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This story is about Crystal, who is the sister of Speed, one of the biggest bullies at Sky High. She is 16 as her brother is two years older than her. Being completely stressed with school and her super ability, she finds comfort in someone very close to the family.

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I never enjoyed being Spencer's sister. Always being picked on throughout my years of school, and it's still there, while I'm here as a sophomore of Sky High.

My name is Crystal Mack, and my brother is known all around school as Speed. But I for one, will never say his name his real one in school, for fearing my life is sort of new. If anyone who's alive, they know that "Speed" is best friends with Lash. Otherwise known as well, Lash. Yes, he was born with the name of Lash. Lash and Spencer have been friends since probably 4th grade. It's really odd, but that's the year they found out about their superpowers. I was only in 2nd, and I was still 'normal'. Lash told me himself he found his power when he reached over to another kid's desk and knocked over their books when they weren't looking…2 rows of children over. Spencer bragged about his when he got our bus the day he got powers.

"I won a race by 3 laps! It was like time stopped completely!"

When I reached the fourth grade, I expected my powers to show up like they had done Spencer and Lash. They didn't.

Junior High came, and day after day, Spencer and Lash would tell stories of how great the school in the sky was. Mother was getting mad whenever she would see me frown. For in the 7th grade, I had no powers.

"Maybe our child isn't going to get powers, Mary," my father said one night. I sat on the stairs overhearing their conversation, and I began to cry silent tears. Lash stretched down the stairs to sit next to me, and had adjusted his lounge pants. Friday nights Lash slept over. Fridays were fun nights. He dragged me back up the stairs and told me to tell him what was wrong while Spencer took a long shower.

I told him about my parent's conversation over me, and I had become angry as they spoke. He listened, but when we heard the water in the bathroom stop, we nodded to each other and walked to our separate rooms.

He had told me to keep up hope…that I'd get them soon. I went back to my room and shut the door, wiping the last salty tear from my face.

In any hope, I'd at least be a sidekick. I'd be like so many others, but unlike so many more.

The next morning shocked everyone.


"Speed! Come check this out man!" Lash called, as he opened up Crystal's door. There were some sounds of crashing and things whizzing past the cracks in the doorframe.

"What the hell is it Lash? Do you ever know what time it is?" Spencer said, trying his best to pick out the crusts from his eyes.

"I got up to get something to eat, but check this out!" Lash tried to get his friend to notice what was going on.

"Man its 3:15 on a Saturday MORNING – what is so imp – whoa. Get mom and dad."

He stretched to the downstairs floor and knocked loudly on their door. He knocked until the door reached a crack open and their father stepped out.

"Lash, what's the emergency, kid?"

"It's Crystal!" he practically yelled, running back up the stairs in awe once more.

"Holy -!" Spencer's dad, Michael yelled. Mary came shortly after, calling her daughter's name from the doorframe.

Michael jumped into the room, careful not to step on anything moving, and anything flying in circles around his only daughter. He got to her, and looking in amazement at how she was floating above her own bed 3 feet in the air.

"Great Aunt Sue…" Mary whispered. She shook her head, getting back to reality quickly. "Michael, darling, hold her up, but have someone…Lash, go over to Mike and gently shake Crystal. She should wake easily." Lash looked at Mary in horror.

"What?!" "Just go Lash!" Spencer cried, holding onto the wall so he wouldn't fall over from disbelief. He rushed in and jumped past her bed, over fallen books and faced opposite Crystal's father, second guessing his strength and yet still willing to help. As he faced the sleeping girl before him, he began to shake her arm, muttering "wake up…wake up Crys!" multiple times. Lash thought of different ways, like shaking her foot, ruffling her hair, and even poking her back. But in the end he figured it out; her side. No shaking would wake her – so what about tickling? Placing even the smallest touch to her side would make her fly into fits of giggles and laughter.

When he stroked her side, she flinched, squinting her eyes and everything in the room stiffened, and became quiet. Michael had a grip on his falling daughter, and set her down gently on her bed.

"Thank you Lash," he looked towards him nodding and continuing to try and catch up with what just had happened.

Later that morning around 9:30, Crystal was seated at the table with a stack of Belgian waffles in front of her. She tied back her hair and began to reach for the syrup, but retaliated when she saw it move closer to her. Spencer looked at her in curiosity of why she did such a thing, but then the memory of the early morning came back to him. Lash sat across from him, eating a piece of pancake, glancing her way every so often. He felt odd, knowing she had some sort of power, but also guilty because she herself hasn't found out yet.

She looked around the table at everyone before brushing off what she 'thought she saw." Her mother looked up at her daughter nervously and asked her son if he had any homework to complete.

"Did it in detention." He said, finishing off his breakfast and putting his plate in the sink. "C'mon Lash. Let's go play video games," he told his friend, who collected his own plate and stretched up the stairs to set up the game console.

Crystal who was still half asleep and half spooked about the whole syrup incident picked up one of the waffles on her plate and dropped the rest onto her father's plate, who thanked her as she walked up the stairs.

She stood in the doorway to her brother's room and waited for one of the boys to invite her in. When she got the welcoming wave from Lash she went and sat on the ladder of Spencer's bunk bed. Lash came over so much that her brother decided he needed another bed for his closest friend. Crystal looked a bit bored when she watched them play video games.

"Did you guys…you know, hear something last night?" She asked them, nibbling on her waffle.

"Hear as of what, you ask?" Lash said, pausing the game. Spencer looked back at her as well.

"Well, I dunno. I kept hearing faint screaming in the back of my mind. I remember someone saying "great aunt sue…" Lash looked at her closely, and she appeared to look over into her own world, wondering what had really happened. He looked to Spencer, who looked guiltily at Lash. In his mind he kept repeating the words "she has to figure it out for herself" Crystal gazed back to the still lives on the television, seeing her faint outline of her reflection, and said goodbye to the two boys, leaving the room.

Later as her mother settled down on the couch downstairs, she approached the elder woman.

"Mum, who was Great Aunt Sue?" She asked, plopping down on the couch, enjoying the feeling of sinking into it.

"Uh, why the question darling?"

"Well, I had a thought last night when I was sleeping. I kept hearing an echo of her name in the back of my head." Her mother looked to the side slightly at her child, giving a small smug look.

"I see. What do you want to know?"

"I was thinking about what her powers were…" She looked at her mother in the corner of her eye, folding her hands in between her crossed legs.

"She was a technopath, more so being a telekenevic. That's what I called her. She could control anything with her mind, except unwilling strong minded people. When I say anything, I mean anything." Crystal looked confused, turning her body towards her mother.

"Don't you mean telekinetic?" Crystal muttered, but her mother shook her head. "The two are two totally different things, darling."

"But I thought powers were passed down through to generations. Like you to Spencer, and Uncle Rico to cousin Peter." She didn't mention her father, for he was a normal human being, so it was more likely for her to not have a superhuman trait. Crystal had been hoping that wasn't true, for she couldn't imagine living in agony of not having a power when the rest of the family did. She was sure her father was a bit sad to not have a piece of glory, but all his life he never had a power, and there was no sign of superhuman ability on his side of the family.

"Sometimes genetics don't always follow through, love. Sometimes, people have a totally different power than their parents. Your Great Aunt Sue's mother could through a barn door 500 feet away, and her father could give a kick so powerful it could split you into billions of little Crystals; shattered glass. He was a mighty super being."

"Do you think that could happen to me, mom?" Crystal asked, already marveled by the possibility of having her own unique power.

"Well, you never know until the day comes, my darling." Ruffling her hair, Mary rose from the loveseat and disappeared to the kitchen. Seizing the moment to bombard Spencer and Lash with similar questions, she decided to not do so, but still chose to go back upstairs and play video games with them.

"Alright, gimme a controller. I wanna toss a guy into the air now." She spoke of Flat Out 2 A/N: I'm not entirely sure if that's the true name. I asked my brothers, and that's what they told me., and jumped up the stairs, planting herself in the middle of her brother and his friend, motioning toward the unhandled controller next to Lash on the other side of him. It tossed into her hands, only no one had touched it to toss it. When she caught it coming towards her, she screamed with it still in her hands.

"Crys! Crys!" the boys started screaming, and she dropped it and crawled backwards from it as if it were a gigantic spider.

"No, Speed! She found out her power…" Lash turned to him and high-fived his friend, as Crystal started to calm down her breathing, yet her heart was pounding through her chest.

"What just happened?" Crystal asked, brushing the hair from her face and looking at the two of them.

"You found your power!" Speed said, as Lash did a celebration dance as he sat across from her in the floor.

"You mean the syrup thingy this morning wasn't in my head?!" They nodded, and then they heard happy sobs coming up the stairs. Her mother came into the room, immediately plowing into her daughter, hugging Crystal tightly.

"My Crystal! A telekenevic!! Ohhh!!" She spoke, looking at her daughter and hugging her every four seconds.

"Mom, yes, I am...thanks. My heart is still pounding" She laughed a bit, but only nervously. "Now can someone please tell me how I use them?"


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