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It wasn't like they suddenly became friends overnight. Before Shishido had been dropped from the regulars, Ohtori had found Shishido quite irritating, with his holier than thou attitude and vanity. He was too confident, and that was what caused him to lose to Tachibana of Fudomine.

A nameless school that nobody knew.

Ohtori had thought, half expected, the devestating loss would have caused Shishido to quit the club, as he would be too ashamed to show his face in public. Maybe even transfer to another school.

What he hadn't expect was the third-year to go up to him and suddenly say, "Meet me at the tennis courts at seven."

He had half the mind to not go but it was a sempai so he had to show respect, even if he found him annoying. They got on the court and Ohtori had blinked when he noticed that Shishido hadn't bring his racket along with him.

"Hit your Scud Serve against me." was all he had said when Ohtori had asked why. "Your control over it sucks and you're the only one who can help me get back on the regulars right now."

Ohtori had wanted to shout out that there wasn't anything to gain from this (aside from his control over the Scud Serve) as the ball hit Shishido once more in the stomach but said nothing. After many nights of this type of practice has caused Ohtori to know of his sempai's stubborness and determination.

Shishido Ryou doesn't give up. And Ohtori admires him for that.

They still remember the day when Shishido had his defeat handed to him from the hands of Tachibana. They still remember the night when Shishido had managed to catch the tennis ball after what seemed like eternity and when Ohtori had finally mastered control over his Scud Serve. They remember the defeat from Seigaku during the Kantou Tournament and the Nationals but they'd became stronger because of them.

Most of all, they remember the day when they became Hyoutei's number one doubles team.

They started out as rivals, neither knowing the other aside from their ability at tennis and maybe how they looked, and evolved to best friends, with the other knowing their favorite food and how they really are.

Shishido wasn't just an arrogant bastard who only cared for himself. Ohtori wasn't a nice guy who is a pushover.

They knew the other's real personality because they were friends and rivals.