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They were finally leaving the hospital.

Troy stood behind Chad's wheelchair. They were bringing his to their house temporarily. No one had been able to find his father. Until the courts decided what to do with him, there would be an extended stay with the Boltons'. Neither boy really minded.

The entire basketball team was waiting in the lobby for them. They started screaming when they saw Chad. Taylor ran to kiss him on his bruised mouth. Gabriella situated herself beside Troy, hugging him. Zeke was on the other side. He reached down as if to mess up Chad's already unruly hair, then seemed to remember.

A long, raggedy procession followed them out of the car, where Chad ditched the wheelchair and hopped up, smiling. Troy was sure he wasn't the only one who saw the flicker of pain as one of his feet touched the ground.

"Hey guys, this means a lot to me. Thanks." Chad looked around at each of them, his gaze lingering longer on Troy, Taylor, and Zeke, who had gone to visit him more than once every day and had often been kicked out by the nurses.

Zeke placed a hand on t\Chad's back, one of the few places that had relatively few injuries, and said something very quickly in Spanish. The rest of the team looked at them. Gabriella whispered the translation in Troy's ear.

"He told him, we'll always be here, brother, always remember." Troy's mouth twitched. Chad nodded at Zeke and pulled him into a one-armed hug, which was all he could manage with his arm in a sling.

They lingered in the parking lot for another ten minutes. Each person from the team said something to Chad. They had formed a loose circle around him, as if comforting him that he could never be hurt again while they were there.

Troy unobtrusively propped Chad up. He knew that after only five minutes of standing up he go tired, though he would never show it in front of the team. "Ready to go home?" Troy muttered.

Chad turned to him slightly, pain registering on his face. "Do I have a home? I don't belong anywhere."

Troy squeezed him, "You belong with me. With us." The rest of the group had gotten silent, and Jason spoke up, "We love you, Chad."

And Chad smiled. He climbed into the car, smiling at his friends as they pulled out of the hospital parking lot. They could just here Zeke's call, "Hasta MaƱana! Until Tomorrow!"

End. Over. Fin.