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Chapter 5

The rebellion began.

Starscream called all of his followers to commence the attack on Megatron. The Decepticon Lord made an escape to the center of Kalis, only to find himself to be in a worse predicament - he now faced Daybreaker. The two stared each other down as the roar of the rebels grew louder. Master and slave were now deciding which way the tables should turn.

"Join me, Daybreaker. Help me gain control again and I shall grant you your freedom," Megatron knew that such an offer was hard to pass, and was going to need help against his army.

The fembot held something within her hand. It blinked with life, and looked strangely familiar. "Oh, I already have my freedom. This little battle will keep you busy enough for me to escape."

"They will catch you!" A laser bullet struck Megatron's shoulder, and he looked to find that more were coming. He fired a blast from his cannon, silencing the now close soldiers who surrounded the femme and commander within a great distance. "Join me! Take my side, or it will be the end of both of us!"

"Sorry, Megatron," Daybreaker chuckled, "I'm a spy, a bot who can act very well. Plus I'm an escape artist." She used her thumb to activate the blinking sphere, and now it beeped. "It was fun, though. Too-da-loo!" The fembot fluttered her fingers in a wave good-bye, then threw the small sphere to the ground. Smoke exploded like a bomb, spreading and growling as the thick haze covered the large area, rushing passed the other Decepticons. After a few moments, it cleared, allowing Megatron to find Daybreaker gone.

"No!" Megatron looked around as he gritted his teeth in fury. "Daybreaker-e-er!" Another rumble began, and he noticed that the rebels were charging to him.

Starscream's battered form stood on top of a building, watching the Lord of Decepticons battle with his own men. Never did he noticed that Daybreaker was crouching on the city walls, watching, too. After a few moments, though, she leapt off and escaped the city without making a sound.

The fight raged, and so did Megatron's emotions. He was angry with his slave for leaving him, even after all of the kindess he gave her - though it wasn't much. The 'con former-leader thrashed through each opposing soldier who dare attempt to attack. There were even a few times that he blasted an entire section into dust. Other times, he literally ripped the soldiers to scrap. Megatron was blind with rage, but it seemed that such a powerful element wasn't enough, and he was finally tackled to the ground and piled on, roaring and fighting to escape as he reached a hand out to the form of Starscream on the building.

"Smokescreen!" Hot Shot spotted something in the distance during his daily drive outside of Uraya, "There's someone coming. It looks like a femme." He drove closer to see if this stranger was friend or foe.

"She might be that spy we're waiting on. Where's Snuffer?" Smokescreen commed to his yellow friend.

Hot Shot recognized the build and color on the broken and trashed fembot. "It's definately her. And as for Snuffer, he's probably distracted by something else."

"Well, she was suppose to send a signal."

Daybreaker stopped and stared to Hot Shot, her knees wobbling as he closed in on the distance. She felt that there was no need to stress her systems - they were already straining to go into stasis lock with all the damage caused by the drone scouts. Daybreaker had figured that with all the commotion, even the drones weren't around, but she was wrong, and barely escaped with her spark. Seeing an Autobot coming to her felt like a blessing, and yet a curse, but she gave in and collapsed to the ground in a near-lifeless heap.

"Bot down! I repeat! Bot down! Get me a medic out here now!" Hot Shot transformed to robot mode in mid travel, landing and skidding the rest of the short way tot he fembot. He didn't hesitate to scoop her into his arms and run at top speed back to the city. He only hoped that a medic would come soon.

Her receptors were still on, and Daybreaker could her the faint commotion around her. A medic's sirens screamed as he met the two near the gates, and she was loaded up and taken away.

"She's in stasis," one medic's voice stated in the emergency room.

"There's major damage to her cranial unit on the data section," another announced.

"Get her back online! We can't risk to lose the data!" This one sounded familiar, but she couldn't put a face on him." Contact Red Alert and tell him we have the Kalis spy.

"Yes, sir."

It was so dark and confusing. She had not feeling, but could hear her body being worked on. And just when she thought she would completely shut down, her system rebooted, lighting up the darkness.

A young, grey face hovered over Daybreaker as he grinned, "Hey, sweety. Feeling better?"

"Slaggit, Sideswipe, you gay 'bot," Daybreaker groaned.

The young hacker laughed, not realizing what the femme really meant. "I guess you are."

She knew that Sideswipe was as straight as a circle, and she wished she had the spark to tell him, but he was too childishly cute.

"Sideswipe," the head medic pushed the young 'bot out of the way, "You shouldn't be here, anyway."

"Awww, but that's my big sister."

"Get out!"

Daybreaker make a movement to roll her optics, 'Big ssiter', my aft.

"We need you to turn in your report," the medic stated.

With a sigh, the femme near glared at him, "Does it look like I had time to load one?"

He shook his head, "With all the parties you went to, I guess not."

"Oh yeah... Parties," Daybreaker sat up and chuckled, "They were wild."

The medic laughed and patted her back, "Just be sure to get it done today." With that, he walked out to give her some time to rest.

That's the only reason why I'm kept alive... She looked to her mask lying next to her and sighed, thinking of what to say in her report. It would be some crazy stuff to read about her moments with Megatron.

Those moments.

They warmed her somehow.

"Optimus, sir," Jet Fire turned in his chair. He had taken Red Alert's place at the desk, "There's a document for you. It's from... Megatron."

"What? Print it." Optimus Prime walked down to stand by Jet Fire and snatched the data PAD from the printer. His yellow optics read the message over and over in disbelief, then, he walked out of the room with an enraged aura.

As Daybreaker sat in the room of the Medical Facilities, she though over what she had done to Megatron. Was it really the best idea to say something to harsh when he had admitted his love to her? She had to, though, for she was an Autobot and he was a Decepticon - Lord of the Decepticons. How could such a pairing work out?

Optimus Prime himself burst into the room holding a PAD and glared daggers to the fembot. "Daybreaker!" He quickly walked over to her as she saluted him, "I don't know what you did during those few mega-cycles, but it obviously wasn't your mission!" Shoving the PAD into the femme's hands, he then stomped out of the facilities, "You will be trialed for this!"

She quickly read the data on the clipboard-like device and smirked, looking to where her commander had exited, "Somebody's jealous." Daybreaker then grabbed her muzzle resting next to her and replaced it with the PAD, hitching it over her exposed white face to her helmet, and strolling out of the room. She didn't feel like putting up with a trial, and decided that maybe it was time for a new lifestyle...

Optimus Prime,

You have brought me to my knees. I know where Daybreaker dwells, and I demand her pathetic carcass in my hands at once! If you do so, you have my word that I will cease to continue this useless war.

- Megatron

The Decepticon Lord sat in his throne room, glaring a hole into the doors ahead of him. His body was soaked in energon, an optic shattered, a horn snapped in half, damage everywhere, but he lived on. He imagined Optimus standing at the door, that hole burning through his spark. And he thought, countering the message he had sent, Never trust your enemy in a war, Prime...

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