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Chapter 1: Unexpected Consequences

Kagome stood in the field, her body shaking with cold from the pouring rain. She looked down at her hands and saw the blood being washed away by the rain, its red thickness running down her arms. It was not her blood, but her comrades. The ones she had been unable to save. The ones that died right in front of her.

Naraku loomed over her, his laughter echoing throughout the land. "I've won, I've won! I've killed them all." And then his wicked eyes focused on her. "I can now claim my prize."

Kagome's spirit was broken. She could no longer fight. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a white figure approaching fast. She knew the aura was that of Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha's full demon brother. But he was too late. The fight was already over. Kagome only had the strength to do one more thing, seal Naraku and his evil forever.

"Don't do you victory dance yet!" Kagome yelled as she raised her arrow. She let it fly and then dropped her bow and began to mummer chants. She knew in her heart that she shouldn't do this seal that she should destroy Naraku all together but she couldn't. "Shinsei!"

"No!" She heard Sesshoumaru yell.

Kagome reached out her hand and yelled, "Shinsei bring me the Shikon no tama!" The arrow turned into a blue dragon and grabbed the shikon no tama, handing it over to Kagome. "Seal Naraku into that stone!"

She heard Naraku scream and then all was gone except for an arrow in a stone in the middle of the field. Kagome felt Sesshoumaru grab her arm. "Why did you do that!?" He demanded harshly.

"I can't fight anymore, Sesshoumaru! I can't defeat him!" Kagome screamed. "He killed everyone!"

"Foolish wench! You've done nothing but contain the evil. The Shinsei is too powerful to use because when the evil is reawaken it will be stronger than ever, immune to purity of the miko's powers and unstoppable." Kagome's eyes widened at his words as they echoed in her mind. "And he will be reawakened!" The words were like a cold knife stabbing into Kagome's heart.

Everything went dark around her. All she could see was the blood of her comrades. She had failed them...

Kagome shot up from her dream in a cold sweat. Once again she had dreamt of the final battle although it had been a year ago. The images were still fresh in her mind. She put her hands in her lap. There was no blood on them, but she could feel it there. Her stomach churned and she felt sick. Always she felt sick.

The nightmares of the feudal era never leaving her. Always hanging in the shadows, looming over her like a curse. Kagome burst into tears. How can her friends ever forgive her? She had failed them.

Wiping her face Kagome looked out the window and saw the sun coming up. The sky was cloudy and she knew it was going to be another dreary winter day. She forced herself to throw off the covers and place her feet on the floor. She had to keep going. She had to keep living. It was a battle everyday.

After the fight with Naraku, Kagome had sealed the well and placed the shikon no tama in her body once again. But her life in the feudal era was never far from her mind. It filled her with regret, unbearable regret. Every time she closed her eyes, Kagome could see the faces of the friends she never avenged. She could see them crying, asking her why she didn't come to their defense.

Always, always, sorrow consumed Kagome.


The wind bit at Kagome's face as she briskly walked to work, she had graduated from high school last year, and couldn't bring herself to go to college. Grey clouds were above her and any sign of sun was gone. She could feel the cold concrete beneath her shoes seeping into her skin and through her legs up to her body. No matter how many layers she wore, she could not get warm.

Thankful that her job was in sight, Kagome was about to turn the corner when someone yank on her arm. She fell against the chest of a stranger. His grip was firm and strong, causing Kagome to be seized with fear. "Do not turn around, and do not scream." The person whispered in a cold voice.

All of Kagome's instincts told her to scream, but she was frozen. She felt herself being pulled backwards. In a flash the person threw her into a car and shut the door. Through the tinted window Kagome saw nothing but the person's torso. They walk around the car and sat in the driver seat. But her vision of the front was block by a black window.

Kagome looked at the doors. There were no handles. She was trapped. Now she wished she would have screamed. "Where are you taking me!?" Kagome yelled, tears filling her eyes. But there was no answer. Only silence.

The car seemed to drive for hours, leaving the city of Tokyo and entering rural areas. Kagome pressed her head on the cold window. Her mind thinking back to the worse situations she has been in. "If I can escape from Naraku, I can from this person." She whispered to herself. Closing her eyes a picture of Sango staring at her as Naraku's hand went through her chest flashed across her mind.

Yes, nothing was worse than what she had already been through.

Finally they pulled into a gated driveway, but no house was in sight. Only land and trees. The drove on the winding road and Kagome saw nothing but tall trees. Until a large house came into view.

No... This was not a house. This was a castle.

The car stopped in front of the huge castle. Her kidnapper turned off the engine and opened his door. In a flash he opened Kagome's door, yanked her out and held her in front of him. "Walk." He commanded as he firmly held her arm. He shoved her forward to the door. Pushing the door opened he shoved her inside and she fell to the floor.

He slammed the door behind him and there was only darkness.

"Yami, the rough treatment isn't necessary when she didn't put up a fight." Came a cold voice from the shadows. Kagome was still on the floor as she saw a figure approach her.

"Yes m'lord." Said her capturer as he left the hallway entrance.

Kagome tried to adjust her eyes to the darkness. "Tell me wench, are you still that weak you don't even put up a fight when you're being kidnapped?" The eerily familiar voice asked as he lit a candle on the table next to him. In the sudden brightness that illuminated his face, Kagome recognized him instantly.

"Sesshoumaru." She breathed with fear. Kagome scrambled to her feet and met his cold golden gaze.

"How can you be the one in the prophecy if you're so pathetic?" Sesshoumaru spat in disgust and then turned and walked away. Kagome followed him, not hearing what he said.

"Why the hell did you kidnap me?! What the hell was that all about? I was scared to death!!" He didn't respond, only kept walking. "Why couldn't he just tell me who wanted to see me? I would have gotten in the car!" Kagome's anger was boiling over.

"Because he can't know I've contacted you!" Sesshoumaru snapped.

"Who?" Kagome asked.

Sesshoumaru whirled around, making Kagome come to a quick stop. His eyes were cold and dangerous. "Naraku."

Kagome took a sharp intake of breath. "No..." She breathed out weakly. "Please tell me no..."

"Yes." The word was hissed through his teeth. "Naraku has come back. And he has already killed hundreds in the north part of Japan where you sealed him. He's making his way here and killing everyone in his path. The Shinsei is broken, Naraku has reawakened. And this time he is unstoppable."

Kagome closed her eyes as tears fell down her face. More blood was on her hands.

"Save you're pathetic tears." Sesshoumaru said harshly. "Now is not the time for a weak human act."

"Now is not the time?!" Kagome's eyes snapped open. "I am the indirect result of hundred of peoples death. Because of me, the world will be consumed by this monster."

"Well I'm glad you realize that." Sesshoumaru lashed out making Kagome flinch.

"I did not know the Shinsei would cause this. I did not know the spell would turn out like this. I did not know the miko powers." Kagome weakly defended.

"Of course you didn't! You knew nothing of your powers! That good for nothing hanyou didn't tell you anything about who you are!" Sesshoumaru's voice rose and his eyes narrowed.

"Oh yes he did. He reminded me everyday that I was Kikyou's reincarnation." She spat viciously.

Stepping closer Sesshoumaru's cold tone was like poisonous venom in Kagome's body. "And there in lies your destruction. You were so consumed with Inuyasha and you're so called love that you failed to do the duty that was destined." Sesshoumaru pivoted and began walking again. "Follow me."

Sesshoumaru led them into a room Kagome believed to be his library. It was huge, the walls covered with shelves of dusty tombs. In the middle of this vast room were an old heavy wooden desk and a large chair. Kagome stood in awe of the room, but Sesshoumaru just walked to desk and opened the book lying on top.

Kagome slowly walked over as he paged through it. "Read this." He ordered. Kagome walked onto the other side of the desk and leaned over the book. Sesshoumaru walked around and just stood a distance away as she read the words out loud.

"And in the act of her good deed, the miko caused the most heinous of evil to be born. An evil with the name meaning hell, Naraku He looms over the land of Japan, causing grief among its people. But there is one who can destroy this evil. She carries the soul of the miko that caused it and the soul of the miko of the shikon no tama. Fusing together they created the most powerful miko." Kagome swallowed hard.

"The maiden of purity will come from another era through a passage in the ground. Set apart from the other mikos by her clothing alone she and only she will be able to rid Japan of the evil and demesne that the very making of the shikon no tama set in motion."

Kagome collapsed into the chair. "What have I done?" Her eyes filled with cold tears.

"No." Sesshoumaru snarled. "It's what you didn't do."

The entire realization of it all made Kagome sick to her stomach. The room began to spin and her vision went dark. It was her destiny to destroy Naraku and she had failed. Pictures of her friends dying flashed across her mind. Her head went limp in her hands. "You come to me with this now? You tell me this now?"

Anger rose in Kagome's voice as she snapped her head up and glared at Sesshoumaru. "How long have you known this?"

Sesshoumaru was silent.

"Answer me, dammit! How long have you known this," She made wild gestures to the book in front of her, "This prophecy, this for telling, this… whatever this is, how long have you've known?"

There was a long drawn out silence and then Sesshoumaru said, "Since you pulled the sword from my father's grave."

Kagome jumped up from her seat and her voice rose as well as her temper. "Don't you think this information would have been better revealed to me five hundred years ago instead of now when I'm powerless to do anything!?"

Sesshoumaru took a step towards her, the desk still in between them. "And what would that have done? You were so infatuated with my brother you couldn't even aim your arrow at Naraku, if Inuyasha wasn't there beside you." He spoke each word with distinguish just to emphasize the point.

And against such an accusation Kagome was powerless. It was true. Her very mood depended on how Inuyasha treated her that day. Everything Sesshoumaru was saying was true. She began to pace as her stomach twisted into more knots. "What do I do? How do I fix it? How can he be stop? What will happen?" Kagome began rambling as she paced.

"Go back." The two words made Kagome stop dead in her tracks and stare at the demon lord.

"What?" She asked numbly.

"You have the Shikon no Tama. Use it. Turn back time, go back and redo everything." Sesshoumaru said.

"Can I do that?" Kagome asked.


Kagome grabbed at her shirt. Go back. Back knowing what she knows now. That the entire fate of Japan rest on her pitiable shoulders. She felt nauseated again. "But... how?"

"Go to the well, summon the miko. The rest will come to you." His cold eyes held hers.

"I can't do this by myself Sesshoumaru." Tears filled Kagome's eyes.

Sesshoumaru pulled an envelope out of his pocket. "Find me." He handed it to her. Confused as to why he would help her, Kagome took the envelope and put it in her jacket pocket.

"When do I have to do this?" Kagome asked meekly.

"Now. You have to go back right now." Sesshoumaru commanded.

Kagome stared out the window, go back. The sickness inside her intensified. She would have to go back with the knowledge that the fate of the world depended on her, knowing that if she failed all will die. Go back...

The scariest words Sesshoumaru had ever spoken.

End of Chapter


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