The unthinkable has happened.

I'm leaving her. For good. For decades.

There's a good chance I'll never see her again.

I'm leaving. I have no control over this.

I can't bear the thought. I can't bear to leave this woman.

But I have to.

I hold on to her as hard as I can. As if, if I hold on to her tight enough, this will all go away. Disappear.

No train station. No Sections. No threats.

It doesn't work. The train whistles.

It's time to board. I have to leave her. I have to leave her now.

I love you, Michael.

She said it. She said it first. It should have been me.

Better late then never is what I have to settle for.

I love you, too.

And the embrace is broken. A tiny hand is placed in mine.

I board the train.

And watch her cry in heartbreak as it pulls out of the station.

I love her.

And I left her alone to live out her every nightmare.

But I'll return her. I have to. There's no other fate for me. I can't leave her alone forever.

I don't deserve this woman. But nothing, nothing, will keep me away from her forever.