A/N: Hi everybody! The Anko/Kakashi cat and mouse game is ready to continue. If you haven't already, please read my story, "Friends" before you start this one. This one takes place the morning after Anko and Kakashi, ahem, "spent some time together." I will warn you, it contains language, naughty suggestions, and one great big adult situation later on. I'll warn you when they're coming so you can brace yourself. This time, we've got some language, and some adult "situations" suggested. With all that said, (and a note that I don't own Naruto), let's begin shall we? Enjoy!


Anko woke up face down on the bed in her apartment. She thought, damn my head hurts. Last night is still kind of fuzzy, but from the leftover taste of sake in my mouth, I guess I stopped somewhere after I got back from my mission. She rolled over and looked at the ceiling. Sunlight stabbed her in the eye. Damn that hurts too. She was hoping to remember what the hell she did last night, because she was unusually sore, but her feet felt fantastic. Nature soon called her to visit the bathroom before she did anything else.

She walked into the bathroom rubbing her face, trying not to gross herself out too badly with her own sake laced morning breath. As she attempted to pull her underwear down she found to her surprise that she wasn't wearing any! She yelled out loud, "Why the hell don't I have any underwear on? What the fu . . . oh my God. Kakashi's got them!" It all came flooding back then, well most of it anyway. Little bits were still out of reach from the pounding in her head, but she was quite sure that she and Kakashi had had a "pretty good time." Then she thought, what the hell was I thinking last night? And with Kakashi? Oh for crying out loud. And what the hell is going on with my ass? It feels like somebody took sandpaper to it! She did her best to try and "survey" the area and found something akin to rug burn on her ass. Then she remembered the slab, and said, "Oh, so that's it. The equivalent of rug burn, made by cement. I need to find some cream for that."

Remembering the slab, and what they were doing on it made her sigh heavily as a shiver shot up her spine. From what she remembered it was fun, she thought she enjoyed it. No, she knew she enjoyed it. Then she thought, what the hell am I going to do? He's my friend, and now, oh cripes, things are going to be weird.

Kakashi awoke in his apartment and groggily thought, I'm awake, again. I'm alive. I don't feel so alive. Too much sake again last night. My head won't be right for hours. Oh my God. Anko! Wow. I remember now. She's one hot ninja. I hope I didn't dream what happened last night. She gave me a killer back rub; and my shoulders still feel pretty good. I wish my head did. Did last night really happen? If I can just find my pants I'll know for sure.

Kakashi jumped out of bed as fast as his hangover would allow him, and hunted around for his elusive pants. They were bunched up on the bathroom floor where he'd left them when he wandered in the last night. He reached in his pocket – nothing. He felt a great disappointment as he realized he just may have dreamed everything he remembered last night. Then he checked the other pocket, and pulled out Anko's shredded underwear. A naughty grin started at the corners of his mouth, as he relished the thought that everything he remembered actually had happened last night.

After a few minutes of willing himself not to get aroused by the memories swimming in his head, and the shredded underwear in his hand, he wandered to the bathroom to take care of business. As soon as he passed his mirror, he got distracted by the reflection of a pretty beat up Kakashi. He walked closer to the mirror and looked harder at his reflection through his hangover handicapped eyes. His mouth was pretty red. There was a very good reason for that – there had been a lot of rough kissing last night. Not a problem for him, he wears a mask, no one would see. Then the memories of the kissing and what happened afterward made it so he couldn't pee for a while.

At Anko's apartment, she began to wash her hands and face. The cold water helped chase away some of the cobwebs clouding her brain. She pressed a towel to her face and then tried to survey the rest of herself to see how bad she looked. She thought, if I look half as bad as I feel, I may have to call off work. She took a quick look in the mirror and did a double take. Staring her right in the face was a very red hickey, along with a few less angry looking ones in the same general vicinity on the side of her neck. She growled under her breath, "I'll kill him for marking me up like this. I'll fucking kill him." Then she remembered how those marks got there – in the few minutes "before" everything started happening. Those few highly charged anxious moments before they really got down to it. She felt a tickle in her stomach as she remembered being "marked." It was highly exciting, but unfortunately, now everyone would know that she was up to something with someone last night. Luckily her jacket had a high collar. She contemplated wearing a scarf.

At Kakashi's: Kakashi quietly stepped into his steaming shower. He let the water pound his chest, then he stepped forward to wet his hair, letting it hang in his face. He put his hands against the wall in front of him, and leaned further forward letting the stream hit him on the back of his neck, and eventually his shoulders and upper back. He flinched and said, "Ouch! What the hell?" He reached back and felt painful trails on his shoulders and upper back. He couldn't remember getting injured during his mission, so he decided to shower quickly and see what the hell was giving him so much pain.

Even as he dried himself off, the towel brushing across his shoulders and upper back made him inhale sharply. He used the towel to try and wipe away the steam from his mirror, unsuccessfully a few times, so he cracked the bathroom door to let some of the steam out. Finally when things began to dissipate, he was able to turn and get a look at his shoulders in the mirror. He chuckled, "I thought so. She scratched me up a bit trying to hang on. I guess I deserve it. I wasn't entirely all that gentle, but then from the look of things, neither was she." He dried the scratches carefully and dug around his medicine cabinet for some healing salve.

Back at Anko's: Anko adjusted her scarf in the mirror. She thought to herself, good, the scarf covers almost all of the hickeys pretty well, and my jacket hides the rest. No one should be able to see anything.

She started to replay the night before in her mind. It started innocently enough – just two friends returning from separate missions, tired and wanting a drink. Then the games and flirting started and that led to what eventually happened. She wasn't mad about having sex with Kakashi, she did enjoy it. In fact, she even enjoyed remembering it, but she was just a teeny bit worried about how it was going to affect their work relationship. She didn't want to ruin what they had over some hot sex between two exhausted people in need of some company and release.

She thought, speaking of our work relationship, what will I say when I see him? We both have to report to Hokage with our mission reports – that's a first thing in the morning responsibility. We might end up there at the same time. If that happens, what do I say to him? This is going to be harder than I thought. Maybe if I left early, I could get in there and report early and get out of there before he came in. He's always late, so I should be able to sneak in there before him. Yeah. I'll do it. That way, I can think about this later and figure out how to handle it.

Back at Kakashi's: He thought, I'm going in early. I have to. I want to talk to Anko about last night. I want to make sure she's not weirded out by the whole thing. I need to make sure she knows that we're still friends and we're still good. I don't want her to feel awkward around me or anything. Plus, I want to see if I can possibly arrange a repeat performance. Maybe? Oh yeah, if she's willing. That's it then, I'll go in early and give Hokage my mission report, and then I'll wait around for her. I'd better get going if I'm going to get there before her.

Kakashi left his apartment and just before he closed his door, he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. It was Anko! She was leaving already! He shut his door and yelled, "Hey! Anko, wait up!"

She looked up when she heard his voice. Then she screamed in her head, Oh SHIT, SHIT, SHIT! Not now. I can't do this now! I'm not ready! She called down to him, "Hey Kakashi can't stop, gotta run."

Kakashi yelled back, "Wait, I'll walk with you."

"No time Kakashi, I've gotta go."

"But I want to talk to you about,"

"I can't do this now Kakashi. We can talk later."

Kakashi watched as she vanished. He thought to himself, Great. She's weirded out. This blows. I guess I can forget about that repeat performance.


A/N: Let the games begin! How the heck is Kakashi going to convince Anko that they're ok if he can't catch up to her? Knowing Kakashi he'll figure out a way - he always does, quite deviously.

Next up: Anko gets to Hokage's office first to give her report, but there's a problem, and (surprise!) Kakashi's involved. See you soon!