-1Vamp -- Chapter 1

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Summary: Vampires. Bloodsucking creatures who aren't supposed to bathe in sunlight, nor even exist at that, right::RoyxEd:AU::



I was cold, and wrapped my coat even tighter around me as I walked down the street, sudden snow and wind lashing against me. I wished I had worn a heavier, warmer coat, but it was too late now, and I would just have to deal the cold for only a few more blocks anyway. Then someone collided with me, a sharp pain cracking into my neck, as if someone bit me.

I hear something, like a relieved 'ah…' I noticed someone's hands on my shoulders and I'm feeling woozy and light-headed as if I had just lost a large amount of blood. I fell onto the cold hard ground, but as I fell, I could just see his face. He had black, coal black, eyes, and his jet black hair matched it perfectly. I wondered what the hell had just happened as I fell, but my mind was laid to rest, and I was unconscious before I knew it…


"Brother?" I hear a call from the distance, and I know the voice.

"Alphonse…?" I mumbled.

"Oh my god brother! Are you okay?" the nervous voice of Alphonse asked.

I felt warm and I noticed I was in our house, in my room. My neck hurt like hell, but I didn't care, because the image of the man was still burned into my mind.

"Brother?" he asked again and I sat up, smiling.

"Yeah, I'm fine Al. No need to worry." I gently rubbed my neck where the pain was the worse.

He sighed and smiled. "Thank God… I didn't know what to think when I saw you lying on the street like that. What happened Ed?"

"I…" I thought it over. "Some one attacked me."

"Oh Ed… Did you see who it was?" Al asked, his voice etched with pity.

"No." I lied. I didn't want some big thing coming up with this. I mean, why did it matter? The man hadn't stolen anything from what I could tell, and all that's wrong with me is my neck hurts. I don't think it's enough to get police or anything into this.

"Alright…" Al said and stood, smiling sadly at me. "Get some more sleep, okay?"

I shook my head. "I'm alright. What time is it?"

He glanced at the clock on the wall. "Ten."

"A.M.?" I asked nervously.

"Um… Yeah."

"Shit! Shit, shit, shit!" I screamed. "I'm late!"

"You're not planning to go to work are you?!" Al asked me hysterically.

"Of course! They'll kill me if I miss another day!"

"Ed! You were just attacked!"

I sighed and put my hand on his shoulder. "Listen Al, I'm fine! The only thing is the pain in my neck, and that barely hurts. Plus, they'll just think it's a lame excuse, and I can't get fired from this job!" I hugged him. "All right, Al? I'm fine."

I changed, slipped on my coat, and said goodbye to him as I went out the door. I walked quickly down the chilly street, watching the snowfall in front of me as I rushed to the building up the street and around the corner.


"Elric!" a scream came. A nasty scream I really didn't want to hear.

I laughed nervously and looked at the man whom I called 'boss'.

"Damn it, Elric! You're late again! What's your excuse now? Brother loose a lung?! Next thing I know you're feeding me crap about a lycanthrope or something!"

"No, sir. Sorry, sir."

"Ah, you're lucky I'm nice and that you're a good worker! I'm gunna let you stay, but the next time you come in late, you're fired!"

I bowed. "Yes, sir. Again, sorry sir." and I left to my little desk, surrounded by others like a maze in the office.

"Boss man can be a bitch, can't he?" my coworker and longtime friend muttered to me leaning over the desk.

"You're telling me… Jesus, I don't get paid enough for this…" I muttered.

"Al find a job yet?"

"No… No one will take him. He doesn't have enough experience they say."

"Why don't you let him work here? I hear there's one spot open."

I felt a bump against the back of my chair and then the voice of another coworker/friend. "Not anymore there isn't! I hear boss-man hired someone just this morning!"

"Whoa! Really?" I asked. "Who?"

"Over there!" he pointed to the door that led into the maze and jumble of desks.

In came the boss-man and a tall man next to him dressed in a nice suit. The man had pitch black hair and thin, coal black eyes. I eyed him suspiciously.

"I know him… from somewhere…" I mumbled under my breath.

"Huh?" my friend across the desk asked.

"Nothing." I mumbled louder as the boss-man took the new guy to a desk right next to mine.

The man glanced at me, and a look of absolute fear drowned his face. He turned his head away from me quickly and seemed to listen intently to the boss.

"Well, that was weird." my friend mumbled.

"You're telling me…"

After the boss left, my friend went over and smiled. "Yo!" he said happily.

The man looked up. "Um… Hello." he mumbled.

"The name's Maes! Maes Hughes." he smiled.

"Nice to meet you. Mine's Roy Mustang." he answered blandly.

"Well, hope everything goes good for you here. And key advice. Don't be late. Ed's only been late two times, three counting today, and he's been up Ed's ass about it. One, slap on the wrist, two, 'encouraged' not to miss another day, and three, you're outta here. Ed's an exception though. He's the best worker in here."

"Pft! Yeah, right. He hates my guts no matter how hard I work!" I muttered angrily.

"Yeah, but at least you get off when you're late." Maes mumbled.

"Yeah, whatever…"


I left work late, of course. Being late was horrible and I had to stay to the last second to have my full pay. However, that didn't bother me as much as something else did. Something else I had noticed as I worked and thought about the night before.

The jet black hair, coal black eyes… They both had it… I should've noticed sooner! What the hell? And then he came out of the building.

I felt sneaky, hiding around the same corner in which he attacked me, but as he walked by, I grabbed his arm and dragged him into the alley.

"Who the hell are you, and why did you attack me the other night?" I growled, holding him up against the wall.

He just smiled. "So you saw me…? Damn. I was hoping you didn't."

"Who are you?!" I demanded.

"Roy Mustang." he answered so obviously.

"Damn it! I don't mean that! Why'd you attack me?!"

My eyes widened as they fixed on his disturbing smile. I knew canine teeth were supposed to be sharp, but this was unbelievable.

"What?" he mumbled and shook off my weakening grasp. "Let me guess. "No! Vampires aren't supposed to be real! Those are fake, right?" he said in a mocking voice.

"You're…a…" was all I could mutter.

"Of course." he looked right into my eyes, black meeting amber. "And your blood… was especially delicious."



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