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A Real Hero!

Chapter 1: Forget How To Remember!

Little Allyson sat on the porch of the orphanage reading the paper.

It's been 14 years since the notorious ghost boy, Danny Phantom, has attacked our city. We will celebrate the loose of lives and his horrible act tomorrow on April 3rd. Remember to go to the Amity Park ghost memorial tomorrow and remember those who lost their lives that day.

Allyson had read through that article over and over again. She had always found it fascinating how much commotion a ghost could cause. She always wanted to know more, but she wasn't allowed to leave the orphanage for something as silly as that.

Allyson was 8 years old. She had dirty blonde hair that reached the middle of her spine and dark green eyes. She always wore a pink shirt with a little red heart in the middle of the collar and purple overalls over it. Part of her hair was pulled back into a little ponytail in the back of her head but strands of her were lose and stayed on the side of her head.

The reason she was at the orphanage, her father had died before she was born and her mother died after she had her. Allyson never even knew her parents, she never made any friends, she was always in the background trying to read about the ghost boy in the newspaper articles she snuck off with.

She looked up from the paper and saw a tall African American man with glasses and a red bureau cap. He was fiddling with a PDA of some sort. He walked up to Allyson and said: "Excuse me young lady, but I'm fresh out of money, could I take a look at that paper really quick? I'll give it right back."

"Sure," Allyson said forgetting the don't talk to strangers rule. She noticed when he read the article about the ghost boy, he seemed sad, like he didn't really want to read it.

"What's wrong?" she asked. "Oh nothing, it's just, I had a friend I lost that day," the man said handing Allyson the paper back.

"Who was your friend?" Allyson asked. "His name was…Danny," the man said. "Wasn't that the name of the ghost boy?" Allyson asked. "Yeah," the man said in a small voice.

"Allyson! What are you doing? I'm sorry Mr. Foley, I try to tell her not to talk to people on the street, she just never listens," a woman from inside the orphanage who has messy gray hair and a purple dress with a blue apron said.

"It's alright Ms. Kutch, I was actually having a nice conversation with this young lady," the man, Mr. Foley, said. "Really? Well, that's a surprise, she never talks when she's in the orphanage, do you Ally?" the woman, Ms. Kutch, said.

"No, Ms. Kutch," Allyson said. "And yet you always find time to open your mouth out here, don't you?" Ms. Kutch said. "Yes," Allyson said. "Yes, what?" Ms. Kutch asked. "Yes Ms. Kutch," Allyson said.

"Well Mr. Foley, I'm sure Amity's best technician is very busy, so I'll let you get on your way," Ms. Kutch said grabbing Allyson's arm trying to pull her inside.

"Actually, I'm not doing anything, you know, being this time of year again," Mr. Foley said. "Well, I'm a bit preoccupied today, so, I'll let you be on your way, good day," Ms. Kutch said pulling Allyson inside and slamming the door behind her.

"Look Ally, I don't need you talking to anyone this week, this is not a good week to talk to anyone," Ms. Kutch said. "Is it because of the ghost boy?" Allyson asked.

"The ghost boy is not something an 8 year old should be concerned with, we have the Fenton's to do that," Ms. Kutch said. Allyson said nothing. She wanted to meet the Fenton's, maybe they could explain this whole thing to her.

"Now get in there and make your bed," Ms. Kutch said pushing Allyson into a room with twelve bunk beds full of kids.

Allyson went to her bed, but instead of making it, she pulled out some news paper clippings she had taken from the paper. "Why do you bother doing that, you know you'll just get in trouble," a girl with red hair in pigtails and a navy blue dress asked.

"Haven't you ever wondered what happened with the ghost boy Sarah?" Allyson asked. "No, I already know! The ghost boy was doing all this nice stuff, then one day, he just attacked everyone," the girl, Sarah, said.

"Well maybe he had a good reason as to why he did that, maybe he was hurt inside, maybe he was under some kind of spell," Allyson said. "Maybe you're just crazy," Sarah said and went back to her own bed.

Allyson had hoped to run away from the orphanage ever since she had met Sarah five years ago. Sarah was a rotten ten year old who thought she knew everything, but she didn't, no one knows everything. Allyson never felt discouraged around Sarah, she just didn't like her attitude and the way she would blame everything wrong she did on Allyson, which was one of the reasons Ms. Kutch hated Allyson so much.

Allyson decided she would sneak out that night, no matter what happened, she would find out about the ghost boy.

That night, Allyson packed up all her newspaper clippings and a bottle of water in a bag and crept silently out the door. She walked down the sidewalk slowly and quietly looking around to make sure no one was after her.

When she had reached the end of the sidewalk, a red van pulled up to her. She fell back and Mr. Foley stepped out. "Hey, haven't I seen you before?" he asked. "Yes," Allyson said truthfully.

"Why are you out here instead of there?" Mr. Foley asked. "I ran away, I want to know about the ghost boy, I never liked it there anyway," Allyson said. Mr. Foley sighed and said: "Look kid, take it from me, you don't want to know about the ghost boy."

"Why not?" Allyson asked. "Well, it's not really something most people like to talk about," Mr. Foley said. "But I just want know what happened on April 3rd fourteen years ago," Allyson said. "It's a bit more complicated then that kid," Mr. Foley said. "How do you know?" Allyson asked.

Mr. Foley sighed. "You're not gonna give up are you?" he asked. "No," Allyson said. "Look, I don't mean to crush your dreams or anything, but that day was the worst day in Amity Park history, no one who wasn't there should know anything about it, I say you just forget everything you know about it, you'll only hurt yourself from knowing," Mr. Foley said.

"It can't be that bad," Allyson said. "It was, and still is, don't try to find out about it, just forget how to remember it," Mr. Foley said. "But I want to know SO bad, please Mr. Foley, please tell me what happened," Allyson pleaded.

"I can't," Mr. Foley said. "Yes you can, you just don't want to," Allyson said. "Smart for such a young girl, but I still don't want you to get hurt," Mr. Foley said.

Allyson was about to started crying when she came to this thought. "Where do the Fenton's live?" she asked.

"The Fenton's? Why do you want know…oh no, I'm not telling you where they live," Mr. Foley said catching on. "Alright," Allyson said.

"I'm sorry kid," Mr. Foley said. He started to get back in his car when Allyson said: "Mr. Foley, can I go with you?"

Mr. Foley looked at the girl. "I-I don't think I can," he said. "Why not?" Allyson asked. "You belong to the orphanage," Mr. Foley said. "Please, please can I go with you," Allyson pleaded once again.

Mr. Foley thought for a while then said: "Alright, you go back to the orphanage tonight and we'll see about it tomorrow, okay?" "Okay," Allyson said and ran back to the orphanage. Mr. Foley got into his car and drove off.

Allyson snuck back in without making a noise and went straight to sleep. She thought about what Mr. Foley had said, but she didn't want to forget, she still wanted to know.