Title: Simple and Clean
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Genre: Romance/General
Kaoru just loved him . . . request fic for tatsumaki
Ouran High School Host Club is the property of Bisco Hatori, Studio Bones, Viz Media, and gods know who else. I just know I'm not on that list. pouts

Simple and Clean

Kaoru just loved him.

He loved the sharp cut of his senior's face. He loved the way those iron-rimmed glasses sat on his nose. He loved the way his dark hair, parted to the left, flopped into his onyx eyes. He loved the confident way the other boy carried himself, full of grace and assurance. He loved his calculating mindset, his sharp intelligence, the way that he could seemingly do things that no one else could. He even loved the way he fussed over his accounts on his laptop. Tap, tap, tap, the keys went, a strangely reassuring beat to the late afternoon serenity.

Yes, Kaoru Hitachiin found himself thoroughly, completely, entirely in love with Kyouya Ohtori.

"Kaoru?" The stern, handsome, second year student looked across the table at him.

"Hmm?" The redhead looked up from his novel.

"Will you bring me some tea? I think I will be working for a while longer. Our president has, yet again, spent more money on than he should have on our latest event."

"Of course," Kaoru said, rising from his chair. Since it was long after the Host Club had closed for the night, he brewed a new pot of tea and pulled out a small tea set, before bringing it over to the dark-haired senior.

"Thank you," Kyouya said, his eyes trained to the laptop screen. "You can go home, if you like. There's no need to stay here with me; I said I would be awhile."

"No," Kaoru smiled, picking up his novel. "I'll wait."