The last chapter FINALLY comes…I've had extreme writer's block on this story because my mind was moving on, but I needed a conclusion to this story first. I'm just glad, no offense, to be done with this small story. Look out for a totally new Zutara, hopefully coming out soon!!!

Katara's mind was racing. They had made a deal to meet today, and she couldn't disappoint. But what was she going to say to him? It's not like he knew about the vision she had so vividly dreamt last night, but she was still embarrassed. Her destination was coming up closer, and she knew deep down that she had a decision to make. Tell Zuko her feelings, or don't? She didn't want to be a coward, especially since he had taken his mask away roughly eight days ago. Oh, she sure hoped she knew what she was doing.

Zuko looked out his window to see Katara nervously making her way to the tea shop below him. She fiddled her hands, and her usual pulled back hair was falling out of the loose braid. He watched her curiously. What could make her so tense? It's not like she had the dream he had. Because of that dream he barely caught another wink of sleep. She entered the shop, but he was frozen to the spot. He couldn't bring himself to walk downstairs and meet her. Instead, he was positive that his uncle would send her up to him. He heard muffled voices and then his impending doom making her way up the stairs. Zuko was more concerned with cleaning up his room, instead of tossing a shirt over his pale, masculine, bare chest. Katara knocked, and he made a short noise of approval. She entered, but stopped short at the sight of him straightening up revealing his impeccable body. This certainly did nothing for her decision of shaking his hand, or licking his fingertips. Not that she was thinking such things. Okay, maybe she was. She was a hormonal nineteen year old girl, what did anyone expect? Likewise, he was an almost twenty one year old hormonal guy. She couldn't help but look at his chest rising and falling. His face had a look of anxiety. Why would he have a reason to be anxious? If anything she did.

Zuko just stared at her. She had a look of embarrassment on her face. Why? That's when he glanced down at himself and saw there was no shirt covering his muscled chest. He turned away from her and looked around for a shirt. Anything! He grabbed at fabric, but they were pants. He cursed under his breath thrashing around for a shirt. Katara just watched him move about his small room, looking for his shirt. She didn't know what to do. She wanted to just tell him, and get it over with, but she couldn't while he was looking around and not really paying attention to her. She stepped up behind him, and opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Nothing yet anyway. He must have felt her presence because he turned around to face her. She smiled sheepishly, and he returned the uneasy smile. Awkward!!

"So…uh…I thought about you last night," she started off. This caught Zuko's attention to the sexy dream he had. His smile faded a bit, and she noticed.

"What? What's wrong?" her smile too diminished.

"Nothing…I mean…I thought about you last night too. In a dream," he admitted a little bit.

"Me too!! We were at Lake Laogai," she delved into a bit more.

"Yea, and…" but he stopped short. He couldn't tell her they had sex. Her heart thudded in her chest and she stared into his unsure face.

"What is it?" she waited in baited breath for him to respond.

"I kissed you," okay, so he downplayed it.

"That's it?" she looked disappointed.

"Why? What did we do in your dream?" there was no way. Was there?

"More than kissed," she muttered. He looked down in her face.

"I think I'm starting to like you more than a friend, Katara," he smiled in her face. She looked up at him fast.

"Where did that come from?" she smiled back at him.

"When I dreamt that we made love," he wrapped his arms around her. She opened her mouth in shock and he took it as an invitation. He pressed his lips against hers, his tongue sliding past her teeth to play with hers. She met him and they danced together.

"I…dreamt that … too," she said in between their kissing. He jerked back.

"How is that possible?"

"Does it matter?" and she slammed her mouth back onto his. His arms tightened behind her and gripped her against him. Her hands were swept up into his growing hair, trying to bring him into her. The kiss seemed to last them a lifetime, but that was all right with both of them. They were trying to make a deeper connection, in reality. Making love would have to wait, but for now, they had this moment.

"Dance?" he slyly eyed her after they broke apart.

"You want to dance?" the sarcasm burst through her mouth.

"Isn't that where it all started?" oh he was too cute.

"Why yes…I think it was," he pulled her close. She pecked him. "My masked prince!" and he pulled her into his body, dancing only to the music that played in their hearts.

I should probably write down here that this is indeed the last chapter…I just wanted it to be short and sweet. They like each other! Good Times!! That's All Folk…unless I decide to do a two-parter…but that is only a possibility…it's not like I didn't like this story, but there was just nothing for me to grasp onto and keep me interested in it to write it…but I hope everyone liked it and look out for any new stories by me!! I love writing!! It Rocks!!