Before you think anything terrible about me I just want to say this:
I'm sorry you had your hopes up! This is not a chapter unfortunately…I just had no way of replying to you all at the same time. You've been great, and I still cannot believe that so many people are still reading this story.

I know how you feel, I always hated when I liked a story and the author didn't continue it…

I DO want to continue this story. It's just that I started it such a long time ago, I don't even know what most of the chapters are about anymore. I have to re-read it so that I can continue.

Also, most of what's written in Struggle is based on my feelings on one point in time or the other (yes, blatant self-insertion…so sue me, it's not like you've never done it ). Feelings and thoughts change with time and I am happy to say I'm in better place right now than when I started Struggle.

I'm not one to share personal things on the internet like this, but I just wanted you all to know I really appreciate the reviews.

Anyway…bottom line is that I will not leave it like this – I will continue it. I just don't want to write a bunch of disappointing crap and I'm waiting until I really get inspired.

I will TRY my best to get the story finished before my next birthday – which is October 17th.

Sooo – thank you all for your reviews and for being so patient…and I am again sorry that you got this alert and couldn't read a new chapter.