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The first chapter is in Roxas's POV. It's a bit angst-y, but I promise it won't be in later chapters (that is, if you guys want me to continue?).


Love Letters
by KikiKitsune

'The Prologue'


When you think of opposites, what comes to mind?
Do you think of day and night? Black and white?
The two seem so f a r a p a r t.
But I remember that my mother once told me this;
"In darkness, there is light,
And in light, there is darkness."
I never quite understood what she meant.
Two things so different, could never go together,
Just like the pieces of a puzzle.
But growing up, I've learned that I was Wrong.
You need a bit of both to truly be Whole.
Without the other, a person is never entirely Full.
I had never thought how true it could be.
I never realized how Incomplete I was.
And so…I became Lonely
With a puzzle, you need two different pieces.
One has a space, and the other fills it.
And I've come to believe that there is only one other piece
That can fill the space in my heart.

I just don't know who it is yet…


It was in the midst of summer, and the children were playing and enjoying their sweet summer vacation. If they hadn't taken in the time now, lectures and schoolbooks would come all too soon. It being the last few weeks of their joyous time, the children crammed in as much fun as they could. They'd especially have fun today because it was a perfect day. The weather was bright and sunny, and the sky was a warm colored blue, cloudless and endlessly free.

So why was Roxas Hikari locked up in the cold darkness of this bedroom?

The curtains blocked out the light, and no one took the time to turn on a lamp. But Roxas didn't seem to care. He was curled up into a ball on his bed. A thin blanket was wrapped around his tiny figure. Wetness seeped into the sheets as they slowly dripped from his teary blue eyes.

Roxas was crying.

A lot of things are hard to deal with alone, but Roxas knew that if he let anyone else in, it'd be even harder. This way, he could just lie there and let the tears run as freely as they pleased. He didn't have the need to hold them back here. No one was watching, and no one knew.

Today was supposed to be a perfect day, and it was, but only for everyone else. Because on this very same day, Roxas found out something he wished he hadn't. And he knew tears wouldn't fix things. Yes, he knew, but the tears refused to be repressed.

The quiet of the house didn't help much either. Roxas knew that a house isn't actually a home. It may have things inside, but it doesn't have the things a home has. Home is where Roxas's friends are. And home was where his family was. So, without a family, could it still be called a home?

Roxas and his family lived in Twilight Town, a large beautiful city. They weren't really a family, since it consisted of only two—Roxas and his mother. Nevertheless, they were happy. They loved their town and the people in them. Roxas never asked for anything more. He liked it there. He loved his home. It was the light of this life.

But then there was that accident…So now, without his light, Roxas was left alone in the dark.

His mother, his only family, had died in a car accident. Roxas heard that a lot of people died that way. There are people who worked late and hard into the night, and then have to drive home. And in the same lateness of those nights, there are idiots who go get drunk, drive, and then crash into other people. Yeah, Roxas heard stuff like the always happening. But it wasn't the same when someone you care about is involved. When a person you love is hurt or gone, that's when you realize that you're weaker than you used to believe.

And Roxas found out that he was weak—really weak. After summer vacation, he'd start high school. He was supposed to be a strong, mature teenager. Yet, here he was, crying his eyes out like a helpless child in cold dark silence.

Roxas needed a light. He wanted to feel the warmth again. If only there was someone to give it to him…


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