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The Stranger in the Night.

"I can't believe this weather," Brenda Swiftfoot muttered as she closed the door of the tiny farmhouse behind her, and stepped into the garden. "It's as humid as a... God only knows what out here again tonight." She picked up her old watering can, and filled it with water from one of the four large wooden rain barrels beside the house. She swept a stray lock of her graying brown hair behind her ear, and began to pour a stream of water over her vegetable garden. She felt a leaf of lettuce between two fingers, and told herself that it was growing nicely. She knew that there would be a whole winter's worth of vegetables for herself, and her husband, Alfred, as well as a good bit of money from the market on the rest, in the fall. She looked out over Alfred's mid sized field of crops, and felt pride in her husband's success with the land. They were only commoner class, but they always had a little bit more than enough. Her three sons had lived a decent life on that farm, until each of them had left home, one by one.

Brenda fanned her face with her hand, as she again grumbled about the humidity. She looked again over the field, and then let her eyes travel to the grass beside the house. There was movement behind the barrels. She watched for a moment more, and saw nothing.

"I'm getting old," she muttered, shaking her head. "Surely only an old fool would see something moving out here." She turned to go inside, and as she did, a shadow crossed the yard, at the edge of her field of vision. Brenda spun around quickly, and saw a platinum haired dark shadow of a woman run into the garden. She stood still and watched for a moment, debating with herself what she should do. The woman who was acting strangely feeling the grass with her bare feet, while waving her arms through the air, was not very tall, and had elven features. Realization stuck the farmers wife at that moment, and she put her hands to her chest, trembling.

"Dear God," she whispered into the night. "a drow in the garden. What should I do?"

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