I've had a lot of people ask if I'm going to finish this story and, to be honest, I love the Unicorn Prince, but I'm not satisfied with it in the least. So I'm curious as to how many of the readers would like to see me completely rewrite it. I've grown a lot as a writer over the years and continuing from this point in the story will be difficult because it was so poorly written and I've lost a lot of my ideas. I still remember where I was going and what I had planned, but it's all a little fuzzy. So, we'll have a little poll here, how many would like to see me finish this version of UP, and how many would like to see it redone and improved?

Send me a review or find the brand new poll on my profile either one works (or both if you want to count twice) (and for those asking about the website, it died when I ran out of money to pay for it that's why you can't reach it)