Title: Big Brother

Summary:- These are a series of one-shots that all involve Zutara, Sokka, and most times his boomerang. Some are more Sokka some are more Zutara but all are good.

Disclaimer- I still don't own Avatar if I did, this story would be on my TV currently.

One-Shot One- Loving Caring Big Brother

Summary:- Sokka is just minding his own business when he sees something that makes him go into loving, caring, big brother mode.

You know, today was going good. We were safely hidden in a forest away from the Fire Nation, no animals attacked me. It was all good.

I was walking through the forest, minding my own business, not looking for my sister who has been sneaking off for the past few days. Why would I be looking for her? I mean it's not like she was acting suspicious or anything.

So anyways, I was minding my own business looking for Kat- I mean food…yeah food, when I hear laughing. So of course I go and see what it is.

I pushed away some bush and that's when my day went downhill.

Zuko, prince of the Fire Nation, was kissing my baby sister! I was looking forward to not killing anyone today but apparently that wasn't going to happen.

Like any loving, caring brother would do, I threw my boomerang at his head knocking him off balance, as I came out of the bushes. And just like any innocent, stupid, darling, little sister would do, she yelled at me for it.

Of course we fought for a while until it was clear that she was completely brainwashed. And when I told her that, she yelled at me some more! She told me Zuko was good. Good! How could she not be brainwashed? She said he wouldn't do anything to hurt her.

I tried to agree, just to make her happy. I even said she was right! So I don't understand why she got mad again. I mean, c'mon! I agreed with her! My exact words were "You're right. He won't do anything to you." Then I accidentally threw my boomerang and it accidentally hit him in the crotch due to no fault of my own. Somehow she gets mad at me again though! She then proceeded to water whip me until I left!

Now I'm sitting here, throwing rocks at a tree, waiting. Waiting for her to leave Zuko so I can attack, which I know she'll yell at me for even though I don't get why.

I mean, I'm just being a loving, caring, big brother, right?

I know this one was short but oh well. I have quite a few planned and most are longer than this so don't worry. Some of them are more Zutara based and have more romance, others are like this, Sokka based. Let me know what you guys think though.