Kay's Beast

The black night was cold and an eerie wind howled through the trees. A full moon was hanging over the castle of the infamous Lord Sesshomaru. He was known for his cruelty and greed, but also his immense wealth. Only 2 servants resided in his castle, a young girl named Rin, and a frog-like demon named Jaken.

A figure limped along the cobblestone path that twisted its way up to the large, iron gateway. A gnarled hand revealed itself as it tugged at a long rope attached to a bell. It tolled out into the night and the doors creaked open, revealing a very pissed Sesshomaru. He glared at the figure with his golden eyes.

"What do you want?" he asked coldly.

The light from inside danced off of the hooded figure. It unmasked shadows to show folds of wrinkled skin and short hair grey with age. Her whole body shook with cold.

"Please sir," she began.

"No." Sesshomaru replied bluntly.

"But I didn't even say anything!" exclaimed the old woman.

"You were going to ask if you could stay here for the night, correct?"

"Yes, but"

"Then I have no reason to be talking to you."

He began to shut the door, when a bright light flashed around the old woman. The woman rose into the air, and came down a lovely young demoness. An overwhelming aura filled the air, emanating from her body.

"Now Fluffy-chan,"

Sesshomaru glared at her.

"Excuse me. Fluffy-sama. You are a greedy little mutt of a demon who hates the world which hates you in return. To pay for all you sins, I will change you and all the residents of this castle into whatever I want!"

At that exact moment, Jaken and Rin had raced down to Sesshomaru after Jaken had sensed the aura and woke up Rin. The woman turned her attention to Rin.

"What a cutie!" she said sweetly.

She snapped her fingers together and Rin floated over into her arms. Jaken ran over to her and raised up his dangerous two-headed staff.

"You let go of her, or else!"

The woman smiled at him and held up a mirror. She turned to Sesshomaru.

"Do you see this?" she asked, holding it up. "It's a magic mirror, behold!"

She flipped it over so Rin could see her reflection. The mirror began to suck in her soul, and Rin's eyes became lifeless. Then, she twirled the mirror around again.

"Rose!" she commanded.

Rin began to twitch and curl up in a ball. She became a long, slender, and elegant rose. Sesshomaru's eyes showed alarm, though he tried to hide it.

"You're an enchanter, aren't you?" he asked.

Winking, the woman replied, "Damn right!"

Then her mirror twirled once more, and reflected Sesshomaru's face. His eyes glowed a steady red and fangs protruded from his mouth. His fluffy boa bristled with anger and hate. Claws shot out of his fingertips where his nails had been. The enchanter looked over her handy-work with pride.

"Until you can lean to love, and be loved in return, you will stay like that until the end of time. When the last petal from Rin falls, the rose will disintegrate, taking away all chances of rescuing Rin and returning back to normal."

Jaken looked at the enchanter coldly.

"You stupid woman! Turn Lord Sesshomaru back to normal this instant!"

The enchanter sighed.

"Well aren't you the annoying one! I have a surprise for you that's different from anything you have ever seen."

She flipped the mirror over and Jaken caught a glimpse of his reflection. With a cry of horror, he jumped back and fell down.

"You stupid witch! How could you make me into such a hideous creature you heartless fiend!"

The enchanter looked at him innocently.

"You do realize that I didn't do anything, right?"

With a laugh, she threw the rose at beastly Sesshomaru.

"Remember! To love and be loved in return cannot be done by force! Only time may tell this outcome!"

Then, she disappeared into the darkness.