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Dear Diary,

I'm keeping this so I have a better log of this year – and don't forget things as much. There's some stuff I wouldn't forget, I have to admit, but in all, it would be better if I kept one of these. As far as I know, Yami's keeping one too, or so he says. I wonder what kind of dirty things he's writing – we all know my aibou is a hentai. How else could he explain those magazines hidden beneath his mattress that I discovered? Not a woman in sight in any of those magazines. Not a surprise. Though it's not nearly as bad as the collection of movies and magazines that Jou let me borrow a while back. I've never seen human being bend and twist in such ways.

Speaking of Jounouchi, he owes me twenty-six dollars.

Eh, in other news, I learned a very valuable lesson. Never rub Ben-gay on any area below the waist and above the knees. Take my word for it. Not that I experienced it first hand or anything, but Yami no Marik attacked Malik a few weeks ago with a good handful of it. It was at Ryou's birthday party and we were all in the pool. Bakura and Marik decided to gang up on Malik so Bakura pantsed him – not something I needed to see, mind you, while Marik spread it around. If you think the water would take down the pain, then you're wrong. I'm sure the entire neighborhood heard his screams. Ryou, in response to that, proceeded in chasing around the yami's with a broom. It was a sight to see.

Am I the only one with a sane yami?

Yes, I am. My yami and I have grown closer some, as well. Does sharing a bed count as 'close'? I'd say so. So actually, I haven't used my own bed in about four months? I won't exactly say what goes on in there – but nothing serious. Yet. I don't particularly think I'm ready for anything like that anyway. Once we both are though, I'm not quite sure we'd ever leave the bed, if you catch my drift. We have a few pairs of handcuffs lying around here and there, I'm sure.

Well, I suppose this is enough for ranting in this thing. Bye.