Chapter 1: Tiring Patrols

She was the envy of most girls in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry because of her stunning beauty, her brains, and also the fact that she held the attention of one messy haired, bespectacled boy. She was the kindest girl anyone had ever met; she helped anyone who needed help with homework and listened to anyone's problems no matter how simple they might have been. It was definitely difficult to hate her. Along with the loving personality, she had a horrible temper that, when released, could cause the manliest boy want to cry out for his mother. But, one boy just would not cower when she got mad; he thought that she was even more beautiful with her cheeks flushed.

He was one of the handsomest boys in Hogwarts. It just so happens that this good-looking boy was interested in the best-looking girl. Perfect, right? WRONG. This boy was kind at heart and had good intensions, he really did, he just didn't show them when he was around a certain girl. Around her, he was a cocky, arrogant, pompous boy. His thoughts were plagued by the girl that everyone loved, and seemed to think about her a little bit more than necessary. Finally, he gathered his courage and asked her out for the very first time. The girl declined because she claimed she could not stand his arrogant attitude. That may be true, but that was only HALF the story.

Lily was walking through one of the familiar hallways of Hogwarts. The light from the full moon shone brightly as she walked to the window. The light reflecting off her Prefect badge rested on her robes. She gazed at the moon a little while longer before continuing on her nightly patrols as prefect. Her partner Remus Lupin was not able to attend due to pressing issues. Lily, of course, knew all about Remus Lupin's condition. He was a werewolf. She knew how every full moon, he could not patrol with her as he was transforming into a beast. The Remus Lupin that everyone knew and loved was lost for a night. Being the understanding person she was, Lily did not think any less of Remus than she has thought about him before. Due to Prefect duties, Lily and Remus had become good friends. But, what Lily didn't understand, was how Remus, the intelligent person that he was, was friends with such people like James Potter and Sirius Black. They were so different. Remus was a shy, kind, polite boy while Potter and Black were arrogant, stuck-up, proud and acted as though they owned the school. Oh well, she thought, everyone has their reasons.

Lily continued walking on in silence. Without Remus to supply conversation, Lily had only her mind to keep her company. She thought about all the studying for end-of-term exams that was left undone. Tonight's gunna be a long night, she thought. Her thoughts drifted to Sirius Black as she checked broom closets and empty classrooms for students out of bed. He was one of the many students her and Remus caught on patrolling nights. Weird, Black is not out with one of his fans tonight. And of course, with thoughts of Black, always came the thoughts of Potter.

Slytherins, Petunia and James Potter's arrogance were the only things that caused her to lose her cool completely. Her wonderful, caring, understanding, wouldn't-hurt-a-fly personality disappeared around them and was instantly transformed into a mean, quick-to-judge, malicious, excuse of a person. Slytherins and her sister Petunia were the people who made her life a living hell wherever she was. In her muggle home, Petunia insisted on calling her "freak" because she was a witch. At Hogwarts, Slytherins insisted on calling her "Mudblood" just because her parents were muggles. So really, she was being discriminated by both sides for being part of the other side.

James Potter, however, did not make her feel angry in the same way as Petunia and Slytherins. Actually, James Potter did not make her angry at all. That is, because, Lily had a secret that would cause a scandal if it got out. She had an immense crush on James Potter. That's right, the same one that would tease her constantly and make sure that he asked her at least twice a day. Wait, if James Potter liked Lily, then what was the problem, you may ask? Well there are two main reasons for Lily's rejection.

First, James Potter was ARROGANT. As mentioned before, he was proud and loved attention. James was the leader of his group of friends; self named The Marauders. He was extremely good looking, and he knew it. Many of the Hogwarts girls were quite taken with James. He and Sirius were the most wanted boys at Hogwarts. Although James didn't date much, he still could have any girl he wanted. They were also very intelligent. They never had to try in class, do homework, or study for exams and always end up at the top. Everything came naturally to them. These boys were the picture of perfection. They were not only smart and handsome, but they were excellent Quidditch players as well. James was the captain and chaser of the team while Sirius was beater. As you can see, these boys were chased after by almost every girl. And right after you thought they couldn't get any better, you find out that they are extremely funny. Not necessarily using their brains for good things, they played genius pranks on mostly Slytherins and innocent younger years. The pranks were well thought out and were usually laughed about for a good week. These boys always made someone's day brighter, unless of course you were the one pranked.

With all this attention, it was hard to be modest and humble. Naturally the two boys soaked it all up. James would have preferred the attention from Lily Evans, but, hey, you can't have everything. But then, if Lily liked James, then why wouldn't she just come out and say it? That brings us to our next point.

Lily loved to be different. She liked to set herself apart from the rest. This strange quality was started by her looks. Not many people you met had her bright red hair and piercing green eyes. She was easily picked out from a crowd and she preferred it that way. She liked to be different because if everyone was the same, then where was all the excitement? Her sister Petunia had something to do with it too. Petunia was the definition of normal. Lily hated it. She hated how Petunia had to be so perfect all the time. She couldn't stand her being so bland. Lily was proud to be different.

She knew that most Muggle born kids like herself, would have an immense hate course through their veins at a thought of a Slytherin. Lily was not exception. But, staying true to her word, she made an effort to be nice to the Slytherins, just to be different. No one could understand why. Hell, she was even nice to Severus Snape. Even the Slytherins hated him.

Severus Snape was a greasy, Dark Arts obsessed loser. He really had no friends and mostly kept to himself. Snape was also the main subject of the Marauders' pranks. Potter and Snape were the deepest enemies. James hated Snape just for existing and being so damn obsessed with the Dark Arts. Snape hated James because he was everything Snape wasn't. Lily defended him because of the reason mentioned above and left James baffled. Lily hated Snape probably as much as James did, but defended him all the same. She always did so up until the end of last year when he had called her a "Mudblood" while she was defending him. She had finally had enough.

Her wanting to be different was a bad thing as much as it was a good. As a result to this need, she was the nicest, smartest, prettiest girl in the school, but she couldn't always have what she wanted.

James Potter was one thing that she wanted but couldn't have. She knew most of the Hogwarts female population old enough to like boys wanted him. So, she told herself she had to be different from the rest. That's when her "immense hate" for Potter started. She yelled every time he pranked someone, even though she thought they were funny. She rejected him every time he asked her out, even when her heart told her not too. It really pained her that she was doing this to him and herself, but her need to be different came first. Now that she thought about it, it was really rather selfish.

Lying to her friends wasn't that hard as she thought. She really did think he was arrogant so all she had to do want rant and rant about it. She figured if she kept "hating" him, the silly crush would just leave her alone. Right, she scoffed; look where that landed me, liking him even more. Lily found herself one night, trying to find the negative qualities Potter had. But, all she could find was the fact that he was arrogant. That was really his only fault. He was smart but laid-back, funny without trying hard to be, handsome but not looking like a fake male model, extremely loyal to his friends, and brave like a true Gryffindor. Not to mention, he was an excellent Quidditch player. This routine of trying to find his bad qualities, forced her to observe him closer. She would then notice things she hadn't noticed before and would end up liking him more than she had two hours earlier. He was right, she couldn't resist his charm. She had fallen for him.

Her patrol was almost over and Lily sighed gratefully. She had only run into a couple of first years out of bed tonight. She was a very independent person, but couldn't help but feel a little alone and vulnerable without Remus. The castle could be very scary at night. Lily shivered. She always patrolled a little more carefully during full moons, trying to avoid Slytherins at all costs.

Lily made her way back to the Gryffindor Tower. She quietly said the password to the Fat Lady and made her way into the Gryffindor Common Room. Studying was going to have to wait for another night as she was too tired from patrolling to do anything but sleep. Making her way up the Girls dormitory staircase, she thought once again about Potter. Why does he always act so high and mighty? If she ever got over her strange need to be different and Potter matured a bit, she would definitely give him a chance.

As she walked up the stairs, James Potter's image rested in her mind. How his hair would always be messy and windswept. She thought of the way his wire-framed glasses would fall to the tip of his nose, as he was looking over Quidditch plays with Black. She thought of his soft, hazel eyes that seemed to twinkle, much like Dumbledore's when he and his friends successfully pulled off a prank. Not to mention the extremely toned body of a typical star chaser and captain of an excellent Quidditch team. His dashing smile that he would always shoot her when she caught him looking. It usually brought a small blush creep to her cheeks, but she covered it up by acting as her cheeks were flushing in anger. She found James Potter to be absolutely good-looking. That fact didn't help Lily in trying to get over him, but it didn't help James either for that matter. He was so unbearably cocky already and being extremely handsome didn't help.

Lily sighed as she quietly opened the door to the dormitory she shared with the other sixth year Gryffindor girls. As she changed into her pyjamas and made her way into her four-poster bed, she thought about how stupid she was for always wanting to be different. Maybe I should just give it up? Give Potter a chance? she questioned. Blimey, what am I thinking? This is who I am, whether I like Potter or not. Lily yawned. Man, patrolling is really tiring, I can't even think straight. And with that thought, Lily fell asleep.