The scene was beautiful and seemingly peaceful. A steady fall of snow lightly dusted the skies, reflecting like tiny crystals in the sun. The mirror-like lake, frozen over by the biting cold, glowed like marvelous glass. Powdered snow covered the land and the icy wind gently kissed whoever happened to wander into winter's domain.

Someone like Anzu, who was looking to escape the calamity of society. The silence and serenity of the abandoned park was the perfect place to do so. Most people, driven by their busy life-style, never took time to enjoy nature. Unlike most people, she never missed the chance.

Today especially, being that it was the first of January. Everything seemed new and refreshing. To Anzu, a new year meant new beginnings and new beginnings meant new opportunities.

"Like this opportunity," She thought, replacing her boots with some ice skates she had bought from a second hand shop, "To learn ice skating."

Anzu tiptoed to the frozen lake and carefully stepped on the ice. Almost instantly, she found herself on her butt, giggling uncontrollably. Her second attempt resulted in failure, as did her third and fourth. Nothing was going to stop her though. Her fifth try, she managed to make it to the fountain that sprouted out in the middle of the ice. Pushing away from it, she slide forward and fell again. Despite pain, her smile never left.

"You really are bad at this," A rough voice said.

"Huh?" Anzu asked, startled by the sudden appearance of another person.

A fairly tall man looked down upon her with sharp blue eyes. He wore faded blue jeans and a jean jacket over a black shirt. A scarf was wrapped around his neck, covering half of his face, and a simple baseball cap adorned his head. Anzu blushed, thinking about how foolish this man must think she is.

"Here," the stranger said, offering a hand to her.

Taking his hand, she was lifted back onto her feet. Slowly, he began gently pulling her across the ice. Anzu laughed as he did so. When it seemed like she had a handle on it, the blue-eyed man let go of her. Clumsily, she began skating on her own.

"There, you've got it now," the man commented, circling around her.

"Yah!" Anzu said with glee.

Personally, she was grateful that the man was willing to help her. Whenever she was about to fall, he would grab her arm to prevent it and help regain her balance. He also kept her company, talking about whatever she wanted to talk about. For hours, they skated and talked. One of Anzu's favorite topics seemed to be her friends.

"Then there's Kaiba," She said. By now, she'd been ice skating long enough that she no longer needed much assistance. The man was skating next to her, waiting for her to continue, "I don't know if I would really consider him a friend. He's always so…cold."


"Yah, it's like his heart is made of ice."

"Maybe he's waiting for someone like you to melt his heart?"

"Like me? Like that will ever happen," Anzu said sarcastically, rolling her eyes at the thought. The man shrugged.

"It's getting late," He warned, sapphire eyes scanning the horizen. The sun was beginning to set and they decided that it was about time to leave. A sudden thought struck Anzu as they made their way off the ice.

"I never asked your name."

"You already know my name," he said, moving his scarf so it didn't cover his face any longer. Drawing closer, he placed a gentle hand on her cheek and kissed her lips with the utmost care. Anzu felt herself leaning into the kiss. Pulling away, he continued, "And you've already melted my heart."


I'm no good at sappy fics, but I hoped you enjoyed it all the same. This is my first Azureshipping fic as well as my second oneshot. Let me know what you think! Ja matta ne!