Chapter 1

Ellie Rose Shepherd was trouble there was no doubt about that. Ever since she was 12 years old, she had caused her parents nothing but stress. They put her into rehab the first time when she was 13, when they had caught her with a line cocaine. She left rehab after 3 hours, they put her back in and she escaped again.

At 14 she started joyriding, her father had pull some strings to stop her getting a criminal record. Then she started on heroin and at her parents anniversary party she shot up in front of all the guests. They had tried to get her into rehab again, but she just slapped her mother and kicked her to the ground, she didn't care what they said or did anymore, she didn't care what she was doing to them. She just didn't care. Her parents threw her out soon after.

The only person that hadn't given up on her was her Aunt Susan, the only one of her father's sisters that didn't have children of her own. It wasn't until she nearly died while driving out her head on heroin, that she had shocked herself enough. That and her best friend Jamie had died in the crash. Aunt Susan had taken her to rehab and even stayed with her for the first week.

Now 2 years later Ellie Rose Shepherd, is clean and hasn't spoken to her parents in 2 and a half years. She had moved out of her aunts house and into a house share with friends from her new school. She modeled part time, helped out at a drugs clinic for young people while studying at school. She had finally got her life together, no thanks to Dr Addison and Dr Derek Shepherd.

"Aunt Susan, why am I in Seattle? We have hospitals in New York," said Ellie, she had been having seizures and they couldn't figure out what it was in the hospital in Long Island.

"This has the best reputation in the country for its Neuro department," said Susan, who knew full well that Derek and Addison were at Seattle Grace, and that they had just gotten back together. It was time they saw Ellie again.

"It's nothing, just epilepsy or something," said Ellie, she hated hospitals.

"It is not epilepsy they could have told you that in Long Island," said Susan, "Please for me, just let them run tests"

"Alright then," said Ellie.


"Dr. Shepherd," Susan shouted when she spotted Derek. Ellie was safely tucked away in a private room, an intern was due to take her for an MRI.

Derek looked up and his face broke into a huge grin at the sight of his youngest big sister.


"Hi stranger," she smiled giving him a hug.

"Hi," he said pulling away, "What are you doing here? Is everything alright?"

"Yeah, everything is fine. Can't I just visit my baby brother?"

"Of course you can. But I have patients but if you wait in the cafeteria I just have one more to see, then we can…. I'll take you to dinner," said Derek, "Are you sure there isn't anything wrong?"

"I'm sure," laughed Susan, "I'll see you at the cafeteria"

"Okay it's….."

"I have been in enough hospitals to find a cafeteria in any one," said Susan.

"Dr Shepherd, we need a Neuro consult downstairs. The patient is a 17 year old girl that has been having seizures. Meredith just took her down for an MRI," said Izzie.

"Alright," said Derek, "Make it twenty minutes and I'll be with you sis"

"Okay," said Susan walking away.


Ellie was just being brought out the MRI machine, when she saw 3 doctors looking at her films. She knew the dark haired one, she was positive it was him. She jumped off the machine, pulled on slippers, pushed Izzie aside and burst into the room with the doctors.

"Hell no," she said, she was right it was her father, he was just standing there holding one of her films.

"Ell…." He started.

Ellie grabbed the film out of his hand and tore it right down the middle.

"I don't care if I have a tumor the size of a football, you don't get to play the hero," she shouted throwing the pieces at him.

"What the hell are you doing?" said Bailey.

"I'm sorry how rude of me. Hi I'm Ellie, Dr Shepherd's dirty little secret," said Ellie, storming out.

"What the hell…."

"I have to go," snapped Derek.


Derek got up to the surgical floor, looking for Ellie when he saw her. She was surrounded by doctors and nurses. She was fitting again, and it didn't look good.