folding her arms.

"Very well. It's obvious theres no talking to you. Do as you wish. But..." She glared at Jessica.

"As far as I'm concerned, I no longer have a daughter! I want you out of this house at once!"

Jessica smirked before retorting airily "Fine. I was planning on leaving until you came to your senses anyways, but it's obviously not going to happen"

She stormed off towards the door he guessed was her room, he could see her say something to them and they jumped before moving aside. She marched inside and a couple of moments later returned dressed in different clothes.

Alex definatly wished Yangus was here now. She was wearing a red skirt with what looked like a yellow corset around her stomache, and to his embarrasment, it put more emphasis on her cleavage, which were viewable as the top of her purple shirt was an open one.

She bent down and spoked with the two boys, Alex being to far away to hear. She then stormed up to her mother, said something and left down the stairs.

Alex sighed to himself. Harry and Trode needed to know this.


"Hmm...I see" Trode murmured.

Alex and Yangus were standing next to the cart. Alex had just finished telling of the encounter he had witnessed. Harry was about somewhere, it was hard to tell.

"Well, there's nothing that we can really do. But we now know where Dhoulmagus is heading. Yangus scouted out the pub and surprisingly found out something useful"

Trode ignored Yangus's cry of "Oy!" but instead focused on the fence of Alexandria. Turning round both Yangus and Alex could only gape at their fellow comrade, who was currently standing on top of the fence and staring out to the South.

He dissappeared in a swirl of red leather, and appeared behind the group.

"He was last seen walking over the oceon towards the Southern continent. We need to get to the nearest Port"

Trode scowled "Ruin my moment and well rehearsed speech in one go will you? How dare you"

Harry smirked "I can't ruin what's not there to ruin in the first place can I?"

Ignoring Trodes sputters of "well I never!" Harry turned to Alex, who was looking at a large map he had gotten from Harry's supply bag.

"Well we're in luck, if we take the path to the right where it forks heading to the tower, a few hours along is Port Prospect, we can catch a ship there"

Harry nodded "Well let's get going while the days still young"

The group nodded before setting off.

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