Harry and Tonks stepped off the spiral staircase up to Dumbledore's office to the sound of shouts barely muffled by the thick oak door leading into the office proper. They glanced at each other with raised eyebrows then opened the door and walked through it to find Lucius Malfoy screaming at Dumbledore.

"How dare you let that half bred animal touch my son? He still has that bloody mark on his face that your twisted little pet put there! I demand satisfaction for both the physical and emotional harm caused to my son!"

"And what form would this 'satisfaction' of yours take?"

Malfoy whirled around to stare, his eye bulging at the calm face of Harry Potter. His lips curled into a sneer glaring at the boy.

"A year in Azkaban followed by your servitude to my family until your dying day should suffice"

Harry raised an eyebrow at the man then glanced over at Dumbledore who sat contemplating the scene before him. Harry turned a small smirk back at Malfoy.

"Now Lucius, I don't see why that should happen, branding me as I branded your son might be acceptable if I had branded him. But I think we both know who put that mark on him first now don't we. And you probably held his arm still while it happened didn't you. Like father like son as they say."

Malfoy's usually white complexion was turning a deep red as he clenched his hand tightly around his cane his other hand inching towards the wand in his pocket. Harry merely smiled clucking reprovingly at him.

"Now Lucius, wouldn't want to get violent now would we? A formidable necromancer you may be, but I don't think you'll be able to handle Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter, and a ministry trained Auror/professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts all on your own."

His eyes flickered back towards Dumbledore, to Tonks and then back to Harry himself. Shooting a death glare at Harry he twirled his cloak and snapped his cane against his side and limped out leaving a smiling Harry, a bemused Tonks and a worried Albus Dumbledore.

"Well Harry, you do have very good timing. I'm not sure how much more of Lucius' ranting I could have taken. Although how you dealt with him could have used some work. You just made yourself a very dangerous enemy. Fudge may be gone but Lucius still has eyes and ears all over the ministry and could cause many problems for you."

Harry just shrugged flopping into a large comfy couch he conjured for himself and Tonks.

"Trust me Brian, he and I have been enemies for quite some time. This little incident does nothing but add a little to his fear. Now he knows how much I know, and through that how much you know."

Dumbledore nodded slowly scrutinizing the young man that knew so much.

"I take it that means you didn't use the word 'necromancer' solely through boredom of calling people wizards?"

Harry smiled sadly and shook his head settling himself against the arm of the chair.

"Oh no, Lucius Malfoy is a necromancer through and through. His spellwork in other ways is impressive but he really shines with the dead. That's how he's still able to walk. The clever bastard reanimated a leg for himself, when it's completely healed and he's done all he can with it it'll probably be better than before."

"How do you know all this Harry?" Tonks this time "Just knowing what a necromancer is isn't common knowledge these days, and you seem to have an understanding that goes far beyond mine."

Harry shrugged smiling over at her "Oh you know, picked it up here and there. And being part of a necromatic ritual certainly played a part in my interest in the subject. But that's perhaps a story for another day."

Dumbledore's eyes widened at this proclamation, when Nicholas had told him that Voldemort had been resurrected he had suspected necromancy, but harry's involvement came as a complete surprise.

"What do you mean you were involved in a necromatic ritual!" Tonks suddenly screeched at him.

Harry smiled looking over at the woman and patted her arm gently.

"Oh calm down Nymphadora, Blood of the enemy forcibly taken you will revive your foe, that's what Wormtail said as he took the blood from my arm, a simple nick against my will was all that was needed. Interesting night that."

Dumbledore almost chuckled at the boys cheek, talking of a dark and forbidden ritual that probably hadn't seen the light of day in centuries as one might discuss the weather was certainly interesting.

Tonks' eyes narrowed at Harry as he smiled at her comfortingly patting her hand gently before turning back to Dumbledore.

"But yes Brian, Lucius Malfoy is a necromancer of the highest order, and if I'm not mistaken he's teaching young Draco almost everything he knows. He won't be a threat for a little while yet but there's much evil in that boy and there's a good chance he'll become far greater than his father."

The twinkle left Dumbledore's eyes at this, he knew that there never had been much hope for Draco Malfoy, too much of his father in him and too many dark influences around the boy. But hearing so bluntly that a child under his eye had gone over to the side of evil pained the old man greatly.

"I know Harry, I've known for several years but in my heart of hearts I've always hoped that Draco could be brought back to us, even when he took the mark I prayed he could be turned like Severus, sadly it doesn't look promising."

Harry nodded crossing his legs and looking over at the portraits of the former Headmasters and Headmistress' of Hogwarts fondly his eyes flicking over all the great Witches and Wizards.

"Professor, are there any school rules forbidding access to what was once known as the Chamber of Secrets?"

Startled out os his thoughts Dumbledore turned a quizzical eye on harry.

"Well, no formal rules, there has never needed to be any since only once in the history of the school has someone opened the Chamber, and that was over fifty years ago. Why do you ask?"

Harry just shrugged

"Oh, just curious, seeking some knowledge and all that. Now, I believe Nymphadora wanted to discuss something with us."

The woman nodded leaning forward in her chair with a sigh,

"Yes Harry, thank you, I haven't had many classes yet, but already I can tell that the students here are severely lacking in combat magic's. They can charm and transfigure things fine, but a simple stunning spell is more likely to hit themselves than their target. Even the NEWT level students can't cast more than three spells that would be covered in third year. Because of this I want there to be extracurricular defence and duelling classes. We'd work not only on the regular DADA curriculum but also go into duelling tactics, alternative methods of offence and defence and then I hope to put most of the sixth and seventh years through the first year of Auror training in the course of about a month. I for one believe that with war brewing they're going to need to know how to defend themselves against Death Eaters more than how to read a palm."

Dumbledore nodded the twinkle back into his old blue eyes.

"Nymphadora I was hoping you'd ask me about something like this, I for one am in full support, although I would like to put a few restriction on it, I'd like it available for OWL year students and above because I've seen how you teach and I don't want any of the younger students getting hurt, other than that you have my full permission. Write up a timetable and curriculum for me, I'll look it over and then you can start as soon as you're ready. Although I would like to know why you've asked Mr. Potter here for this."

Tonks nodded throwing Harry a smile and settling back, more at ease knowing the Headmaster was on the same page as her.

"Well, that's going to be a lot of students to control for one thing. For another I'm not sure how many people are going to want extra DADA homework, the OWL and NEWT years get enough as it is. But, with Harry Potter, the boy who from what I hear kicked the piss out of the old DADA professor and a few other students at the same time...well it would get me there in a hurry."

Harry and Dumbledore shared an amused glance before Harry shrugged and nodded to the old man.

"Well, I'm up for it. I don't mind being a poster boy for something like this."

Tonks grinned and slapped him on the back.

"Excellent, knew you'd be up for it Harry, thanks a ton, so how about it Albus?"

Dumbledore chuckles softly at the two young peoples enthusiasm.

"Well, it is of course Mr. Potter's choice, so if he is of accord then let it be so."

Tonks grinned gleefully and grabbed harry's hand squeezing it tightly

"Thank you sir, I'll write something up for you tonight and will give it to you first thing tomorrow. In fact, I'll go do that now, come on Harry, you can help."

Harry nodded chuckling to himself as he stood up to follow Tonks when Dumbledore's voice pulled him back.

"He'll be with you in a moment Nymphadora, I would like a word with Harry quickly, I'll try not to keep him long."

Tonks nodded and threw a smile Harry's way before leaving the room pulling the door shut behind her, leaving Harry and Dumbledore alone together. Sighing softly Dumbledore looked into Harry's eyes gently stroking his beard.

"You do understand what you're undertaking here correct? This will be a big responsibility, Nymphadora has all of her classes to attend to so much of the work done will be under your guidance. Do you feel up to the challenge?"

Harry nodded quickly "Of course Brian, I wouldn't have volunteered if I didn't. Consider my tutelage of your students Nicholas' contribution to the Order."

Dumbledore sighed softly and nodded,

"I will do that Harry I just wish he would be willing to work with us more. He knows so much, and us so little that he'd be an invaluable asset."

Harry reached out and patted the old mans hand with his own. Dumbledore was rather surprised to feel the toughly callused and hard hands of a man, rather than the soft hands of a boy.

"Trust me Brian, he has his reasons. What he's doing can't be done while the Order totters around behind him. I'm sorry, but I'm all he's lending to the Order, and you should be thankful even for that."

Dumbledore's blue eyes, dulled for the moment by sadness met the young mans eyes, a brilliant green full of ferocity and life. Looking into those eyes the twinkle returned along with real hope, Harry was a natural leader, that much was clear.

Dumbledore smiled looking over at the young man and nodded.

"Don't worry Harry, I'm very glad that he lent you to us. Already you've proved yourself a fine wizard, and a better person. Now, I believe Tonks is waiting down the stairwell for you and is getting a mite impatient."

Harry chuckled softly standing up and nodding to the Headmaster before strolling over to move down the marble staircase shutting the large door on his way. Albus Dumbledore stayed up very late that night, compiling a rather large notebook on everything he knew about Harry Potter. Between rumours, and suspicions and hard facts, it covered a rather large amount of text. He carefully stashed the notebook along with his other most precious possessions, for should that fall into the hands of enemies, the consequences would be disastrous.


As soon as Harry hit the bottom of the stairwell a young witch with long straight green hair pounced on him with a yelp of glee. After a moment...the witch appeared to realise that she was cradled in a students arms, and with a slight blush and an awkward cough extricated herself before going on for the ten minute walk back to Griffindor common room.

"...Through all of Auror training, only seventh years because it's rather rough, but if we do that they'll be able to handle most Death Eaters in a one-on-one fight, oh, and we've got to work on fighting multiple opponents because those bastards always bring back up. Never fight fair.."

Harry merely chuckled as Tonks ranted and ranted about how they'd go about the whole thing. From what Harry heard they'd have to have classes every day to accomplish half of what she had planned. Not that he didn't share her enthusiasm, at first he hadn't been sure about the students here. But now after getting to know some of them, learning about them. He had to teach them, they had to learn to defend themselves. Harry reached over and placed a gently hand over Tonks' mouth as the portrait of the Fat Lady came into view.

"Alright, that's enough, now you go back to your office and write all that down...but son't stay up all night. Kay?"

Tonks nodded demurely like a naughty child and Harry laughed again moving towards the Fat Lady as Tonks grinned back at him walking away. Shaking his head Harry stepped up to the portrait and gave the password under the half disapproving, half impressed glare of the Fat Lady.

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