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Warning/s: shonen-ai, fluffiness, maybe a little OOCShino?

Title: Mirror Musings
Theme/s: #19. Mirror
Summary: Kiba had a funny love for mirrors.

Inuzuka Kiba had a funny love for mirrors. And only Aburame Shino ever knew that little trivial fact.

Shino had found out when they were fourteen. He had walked into his own room, and was really quite amused to see an unexpected visitor making staring at his full-length mirror, hand rubbing his bare belly curiously. Kiba glanced back at Shino through the mirror, grinning.

"Hey, Shino! Look! I can see my abs."

"Or lack of," quipped Shino quickly, pleased to realize that he still had the ability to speak, thank you very much.

"Excuse me, Mister 'I hide under fat coats to hide my chubbiness," replied Kiba sarcastically, already back to tracing the outline of his supposed abs. "You clearly need to take off your sunglasses."

"And you clearly need to put your shirt back on," said Shino, tossing his grumbling team mate the abandoned fish net shirt on the floor. "Just for the record, I am nowhere close to fat."

"Yeah, yeah." Kiba put on the shirt, but he made no move to get away from the mirror. Instead, he was now quite fixated on his backside, turning his head this way and that to get a better view. "Do you think I look fat in this? Akamaru?"

Akamaru cocked his head to the side from his spot on Shino's bed, barking. Kiba nodded in agreement, muttering to himself. Shino felt like inputting his own compliment but refrained.

"Was there any other reason you were in my room, Kiba?" asked Shino, sighing. Kiba didn't answer, but he did make a move to seemingly take off his pants. "…Kiba? What are you doing?" Shino felt his throat constrict.

"What?" said Kiba, pulling his pants lower as he looked at Shino. The pants stayed halfway down. "Pulling your pants down is the new fad nowadays."

"That's because the idiots want to show off their boxers," explained Shino, not sure why he knew that. "And… well, seeing as you don't have any…"

"They're too restricting, yanno?" complained Kiba, keeping his pants on his waist, tantalizingly. "That's why I hate wearing them."

Shino hoped he was the only one who knew that particular piece of information, too.

"And that's why you should pull your pants back up," offered Shino, with a bark of agreement from the amused Akamaru. Kiba paid no heed; he was too absorbed in studying his eyes this time.

"Are my eyes more of a dark brown or black with hints of brown?" mused Kiba, trying not to blink as he observed his eyes. "Shino? Do you think my pores are too big? My markings, do they look like fangs or triangles? Is there a difference? Are they cooler than Naruto's markings?" And with a crinkle of his nose, "Do I look hot? I want someone to fall in love with me. Yanno?"

"Someone already does," murmured Shino, approaching Kiba and stopping from behind. Kiba looked at his reflection.

"Really?" Kiba asked softly, eyes darting left and right. Shino sensed the nervousness. "Uh, haha, is it Hinata?"

Shino frowned, even though Kiba couldn't see it. "I'm pretty sure she's still smitten with Naruto."

"Oh, er, that chick from Hyuuga's team, then? Maybe Hinata's sister? That's pretty creepy--"

"Don't you swing the other way?" said Shino quietly, enveloping Kiba in one of his rare warm hugs, resting his head on the brunet's shoulder. "Hm?"

Kiba stiffened a little as Shino turned him around, a hand on his jaw, tilting it upwards carefully. "T-tempting."

"It should be," said Shino, before unbuttoning the top buttons of his coat swiftly and pushing Kiba towards him. Their lips met, and Shino couldn't have been any more nervous and excited at the same time.

Shino made to pull away, but Kiba stopped him, rough hands on either side of Shino's pale face. "Wait, stay there."

"What's the matter?" asked Shino, confused. Kiba was staring straight into his eyes, even if there were sunglasses.

"You are at the most perfect angle for me to see my back in the mirror. My god, I do look fat in these pants."