Chapter 19: Finally

Fireworks. Red, green, pink, blue, purple bloody fireworks. James couldn't explain what he was feeling right now except, DEAR FING MERLIN. I AM IN HEAVEN.

When he felt lips press against his, he thought he was dreaming. He opened his eyes and saw Lily's angelic face not even inches away from his and felt her lips against his. If this was a dream, he might as well make the best of it.

James wrapped both arms around her waist and brought her closer to him. He deepened the kiss and she wrapped her hands around his neck. She started running her fingers through his hair and she moaned.

Lily pulled away from him and looked into his eyes. The emotion in her eyes was so hard to read, but they were intoxicating. She was straddling his waist now as he sat on the couch. Neither of them said anything.

"What now?" asked Lily in a quiet voice. He felt her breathing on his face.

James gulped. He was still breathing heavily from that kiss; he wouldn't be surprised if his heart was running around the Forbidden Forest with the jolt of energy he had.

He put his forehead against hers. "Lily Evans, will you go out with me?" he asked in a husky voice.

She didn't answer, but kissed him again. This one was more innocent, but the fireworks were there all the same. She pulled back slightly so their lips were not touching but were a mere millimetre apart. It was torturing James not to move his lips against hers again.

"Yes," she whispered against his lips. He smiled and moved his lips forward. He felt her smile against him. Finally.


"Look, they're holding hands!"

"Are they together now?"

"There is no doubt about it. About time."

"Thank Merlin. I was getting sick of their arguments."

"She's such a slag. I bet she had to pay him to do that. What an attention seeker."


Lily and James were greeted with all of these whispered responses as they walked into the Great Hall together. Indeed, James was holding Lily's hand and they were walking very close together. Lily was blushing slightly at all of the attention, and James was grinning like a loon. Almost every eye was on the pair.

James and Lily sat down with their friends at the Gryffindor Table. They were all smiling widely at the pair. Sirius clapped James on the back as the girls giggled like twelve year olds.

"So, it's true then," said Sirius smiling.

"Of course it is, you loon. I told you last night," said James, still smiling.

"Thought you were dreaming, mate," said Sirius, winking at James.

James rolled his eyes but wasn't offended. Nothing could bother him today; his dream was finally coming true. Finally.


James' hand was wrapped securely around hers and Lily felt the safe feeling returning. It was so small, yet it made her so happy. She knew that James would not let anything happen to her and a warm feeling filled her chest. She was so…happy, the she would have hugged Snape. Not that James would let her, of course.

As they left got up to leave the Great Hall for their first class, Lily's eye caught Dumbledore's. He was smiling brightly and there was a distinct twinkle in his eyes. He discreetly winked and turned his gaze. Lily smiled. Everything was perfect.

Since it was a Saturday, the seventh years were walking back to the Gryffindor Common Room. As they were walking, Lily suddenly remembered the hidden Head Common Room that she had discovered. She still hadn't told James of it yet; truthfully, she had forgotten about it until right now. She hadn't really had that much use for it since she found it. Maybe now, she would…

"Hey James. Can I show you something?" she whispered in his ear so that no one else could hear.

James looked down at her and smiled brightly. "Sure," he said.

"Hey guys. We'll catch up with you later, okay?" said Lily, already turning on the spot.

Sirius grinned like a maniac and winked at James. Marlene smiling wryly as Nicole and Melissa giggled. "Don't forget to use protection!" shouted Sirius as they walked away.

"You'll be the Godfather, Sirius!" James shouted back. Lily slapped his arm.

"Hey, what was that for?" he asked.

"For insinuating that we are going to have children," said Lily. "I mean, it's been, what, six hours?"

James shrugged and smirked. "So, where are we going?" he asked.

"I have to show you something," Lily repeated.

"What?" he asked curiously.

"You'll see," she said smirking.

Lily silently guided them, hands still clasped together. Finally, they made it to the door that led to the mysteriously hidden Common Room.

Lily stopped in front of the door and looked up at James. "Ready?" she asked excitedly.

James rose an eyebrow. "You wanted to show me a broom closet, Lily? I think I already know what—"

"It's not a broom closet, James," she said interrupting him.

"Then what is it?" he asked, turning to the door.

Lily smirked at him because she knew something he didn't. "Open it and find out," she said.

He gave her a questioning look before clasping the doorknob and opening the door. She saw his eyes widen in shock as the sight of the Head Common Room met his eyes. James let go of her hand and walked inside. Lily followed him and closed the door behind them.

"Head Common Room? You mean that this is for us?" he asked, looking around.

"Mhm. Look at the note," she said, pointing to the letter on the desk.

James read the note and looked at Lily. "You found this?" he asked.

Lily nodded happily. "So, what do you want to do?" asked Lily slyly.

James gave Lily a wry smile and sat down on the couch. He leaned back and patted the spot beside him. It all looked very enduring.

Lily giggled and sat down beside him. She snuggled closer to him and closed her eyes as her arm found its way around her again. It felt so right to be there with him, even if they just started going out that same morning. There was no awkwardness between them, no getting used to, nothing. They already both loved each other before, only now, they got to show it. And just being with him made Lily forget all her troubles and be happy.


Six long years. Six long years of waiting, pestering, badgering, asking, hoping, wanting, loving, she was finally his. All of those times when he felt like giving up, moving on, abandoning her, he knew that they were all worth it as he looked down at the red-head curled up in his arms. He knew that he could protect her and fight for her now, even though she didn't need him too. He knew that he would never leave her and that he would not let her get away. He knew that he could show her how much he loved her and how much she meant to him. Finally.

Just holding her in his arms like this was so blissful.

They would no longer have to suffer alone. When she was down, so would he. When she was happy, he would be ecstatic. As long as Lily needed him, he would be there.

Now that they were together, he knew that they would not be able to be apart. Nothing would be the same if they were. Of course, James would have his nights with the Marauders and Lily with her friends, but otherwise, they would be together. And he was perfectly happy with that.


The two Head students left the Common Room some time later. It seemed that nothing could deter their happy spirits as they walked back up to the Common Room.

When they entered together, the whole room seemed to erupt in cheers. It sounded as though they had won the Quidditch Cup. James and Lily were both shocked and James seemed to react faster. He winked at Lily and raised their clasped arms in the air. The cheers got louder and Lily was laughing despite herself.

It seemed as though not everyone was happy for the couple. Lily received dark glares from girls with thick layers of make-up on their faces, but she just smiled and waved back. James seemed to be getting looks of jealousy and rage, but he just pulled Lily closer and kissed her cheek. All in all, the two were both enjoying themselves.

Finally McGonagall came into Gryffindor Tower and demanded to know what was going on. Sirius screamed out, "Lily and James finally got it together!"

A ghost of a smile seemed to pass across the educator's mouth and she nodded curtly. To everyone's surprise, she let them carry on in the celebrations.

Lily could help but laugh and smile for the rest of the week. It seemed that all her worries were gone. She knew that whatever happened, James would be there to help her through it. She knew that everything would work out in the end because she was with James. There was no way that he would let something happen to her. She was safe.


As the weeks progressed, Lily and James' relationship did nothing but grow. They were barely ever apart. They both seemed to have smiles permanently attached to their faces and they were nothing but real. Lily's laughter rang out through the corridors and James' deep voice echoed through the hallways. They were no doubt Hogwarts' most talked about couple.

Half of the school loved them, half hated them, and all of them loved talking about them. No doubt there were rumours, but James and Lily skilfully ignored them. They didn't let anyone tell them anything otherwise and trusted each other completely. They knew that they would do nothing to harm the other.

Jealously hit the hearts of almost everyone in the school. Many girls were jealous of the fact that Lily was dating James, and vice-versa about the boys. Many couples were jealous of the kind of love that James and Lily had for each other. It was rare that someone got to see two people SO in love. It seemed that the teachers even saw it. They would smile whenever they saw the couple holding hands or just laughing together. Whether the happy couple saw them or not, they didn't know.

The couple shared Hogsmeade weekend trips together. Of course it was just as Lily imagined them to be. Perfect. There was no overly romantic things, just small things that made Lily smile, things that James probably didn't even think twice about. It was those things that made Lily really love James. It was the small things that made her day. It was the little details that made James so much more wonderful as a person.

During Christmas, Lily had gone to meet James' parents. No doubt it was hard on Lily as she wasn't with her family as she normally was, and James never got to meet them. It was then that the old feelings of pain came back no matter how hard she tried to fight them away. But this time, it was so much easier as she had James now to reel her back in.

It was without question that Mr. and Mrs. Potter fell in love with Lily. She was beautiful, charming, witty, and perfect for James. Anyone that could make their son so happy was perfect for them. Mrs. Potter actually ended up crying after witnessing the love that her son had for Lily. In truth, the whole affair was quite emotional. Lily and Mrs. Potter bonded, and Mr. Potter gave James a speech about the right woman. He also told him that Lily was the right woman. James surprised his father by telling him he already knew.

Time seemed to pass too quickly for Lily's liking. She wanted to stop time and just live like this forever. She wanted to be with James forever and never want to move forward. She didn't want to leave the safe haven that Hogwarts had made for her. She didn't want to leave only to be pushed into the real world where she was in danger. She didn't want to leave and go into the future that was unknown. Her life was so good right now, she just didn't want it to end, because she knew that hard times would follow the good ones. She wanted so much, but she knew that it would be impossible. But, at least she had James.


"Lily, I have to tell you something."

"What is it, James?"

"I'm not sure how you're going to react to this, Lily."

"Just tell me."

"Okay, here goes. I'm an animagus."


"An animagus. You know, when a wizard can transform into the animal that most reflects their personality the most, at will—"

"I know what an animagus is, James."

"Okay…so, um. Are you mad?"

"I can't be mad, because it's not true."


"Are you telling me that a seventeen year old boy managed to become an animagus, something that even the most skilled wizard could not do?"


"You are aware that that's illegal, right James?"


"And that you can be thrown into Azkaban?"


"And that it's really dangerous?"


"And that you could have really harmed yourself doing that?"

"Yes. We already thought of everything."

"Then, why—wait, what? We? Who's 'we'?"

"Sirius, Peter and I."

"What about Remus?"

"He's the reason we became animagi."


"Well, you know that he is a werewolf, right?"

"Yes, but how does that have to do with—Oh."

"You understand now?"


"And you know that it is important to us, right?"


"And you know that it helps Remus, right?"


"And you understand why we did it, right?"


"Okay, as long as we're clear. You're free to yell now. I've already soundproofed the room."

"I'm not going to yell, James."

"You're not?"



"Because even though it was extremely stupid and dangerous and extremely life-threatening and illegal and—"

"Okay, I get the point."

"Right. But, even though it is all those things, I know it was for Remus and…I'm proud of you."



"Wow. Lily. There are no words to explain how incredibly amazing you are. Thank you."

"Your welcome. Can I see?"

"See what?"

"Your animagus form."

"Oh! No, I don't think you can."


"OW! I was just joking. Geez."

"Wow, James. Of course, a stag. You're beautiful."

"Thank you. I think you're pretty beautiful yourself."

"Aww, James, you really know the way to a girl's heart."

"I know. Can I kiss you now?"


"Hahahaha…NO! James, stop!"

"I won't stop tickling until you say it!"

"No! Hahahaha! STOP!"

"Say it…"

"NEVER! Hahaha…"

"I won't stop until you say it!"

"Ahahahaha. Okay, okay! What do I say again? Hahaha…."

"James Potter is the sexiest man alive and the world's greatest boyfriend!"

"Hahaha…but that would be lying!"

"OHO! You're getting it now, Evans!"

"NO! I'm sorry, James! HAHAHA! Okay! OKAY!"

"Say it…"

"James Potter is the…I forgot."

"Lily! What am I going to do with you?!"

"Hahahaha! I remember! Stop the tickling!"

"Out with it…"

"James Potter is the sexiest man alive and the world's greatest boyfriend."



"And just when I thought I could stop the tickling…"

"Ahahahah! I'm sorry, James! I didn't mean it!"

"Fine. I guess I'll stop."

"Thank you!"

"But, you do think I'm the sexiest man alive, don't you?"

"Hmm…maybe after Sirius."


"Just joking, James! Sirius has nothing on you. And I'm sure he wouldn't write me corny love poems like you do."

"Shhh! That's supposed to be a secret."

"Oops. Sorry, James.

"It's okay. Just don't bring it up anymore."



"I love you, James."

"I love you too, Lily."




"Will you marry me?"


"Will you marry me, Lily Evans?"



"YES! Yes, James! I'll marry you!"




"I'm pregnant."


"I'm pregnant, James."



"You mean that there is going to be a little James running around in nine


"Or a little Lily…"

"Dear Merlin."




Lily Evans: red-headed, green-eyed, Head Girl to James Potter's Head Boy.

Lily Evans: strived to be different, ignored her heart, 'hated' James Potter.

Lily Evans: realised that what was in her heart was what really mattered and fell in love.


Sitting on the living room floor with baby Harry sitting in front of her, Lily couldn't help but reflect on the past. She remembered her want to be different and how she acted to James.

Without James, her life would have been so different. She never would have experienced love, both romantically and motherly. She would have never let anyone in. She would not have led the wonderful life that she did. She would not have been able to get over the death of her parents and of Marlene, which was extremely difficult. She never would have had the motivation to live out her life like she did.

But, she also never would have had the danger of Voldemort looming on her shoulders. She would not have had the worry of her only child being murdered because he had the potential to vanquish the Dark Lord. She would not have had to isolate herself and her family from all the dangers that were out there in the world. She would not have had to endure all the hardships that came along with James.

Lily shook her head and smiled as Harry started making baby noises. He tried standing up, but only fell back on his bum again. He gave up and grabbed at Lily's fingers.

Was this how she wanted to live her life? Of course it was. There is no doubt in my mind. She realised that she never truly lived before James came along. James taught her how to take risks and that it was better to love than to never love at all. There was no other way she would rather live. James and Harry were the two people that she would not be able to live without.

Going back to seventh year, did she really live differently than all the rest? After much consideration, Lily decided YES. Loving James was being even more different than not loving him. She was the only one who knew him more intimately than Sirius, Remus or Peter ever could. Sure, there were some things that the Marauders shared with James that she would never begin to comprehend, but she had her fair amounts of things as well. It was not any sort of competition, but she felt that she needed to know him differently than his mates.

So really, did Lily achieve her goal?

I'd say, yes. Lily Evans got what she wanted. Finally.


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