Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me (unfortunately) everything belongs to Stephenie Meyer, I just put some ideas together to form another story.

Ok, well this is my third fanfic, and I'm giving something that is less humorous a shot. Sorry, the first chapter is really crappy, and the title for the first chapter is really crappy, but deal with it. It's only rated T right now so I can keep my mind open to ideas.

Basically, Rosalie and Victoria were friends a long time ago, and so, yeah, you'll figure out the rest. I kind of a stupid idea, but I really like Rosalie, she's one of my favorite characters and I wanted to do a story about her, a serious story about her because she is always depicted as so self-centered and everything, I kind of wanted to show another side. I'm going to start every chapter with a memory from Rosalie. They will be in italics. This is all in Rose's point of view, unless I say otherwise.

Rosalie's Reasoning

"Which one do you think looks the best on me?" I asked holding up two dresses. My red headed friend Vickie laughed "You look amazing in anything you wear! But, I like the red one the best." I held up the two, "Alright you're right. What would I ever do without you?" I sighed and sat down next to her 'I really think that you should wear the green one, it looks really nice on you." Vickie laughed again, her laughter was sweet and pure "We'll be the best looking people at the Christmas party won't we." I rolled my eyes "Of course, as if that's not obvious, now try it on again, I want to it on you, so we can decide how to do your hair." The red haired girl snatched up a dress from the bed, and said "Why don't we have one of camp outs, the sky should be clear so we will be able to see the stars." I smiled "That's a great idea. We haven't had one of those for a while." I wasn't so keen on the camping outdoors, but my friend loved it, and I loved her like a sister, so I liked to make her happy.

The night was calm, and nothing stirred as Victoria and I walked to our usual camping spot. When we got to the place, marked by the ancient twisted tree, where years worth of campouts were held, Vickie plopped down on the ground, and lay on her back.

"You'll always be my sister." I said, lying down under the stars next to the girl with flaming red hair. "And you will always be mine." She sighed. We lay under the stars quietly, letting the peace and calmness of the night flow over us. "Vickie, promise me we'll always be friends, promise me." I said, turning on my side to face her. "I promise." She said, turning on her side to face me "We'll be friends forever, nothing will stop us."

Forever didn't last long at all. Soon I was being forcibly removed from my friendship by becoming a vampire.

Ha! Some joke! How funny, and ironic, you'll say, the very day you vow to be friends forever you're broken up.

Well it's not funny. Vickie and I have been known to have rotten luck in the past, that's why we needed to stick together, and that's exactly what broke us apart.

"Vickie, promise me we'll always be friends, promise me." That was the line that was going through my head when we met the other cult of vampires. It can't be her, it can't be her. I kept telling myself that, but then, why, almost a year later was this thought still haunting me. I couldn't have been my Vickie, my Vickie was a kind-hearted soul, she was gentle and sweet, and funny, and she loved me, she would never do anything that would harm me or anyone around me.

But still, I could not shake the thought.

"Rose!" I opened my eyes, and Emmet walked into the room. "Hey, want to go hunting with me later."

"Sorry Emmet," I replied with a sigh, rubbing my temples 'I... Uh... Don't feel good?" He nodded and walked out of the room, and I almost laughed, he was the only one that could fall for that, when he knew that vampires couldn't get sick especially considering the fact that he was one.

Soon the laughter faded, and my thoughts returned to Victoria. I remembered all the things we used to do together. She would take in sick animals, and we would hide them from her parents, and try to fix them up. They usually ended up dieing, and Vickie was always so sad.

She was my best friend, and I lost her, she was my everything I lived for, she was basically my whole family.

But now she was gone, I was dragged off by this stupid curse, and she left alone, with no clue as to what happened to me. The others don't know why I hate the life as a vampire so much, I don't hate being a vampire, I just hate being taken away from my sister.

She was my sister, we vowed to always stay together, but we couldn't, and Victoria couldn't be my sweet caring Vickie, she just can't be.