Big Brother

One-Shot Six- As Close as You'll Get

Summary:- Sokka never does really say "Yes"

They sat there at the opposite heads of the dining table, staring at each other. Neither spoke for the longest time.

Sokka refused to touch the food given to him, afraid it was poisoned. Zuko ate slowly still wondering why he was doing this.

"Alright!" Sokka burst out of the silence. "What do you want? You didn't ask me here for nothing!" He picked up a fork and pointed it at the man across from him. "What are you planning?"

"Something big." Zuko said plainly. Sokka didn't like his answer. Normally it was "nothing" and he didn't like that it was actually "something" this time.

Suddenly an object was thrown across the table landing in front of Sokka's plate. He covered his head waiting for some kind of explosion. When none came, he peeked through his fingers to see a necklace.

"Thanks but I don't really wear jewelry." Zuko rolled his eyes but ignored the comment.

"I remember your sister saying that she would want the man that proposed to her to have asked her father for her hand first." Sokka started getting the idea and slowly picked up the necklace hoping he was wrong. "Her father id not around so I thought you'd the next in line."

"No, no, NO!" He shouted as he realized the necklace was in fact an engagement necklace. "Uh-uh! No way! Big no-no!" He threw the necklace down. "There is no way I'm agreeing to this!"

"I'll ask her anyway. Asking you was just to please her. Your answer doesn't matter one bit." Zuko smirked.

"You sister-stealing, no good, Fire Nation freak!" Sokka started picking up food and throwing it across the table. Zuko quickly stood up and started dodging the flying food. "How dare you!" Sokka stood up with his plate and kept throwing food as he approached Zuko, still yelling. When he was out of food, he threw the plate to the ground and growled.

"So is that a "Good luck?" He asked before being hit in the head with a boomerang. As he fell to the floor, Sokka let out another growl.

"That's as close as you're gonna get."

This just came to me so I wrote it and got it up during school instead of doing my final project... Probably not the right choice but definately the funner one. Until next time.