"There are four annoying gnats in here…"

Sango and Kagome looked down, a little disturbed, but Ukari and Ace grinned at Kay, held captive on her bed.

"Oh come on!" Ukari whined. "It's not every day your friend gets married!"

"Let us have some fun! Geez!" Ace was focusing on Kay's make up, her eyes squinted in frustration.

"I don't think you appreciate how hard we're working to make you look like a girl!"

With that comment, Ukari got a punch over the head. She pouted slightly.

"So mean…" Ukari went back to braiding roses into Kay's hair, now let out to its full length.

Sango felt a little left out, so she headed to the wardrobe, followed by Kagome. They opened the doors and sighed over the many kimonos that Kay had been given.

"It's so beautiful…" Kagome gushed.

"If you like it, then take it. I don't need them."

"God, Kay." Ace shook her head. "If it weren't for the humiliation, you would walk around naked."

Ukari laughed and hopped back, done with the hair.

"All done!"

Kay made a start to get up.

"Don't you dare!" Ace ordered, pushing her back down on the bed. "We're not done!"

Sango gasped and pulled out a beautiful white wedding kimono. Silver birds flew across it, in random groups.

A glint formed in the girls' eyes, and Kay had a sudden cold feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"Oh dear god no…."

The girls all surrounded her, then pounced.

Sesshomaru was standing at the end of the rose garden, a large vine covered wall behind him. The rest of the friends, including the girls, had lined up along the path, ready and excited. The scent of roses filled the air, and Sesshomaru fidgeted nervously, pulling at the collar of his suit.

I can't believe I was forced to wear this…

Those were the thoughts of both victims who were forced into wedding attire. But, it seemed that all was forgotten once the wedding actually began.

A soft music played, courtesy of Ace's flute, and a woman stepped through an archway of white roses.

It was Kay, only unlike anyone had seen. Her long black hair flowed down her back; red roses weaved in her hair by way of Ukari's adept hands. The makeup allowed her eyes to stand out, creating the illusion of innocence. The kimono adorned her as if it were on a queen. She seemed so regal, but so young. Ukari and Ace had forced her to take a bath, making her skin glow in the sun. In her hands she held a bouquet of red roses.

She seemed visibly nervous, but as soon as she saw Sesshomaru, her heart lifted and a gentle smile played on her lips. It was extremely rare, and the rarity of it caused Sesshomaru to blush slightly, fitting the mood of a wedding. The 'I do's' were exchanged and the rings placed on their fingers. When they kissed, hesitantly at first, Ace and Ukari began to whistle, soliciting a glare from Kay…but her attention was soon diverted elsewhere.

It was a beautiful, but strangely simple wedding. After though, Ukari was nowhere to be found. Kay went up to each friend, but she got the same answer every time.

"Sorry, I don't know."

Kay didn't show it, of course, but she felt down. She had kind of wanted all her friends to be here…

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ukari in a corner, doing something that she never thought she'd ever see. Ukari was crying, and not elegantly either.


Ukari's head jerked up, and she sighed.

"Aw damn it. Of course, someone had to see me."

Kay sighed and leaned against one of the walls.

"What's up? It's gotta be a big deal."

"I…I…I didn't want you to get married!"

Ukari burst into a new round of tears.

"U-uh…but…but…" Kay was at a loss for words.

"Not that I don't want…want you to be happy! But…but…I have this feeling that I won't see you again!"

"That's just stupid."

"I know…but, I feel like you've moved on from where Ace and me are…it's like a gap is forming."

"No way in hell." Ace interjected, her head popping around the corner, causing them both to jump.

"No matter what happens, we'll always be together, just like the good old days." Ace pulled them both into a group hug, Ukari and her tears, Kay and her roses, and Ace and her flute. The three friends stayed there for a while, lost in their own thoughts and memories. Finally, they separated; Ukari wiped her nose and held her head high.

"Kay, our leader, what next?"

Kay chuckled at the old term, and then with mock seriousness, she responded.

"We go and party."

"And eat lots of cake!" Ukari interjected.

"Cake fight!" Rin screamed from somewhere.

The three girls glanced at each other, then burst into crazy, childish grins from the girls they were years ago and raced out into the sunlight to join the cake fight, and to face the reality of the future.



HOLY CRAP! IT ENDED!! Wanna know what the feel was for the wedding? It's the song Electricity from Billy Elliot-The musical. Go look it up on Youtube, and read this again. It should make sense. Anyway, I wanted to have friends fluff, not much romance. It was supposed to focus on Ukari, Ace, and Kay as friends and how they reacted to Kay's sudden marriage. So…NO COMPLAINGING ABOUT THE ANTI-FLUFF! RAWR! I hope you enjoyed it! Please read the rest of my works too…unless you thought this sucked but then you don't have to read it. So… yeah. Thanks you guys for the reads and comments!

~Uchiha Ukari