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No Wings



The first thing she noticed was pain, spreading from her back, shooting over her whole body. Debilitating, she couldn't move without feeling like she was on fire. She opened her eyes, and she couldn't see anything. She held her hand up in front of her, and she could just make out the silhouette of her fingers in the darkness.

She gingerly sat up, and tried to figure out where she was. Nothing seemed familiar, she could see a light in the distance, she got to her feet, and started walking slowly towards it. Each step was painful, but slowly the light became bigger, and clearer. It was a torch, ancient looking. Just where was she?

She could hear voices, seeming to be going to the same place she was, just from a different direction. They were male, sounded about her age. Maybe they would tell her where she was? She moved quicker now, ignoring the shooting pain, she had to talk to them.

They were making their way into the huge building, four of them, "Excuse me!" She called, as she hobbled closer.

The group turned to her, and a tall boy moved to the front. "Yeah?" He asked.

"I need to -- " she said, before she fell over, the pain in her legs so severe, that she couldn't bear to stand on them any longer.

The leader of their group dashed forward, "Are you alright?"

"Not really," she whispered, "I don't know what's happened, I just woke up over there," she gestured into the blackness.

"Okay then," he looked behind himself to his friends, "I'm going to take you to the infirmary, and then we'll figure out what happened." He helped her up, she wobbled a little on her feet. Her movements shaky, "Hang on." He said, and he placed his hands under her legs and pulled her into his arms.

His friends looked at her warily as he walked past them, but they didn't question him as he walked inside.

The journey to the infirmary passed quickly, he placed her on one of the beds, as his friends went and collected a nurse. She looked around, and it wasn't what she expected an infirmary to look like. There was no lights for one thing, there was candles everywhere, and torches on the walls. Also, she was certain that painting was watching her. She was sure it blinked at her.

She turned to him to ask him where she was, when the nurse came bustling in, with the three friends behind her.

"Okay dear," she said, "the boys said they found you outside."


"Well what were you doing out there?"

"I don't know," she said weakly.

The nurse looked at her strangely, "Alright then, well what is your name dear? I can't say I remember you."

She opened her mouth to tell her, but she couldn't.


"I don't know," she whispered.

"You don't know," she repeated. "Oh dear."

He came forward, and took a hold of her hand, "We'll figure it out."

She closed her eyes, and nodded her head, reassured slightly by his conviction, and soothed by his touch. It stopped her from falling apart then and there, they would figure it out. Together.