A/N: Keeping the chapters to a 100-word-minimum, it hit me to create this type of fic for TT since I already did for YGO. So this one's all focused on RobStar pairings, and there will be many, many chapters. There's probably gonna be a similar one for BBRae. Review it? Think this kind of fic is fun to read? Will you continue to read it? Lemme know!


"Robin! You must come here!"

"What is it, Star?" Robin asked, joining his teammate at the window.

"Look outside! Do you see that?"

"Yeah! It's a rainbow," he replied.

"A …rainbow?" She repeated, curiously. Robin remembered that Starfire had never seen one before. "Surely it is not a bow made of rain," she pondered aloud.

"Actually, it's beams of sunlight reflected against drops of rain after a rainstorm of some sort," he explained.

"Ah … it is quite beautiful."

"Yeah …" Robin responded softly, admiring the beautiful scene – but it wasn't the rainbow he was admiring at all. "She is."