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The Unicorn Prince

Chapter 1: Inheritance

It had been a dark night with the complete absence of the softly glowing moon and stars. A light warm breeze ruffled the green leaves of the trees in the forest and carried a light floral scent to all those within it's invisible reach.

Simply put, it was a night made for magic. A night that called on the mystical creatures that lived deep inside this forest.

Inside their lairs the beasts lifted their heads and sniffed the air, cocking their heads to the side -ears alert for sounds. Many could feel the magic in the forest pulse and hum in excitement and knew that something special would happen.

And something special was happening, on the edge of the forest a group of creatures of the purest white had gathered, shifting against each other and rubbing horns together in greeting.

These magical animals were largely solitary creatures; usually only seen in two's or three's and then only by the purest of beings.

But tonight was special, tonight was magical.

They were truly beautiful, body's strong and sleek. Their necks proudly arched and their tails flicking or swaying softly in the light breeze. They seemed to be made of moonlight; indeed, if it weren't for the complete lack of a moon one might think they were just that, phantoms of the night. Their coats shimmered silver in a light that seemed to come from the beasts themselves, and their horns appeared to be made of a type of clear crystal laced with silver veins spiraling to a delicate point.

As the night wore on these ethereal creatures became increasingly restless, shifting, stomping their feet, sniffing the air, and tossing their heads impatiently. Minutes before midnight the first pulse of magic struck the forest and the creatures gathered at it's edge began to change.

The strong forms shrunk, their silky fur melting into pale flesh. Long legs transforming into delicate human looking arms and legs, attached to elegant softly curved and pleasantly rounded bodies. Their muzzles shrunk transforming into beautiful, oval human faces, and their manes-turned-hair cascaded down their backs in waves of liquid moonlight. Their eyes, black as pitch, reflected the light of the missing stars and stared eagerly into the darkness, towards the lurking castle. Ears, almost human, peaked from the sheets of moonlight hair in delicate elven-esk peeks. The only thing that remained truly the same, was the slightly curved horn that arched proudly from each and every ivory forehead.

The magic of the forest curled around the fair creatures, molding to their bodies in a web-like allusion of clothing.

It was almost time.

Inside the very castle the forest surrounded, tucked away in the tallest tower on the far side of the grounds, was a young boy barely sixteen. His birthday had passed recently and he was more then happy to be back where he belonged.

You see, this castle was, in actuality, a school for gifted young witches and wizards, and this boy was just such a lucky person. He was magically stronger then many of the youths currently housed within Hogwarts Halls, and it was passed time he received his full inheritance and all the…perks…it entailed.

As midnight struck the slight form arched off his bed, his eyes shooting open, their normally emerald centers now completely black.

Magic swirled around his body, caressing it and playing with his hair; then gently setting him back onto his mattress.

The young man stared up at the curtains surrounding his bed sightlessly, his breathing harsh to his own ears.

Long minutes passed as his heartbeat slowed to a more normal pace and his eyesight returned. Slowly he sat up, one of his hands clutching the crimson blankets that surrounded him, the other clutched to his still racing heart.

Then, just as slowly as he had sat up, he moved over to the edge of his bed and pulled back the hangings, slipping his glasses from their spot on his bedside table before sliding them into place. He stared at his hands for a few more moments before standing.

He couldn't stay here; something was calling him, waiting for him…out there.

With one glance towards the window the young man silently headed out the door, his roommates sleeping on undisturbed.

He padded effortlessly through the schools corridors and out the front door, not worried about getting caught. He knew he was safe, the castle slept; the magic of the night ensuring his safe passage.

As he moved through the grounds he stared up at the blank sky in wonderment, marveling at the perfect butter-softness of the night. A gentle breeze tugged teasingly at his midnight locks, curving the cool grass over his bare feet. Not that he minded; it felt…marvelous.

A beautiful smile warmed his face as he made his way towards the forest that seemed to call to him. Normally he would have been wary of such a thing; after all, the forest was dangerous…forbidden. Yet, strangely enough, he felt safe as he moved towards it. Safer, in fact, then he had ever felt; even more so then within his beloved Hogwarts.

He finally reached the edge of the forest, and stopped. He only had to wait a few moments before a figure emerged from within the shadows. A beautifully exotic woman in a luminous gown practically floated towards him, stopping feet away to smile down at him. He'd never seen anything so beautiful and couldn't help but stare.

Oddly enough, he thought nothing of the horn perched on her forehead. It wasn't important. Warmly, he smiled back.

"Welcome Child of Magic." She said in a soft, melodious voice, beckoning him forward with a pale, outstretched hand.

Without hesitation, the boy took her hand and melted into the forest beside the woman. They were both surrounded within seconds by more willowy, elflike women. As they walked, they brushed up against each other, gently running long fingers through the boys hair, or caressing his shoulders or back.

He simply smiled; basking in the attention he had never before received. Most people tended to shy away from him, not out of fear, but out of respect or uncertainty You see, this boy, young though he may be, was truly a celebrity among the wizards and witches of his world. They worshiped him for surviving a curse said to be impossible to survive. They expected him to step up and defeat a rising evil, and they offered him no help; no guidance.

They walked for a good portion of an hour before stopping before a beautiful lake, mirror-like in it's stillness.

The wondrous group settled down on it's banks, the boy in the very midst of them. The first to speak sat in front of him, clasping his hands lightly within her own. "Child of Magic, do you know of me?" She asked softly.

The boy smiled beautifully at her, "You're a unicorn." He answered simply as if such a thing were obvious, and she nodded.

"Yes, I am a Unicorn, or more correctly, a Unicorn Maiden." Her eyes, though black as night, were warm as they looked into his own glimmering emeralds, "Every new moon we," Here she gestured around her to her fellow creatures, "are blessed with the form of man. We are protectors of Magic, and keepers of the Balance. No human has ever been permitted to witness our Maiden forms, as it would kill us. Our magic would drain from us and seep into the soil, eventually fading into nothing, and in so doing, strip earth of the very core of life.

"Child of Magic, do you understand why you were called?" She asked him gently. The boy shook his head, waiting patiently for her to explain. "You, beautiful child, are blessed. Blessed with the blood of a Unicorn Maiden."

"But, how is that possible?" He asked in confusion, "You said that if a human were to see a Unicorn Maiden the Maiden would die."

The Unicorn smiled in approval, "That is true, but you see years ago, in a forest quite far from here, a Maiden fell in love with a Mortal. He had wandered into her forest and helped one of her animals. He was very handsome, and had such a soft heart and shining spirit.

"The moment the Maiden had seen him, her heart had called out in joy and her soul reached for this young man. She hadn't wanted to pine after him and waste away from loneliness now that she had found her other half; for everyone, even Maidens, have soul mates. Fearing that she would lose herself she called to the Magic of her forest and pled to be allowed to leave with this man, her love. The Magic of the forest felt the sorrow of it's Maiden, and could not stand her pain. It released her of her duty and let her enter the human world. She left her horn behind, allowing Magic to form another Maiden using it's power.

"This Maiden married into the Evans line, bearing her husband two daughters. The eldest was gifted with her fathers tall frame and kind heart, the younger inherited her mothers magic and was allowed to enter Hogwarts when she was old enough."

Here the Unicorn Maiden paused, "You must understand, young one, your aunt was not always so cruel. In fact, there was a time when she loved her sister dearly, but jealousy ate away at her, turning her bitter."

The young man looked down at his hands thoughtfully, his heart aching for his aunts pain, "Go on." He encouraged.

The woman nodded, "When your mother and father married their magic and love was so strong that when they conceived you, it was a solely magical feat. We felt you the moment you were born. You were different from the humans, but you were not quite like us. We were overjoyed to have you, though, for Unicorn Maidens seldom find their Soul Mates and so are rarely granted the privilege of children.

"When your mother and father died for you; another magic was evoked from within you, to lay dormant until your sixteenth year." As the boy was still looking down, the Maiden reached out and cupped his chin, pulling his face back up, "You, my boy, are more special then you could ever know. Child of Magic, you are the first ever male Unicorn. Tonight we are to grant you your inheritance." She rose to her feet, pulling him up with her as the Maidens around them started to sing softly, "Tonight you become our Unicorn Prince."

The young man said nothing, just smiled, and drank in the magic, letting it sweep through him, letting it change him.

The Maiden standing before him reached out and gently removed his glasses, another Maiden taken them from her and setting them aside, "No longer will you need such mortal magic's to heal your eyes young Prince." And it was true, the young man could see the Maiden as clear as if he were still wearing his glasses. "Also you will find your magic is much stronger and you no longer need your wand, though you may still use it if you wish. You will find more magic within you, new talents you will wish to explore. Do not be frightened, Child of Magic, this is your destiny. Shape the talents you already possess, hold your friends to your heart, and be open minded about those you once thought to hate. People change, young Prince. Never forget that."

She caressed his cheek softly, "Now, I know you wish to remain here, but your life is still among the wizards. You will always belong here, so do not fear to seek us out. Now, off to bed with you; you have school in the morning."

He smiled as she kissed his cheek, and wound his way through the Unicorns at their feet, making his way back to the castle by himself.

Harry Potter woke slowly the next morning, yawning and stretching like a cat. "What a weird dream." He muttered to himself, reaching up to run a hand through his hair. He paused, however, when his hand met with something…strange….that hadn't been there before.

Confused, Harry quickly made his way to the bathroom, where he proceeded to stare at his reflection in shock. There, perched firmly in the very center of his forhead was a small, yet very noticable, black horn.