A House Elf Always Knows

by Loralee

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, I wish I owned a house elf.

Harry was sitting on his bed, back against the wall when he heard a small pop and saw Dobby standing in his room. He blinked at the elf and then blinked again when he realized the elf was holding a broom.

"Dobby, what are you doing here?" he asked.

"Dobby is bring Master Harry Potter sir his broom. Dobby is finding it where it didn't belong," answered the elf handing the broom to Harry.

Harry grinned and said, "Thanks Dobby I really appreciate this, er, the Ministry won't know you're here will they?"

"They's only sees Dobby's magic if Dobby wants thems to," said the little elf somewhat sheepishly.

"That's good, er, is there something else you want?" Harry asked the fidgeting elf.

Dobby peered closely at Harry a moment and then snapped his finger and a tray with a full breakfast on it appeared on Harry's lap.

"Dobby knows Master Harry Potter sir is hungry, why is Master Harry Potter sir not eating properly?" asked Dobby.

Harry dug into the food and mumbled, "Dudley's on a diet again. It's easier not to bother them."

Dobby stood fidgeting while Harry ate until something the little elf had said caught up with his brain. "Wait a minute, Dobby you called me Master, why did you call me that?"

"Dobby is being sorry Master Harry Potter sir but Dobby is baby bonding Master--" he broke off as Harry held up a hand.

"Please Dobby, just call me Harry, and what is a baby bond?"

"Yes sir, Master Harry, sir. When an a baby is being borned to a family, the family is using a baby bond to tie the house elf to the child. Its not being a full bond until the child is being grown up. Elfs's are being dying if thems not being bonded to a wizard or family or property. Dobby is happy that Master Harry sir is freeing hims from bad master but Dobby is being wanting Harry Potter sir to being new Master. Dumblydore is being telling Dobby Master Harry sir is not being able to bond because Master Harry Potter sir is being a child so Dobby is using baby bond and now that Master Harry sir is not being child any longer Dobby is asking to be bonded to Master Harry Potter sir."

Harry stared open mouthed at the little elf and then finally asked, "What do you mean, Dobby that I'm not a child anymore. I'm not of age yet."

Dobby shrugged and said, "House elfs always know. Master Harry's godfather is gone. Dobby is sorry for Master Harry's loss but Dobby is knowing that Master Harry is now controlling properties and vaults and is grown up wizard. Maybe Master Harry should go to the goblins."

"What properties?" asked Harry still a bit confused.

Dobby wrinkled up his forehead in thought and said, "Dark, nasty house in London, flat in Diagon Alley, cottage in Godrics Hollow, beach house in--"

"Stop," said Harry, "How do you know all this Dobby?"

"Dobby must know where to clean," said Dobby then he added, "With proper bond Dobby will be able to work much harder."

Harry sighed and pushed the tray off his lap, "You know Hermione is going to kill me, you're going to have to explain it to her. What do I need to do?"

"Master Harry Potter sir accepts Dobby as his?" asked the little elf, bouncing.

Harry nodded and said, "Yes, Master Harry Potter accepts Dobby as his house elf and friend."

Harry felt a small surge in his magic and Dobby stood a little taller and the Potter crest appeared on the front of his shirt.

"What may Dobby do for Master Harry?" asked the little elf.

"Well Dobby, can you take me to Gringotts in a bit?"

"Yes sir," agreed the elf.

"Good, the flat in Diagon Alley, is it vacant?"

Dobby got a far off look for a moment and then nodded.

"We'll move there for now. Let me get dressed and pack and we can go."

Dobby looked doubtfully at the clothes that Harry pulled on and with a gesture made them fit Harry much better. A wave of his hand packed Harry's trunk and it disappeared along with the broom and Hedwig's cage.

Harry glanced around the room and then took Dobby's hand and they left Privet Drive forever.

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