All right, this is a fic that I had an urge to write. It's helping me get rid of the stress for the last chapter of "Never Leave Again". XD So, yeah. There might not be much mature stuff in this chapter, but later chapters will get into that range, so that's why it's rated as such. Scary, huh? This is the second mature fic I've ever written. lol Enjoy!
Chapter 1

It was a soundproof room. No one could overhear the conversations held within - perfect for planning spy missions. There were even EMP frequencies to block recording devices in case of Decepticon spies. The dim lighting proved humorous so not to place so much pressure on the 'bots inside, joking silently about making the scene similar to those on old films they had once watched. Two Autobots, one aged and one young, sat across from each other at a medium sized table. The aged 'bot slid a PAD to the young, red and blue fembot. She easily caught it and studied the directions instructed by the High Council. A gleam on her yellow visor acknowledged the male 'bot that she accepted the mission. With a nod, he stood and walked out fo the room, grabbing the PAD on his way.

The femme's fox-shaped head stared emotionlessly to where the information once was. This mission was going to be far more risky than her past ones, but if succeeded, she would surely be raised in ranking. There was no backing down from this.

Mission Objective: You are to re-brand yourself as a Decepticon and pose as a new soldier in their main colony. Once accepted, make yourself scarce throughout the base and record all possible details of Megatron's next attack.

From our last spy, word has been received that Megatron plans to overpower Iacon with an ambush. There is suspicion of a secondary attack in Nova Cronum, but we need confirmation of this. Return to Uraya, once satisfied with your gathered information, where you will be received by a Search and Rescue Specialist.

If you choose to accept this mission, you must carry it out to the end. If captured by the Decepticons, erase all memory from your data banks immediately and try to escape as soon as possible...

That following orn, Daybreaker was found polishing her weapons and running system checks. It was necessary to be in tip-top shape for spy missions. A young medic entered her medical room and asked, "Ready for your branding?"

Branding - it sickened the fembot to even think about wearing the enemy's insignia. "I'm not too happy about it, but yes, I'm ready."

The two exited the room, and after a distance through the halls, they entered a new one. There was a table to lay on, and a large machine attached to the ceiling just above it. Daybreaker was requested to lay upon the cold table, and she did. The medic activated the machine, and a contraption similar to an oversized molding stamp lowered down to the femme's upper arm. Usually, transformers are branded while still being created; they never really understand the actual searing pain unless there were circumstances similar to Daybreaker's.

As the molten hot metal connected with the Autobot insignia on her arm, hissing demonically and the smell of burning titanium and paint filled the air, Daybreaker took a deep breath; but it was far more than she could take. Her fluid-curdling scream echoed down many halls of the medical facilities; some of the pain was from the extreme heat, but most was from her feeling of guilt and betrayal.

Once her brand was healed, which only took a cycle, Daybreaker was released to begin her mission. She was quick on her feet, her structural form proving. Worthy of her job. The sensors spread about the Decepticon territory would ave been troublesome. If she hadn't gotten a frequency scrambler implanted in her the orn before. All that were standing in her way were the patrol drones variously placed around the land. Luckily, boulders and misshapen formations of metal and dirt were just a similar variety of the drones. Daybreaker enjoyed these moments of sneaking passed guards - it made her feel sly and much more intelligent than the 'cons.

She hid behind a fairly large formation, but at the comparison of her size and the randomized rock, she would be discovered soon; Daybreaker needed better cover. A drone passed by, studying the surroundings carefully. It took no notice of the Autobot spy on the other side of the wall-ish barrier and continued on. Daybreaker took this moment to watch for any other drones that might detect her, and sprinted to the boulder nearby, satisfied with the better protection she now had. This wasn't much distance covered - she still had a couple of miles to go before reaching the gates - but it was one step closer, and that was the process of being a spy.

Some many cycles - and a couple snipes to some drones - later, Daybreaker managed to reach the gates. She easily hacked into the code pad and unlocked the enormous doors, revealing to her what the great walls hid behind them. There were thousands of Decepticons and hundreds of ships. It seemed busy in the city of Kaon, obvious that a huge attack was going to happen soon - the overpowering of Iacon. But she couldn't show surprise or confusion, Daybreaker had to keep calm and blend in with the Decepticon society. Collecting herself, the femme made her way to headquarters, hoping to get a chance with directly speaking to Megatron; luckily she had a good idea of how to succeed in such a task.

Upon entering the large building, Daybreaker found it much more calm than the activity outside. Stares were tossed by random Decepticons as she posed herself as a dark, tough being. She decided to pose as a bounty hunter, which had similarities with her true job - both worked alone, both had a quiet and dark attitude, and they remained scarce as often as possible. Soon, she found herself faced with a guard, who stood next to the door to Megatron's throne room.

He was a bulky character, but not near as though-looking as other 'cons she had encountered. "No one's allowed in unless you've been summoned," he grunted.

Daybreaker smirked under her mask and replied, "I have an urgent discussion with Megatron that has no patience for an acceptance."

"And what might this discussion consist of?"

"About the upcoming mission. I'm a hired bounty hunter and need to get the direct orders from Megatron."

The guard huffed as he thought about this. "Your position explains why I don't recognize you. Fine - access approved," he turned to a code pad and activated the door to slide open with a relieving hissss.

With a nod, Daybreaker entered the room, allowed the door to close behind her, and a new one open in front. There, on the far end of the large room, sat Megatron, Lord of Decepticons, in his old, worn throne. He looked up and narrowed his deep red optics at the femme. "What business do you have?" Megatron gestured for her to come closer.

Daybreaker walked across the room and knelt down in respect to his ranking, even though the entire thought of not killing him on the spot made her sick. "I'm a bounty hunter who wanders the less cared for Decepticon territories in search of Autobots. I've heard about your mission that you plan to commence and would like to join. Surely there will be many heads for me to turn in, and my skills will prove useful to you."

Megatron pondered for a moment - or merely, pretended to ponder - deciding the fate of this fembot and her usefulness. It seemed that the Autobots still hadn't realized that any females who would attempt joining the Decepticons would be killed. Fembots were useless and weak, and this one proved that they were stupid, as well. Nevertheless, he did find some type of function for this one. Megatron stood and walked over to the femme, "You can join the Decepticons, but not as a bounty hunter, no." He grinned as Daybreaker's head shot up and gazed in fear to him. "You will be my slave!" His enormous hand swung down and bashed into the spy's cranial unit.

Sliding a long distance across the room, Daybreaker was immobile by the confusion that literally just slapped her in the face. How did she mess up? Where did she go wrong? The thundering footsteps of the Decepticon Lord rushed to Daybreaker, and before she could move, Megatron wrapped his hand around her throat and drug her up the wall, sparks flying and elements screaming, lifting her up to his optics level. With his other fist, Megatron began beating on the fembot, crushing her small form. Her whimpers effected him very little, and once the 'con was satisfied, he tossed Daybreaker to the floor. Bare energon's essence filled the air as Megatron took in the smell. He felt calm now - less pressured by frustrations and anger.

Other Decepticons rushed through the now opened door and gazed at the sight they had to take in. Megatron growled and commanded, "Don't just stand there! Take her to the medical facilities and repair her, but only keep her functioning."

The two soldiers saluted their commander and ran tot he wounded Daybreaker. They lifted the femme and carried her to the door only to pause at Megatron's interruption.

"Bring her back to me in a collar and leash. She will be my," he sneered, "personal captive."

Another salute, and the 'cons were gone. A third entered, though - the guard outside. He knelt in font of Megatron and waited for what he knew was coming.

"How did you let an Autobot into my throne room? What makes you think that a fembot would be allowed in Decepticon territory?!" Megatron gritted his metallic teeth, but didn't have much of an urge to actually attack the guard.

The smaller 'con stuttered and shook, afraid for his life of what punishment awaited him, "I-I'm s-sorry, Lord M-m-megatron. I -"

"No excuses! I'll give you a chance to prove your worth, so listen carefully. Go tot eh medical facilities and make sure those fools don't harm my prisoner any more than I have. Tell them I want her wrists bound together as well."

Standing and bowing repeatedly as he backed to the door, the guard answered, "Yes, sir. I won't fail you."

Megatron stared a hole into the wall, never even bothering to connect sights with his moronic guard. The door hissed closed, and still the Decepticon leader refused to budge. He though, debating if keeping this spy was still a good idea. It would be troublesome to keep the soldiers away from her - they had virtually no interaction with such a transformer since they became Decepticons. Although, keeping her for purposes of releasing stress, he could do to her what he would like to do to most of his men and not lose anything important. He would ave to see, though. The decision wasn't anywhere near close to being final.

Decepticon Medical Facilities

In the facilities, Daybreaker laid across a table as drones crowded her. They began making the vital repairs and cleaned up her armor to make her presentable to their master. The soldiers that had brought the fembot in were hard at work on another endo f the room, creating a thick, heavy, metal, padlock collar, and cutting out a large chain as the leash. The guard entered and walked up to the group of two, "Megatron requests her wrists bound together."

"I guess he wants a mug of energon along with that, right?" the first 'con mockingly replied.

"Yeah," the second snickered, "and a little pink bow on her head, too."

The first paused at his work on the collar and questioned, "Where'd Megatron get a female Decepticon, anyway?"

"She's an Autobot spy," the guard replied, looking over to the fembot.

"A what?" Both 'cons one and two stood in shock, ready to kill the Autobot.

"Megatron said not to harm her!"

They sat down and returned to their work. A groan came from Daybreaker as she began to awaken from her short unconsciousness. The guard looked over to the table and grabbed a set of energon cuffs. He walked to the table and ordered the drones to roll the femme onto her side. Once done, her arms were brought behind her back and cuffs were clasped around her wrists and activated, energy streaming back and forth between the wrists to hold them together. The guard smirked at the weak femme, seeing that she had no energy to fight back.

During her reawakening, Daybreaker ran through her memory circuits over the things ordered on the mission PAD about erasing her memory if captured. According to her own decisions, she didn't feel the need to erase her memory until the Decepticons made actions to record her data. Until that moment, Daybreaker felt that she still had a chance to complete her mission. At least she was still functioning.

A collar was slipped around her neck, heavy and cold like the hand of Megatron when he attacked her. Something rattled and snapped on the side of the collar, sounding like a lock of some kind. Then the icy ringing of chains as they were attached to the collar as well. So, she was a prisoner. The only question was: Why a collar and leash?!

"Get up," the chains tugged as a 'con pulled on them to interrupt Daybreaker's thoughts.

She put up no fight and sat up, sliding herself of the side of the table. Another rough tug, harder than the first, and the three soldiers lead her out of the Medical Facilities.

They entered the throne room as Megatron now rested in his seat. He smirked as he walked over to Daybreaker, snatching the chain from his lackey, "Leave...all three of you!" The soldiers exited with many bows and shut the large door behind them. Megatron grinned as he drew the fembot's face closer to his, pulling her by the chain, "We're going to have so much fun."

Daybreaker wriggled in attempt to get the cuffs off, but failed, humoring the Decepticon Lord as he laughed loud and evilly in her face. At that moment, Daybreaker knew she had bitten no a mission that was far more than she could chew.

All right. That's it for the first chapter. Thing will get interesting from here. I have the chapter that has the main point (the romance) written, but I decided to put everything in a different order. Heck, I even have the last few chapters written. But I'm not gonna spoil anything. Let me know if it's worth continuing. I don't want to write a fic no one cares for. Thanks!