Harry's Secret

By Loralee

Disclaimer: JKR owns Harry Potter

AN: I used the idea that Sirius left an old trunk for Harry in two different fics, a great reviewer, jabarber69, reminded me as a male that Harry would keep what he found in the trunk rather than put it back.

Harry Potter turned to Hermione and faked a yawn. "I'm beat, I think I'm going to call it a night," he said as he gathered up his things and headed up the stairs to his dorm.

Hermione looked after him worriedly, "He is so tired all the time, this is the third night this week he's gone up early, Neville do you know if he's having nightmares?"

Neville shrugged, "He's behind his curtains with a silencing charm up when I go up, usually."

She bit at her bottom lip for a moment, and Neville squirmed slightly and said, "Look I'll go check on him, ok?"

"Would you Neville, I'd ask Ron but he's on rounds you know," she said looking relieved.

Neville nodded and hurried up the stairs.

Across the room Seamus and Dean saw Neville rush the stairs and after exchanging a glance followed him up to the dorms.

Harry was just climbing into his bed, a leather bound book in his hand, as all three boys burst into the room.

"What's the rush, Neville?" asked Seamus.

"Is there trouble?" asked Dean.

Neville blushed and Harry looked at the boys oddly.

Neville, what's going on?" asked Harry.

"Hermione's worried because you've been coming up to bed so early, and you're always behind silencing charms when we come up, so I said I'd check on you," said Neville.

"You don't look like you're getting extra sleep either Harry," added Dean.

Harry blushed, "Guys, I'm not really sleeping I'm doing something else."

Seamus looked at the book and asked incredulously, "You're studying?"

"Er—" stutter Harry turning brighter red.

"It's not dark arts is it, Harry?" whispered Neville.

"NO!" yelled Harry then he sighed, "All right I suppose I can show you but you can't tell Hermione she just wouldn't understand. It is something that my Godfather left me."

Reverently he opened the book and showed the three boys the pictures in the carefully preserved album.


"Dear Merlin, look at those babies!" came awed response.

"Your Godfather gave you this?" asked Dean.

"Left it to me in his will," said Harry. He turned the page. "This one is my favorite."

The waving girl in the picture was only half dressed in Gryffindor quidditch robes, tousled blonde curls, smiling into the camera and giving a little jiggle with every wave.

There was a startled gasp from beside him and Harry looked up in to the chalk white face of Seamus Finnegan as he said, "Potter, you prat, that's my Mum!"