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Chapter 30: The Aftermath of it All!

Two years later, on April 3rd, Allyson was now ten years old. Not much had changed except she was a foot taller and wore her hair in a ponytail. Tucker was sitting on the porch with Sam, Kevin, Valerie, and Sam's baby daughter, Lilith. She had the same purple eyes as Sam but she had dark red hair.

"So anyway, I've got the whole week off because I've done so much already, which is good , because I can help Allyson work on her ghost project," Tucker said.

"I don't think you need to worry about helping her," Valerie said. Just then, a white RV with a green F on the side of it pulled up to the house.

"Of course," Tucker said. Jazz stuck her head out of the window and said: "Hey everyone."

"Hi Jazz," everyone said. "Where's Ally, Tuck?" Jazz asked. "One second, ALLY! JAZZ IS HERE!" Tucker called.

"ONE SECOND!" Allyson called from upstairs. She stuck her head out the window and said: "OKAY!"

Jazz pulled out a thermos and Allyson jumped out the window. Jazz opened the thermos and aimed it at Allyson.

There was a flash of blue light and a streak of black and white burst out of it, catching Allyson before she fell any farther.

Danny floated in the air with Allyson for a second then said: "Good! You're getting better."

Allyson giggled and Danny set her down on one of the porch chairs. "Hi guys," Danny said.

"Hi Danny," everyone said. "Ghost boy!" Lilith peeped. "Is that her first word?" Danny asked smiling and arching an eyebrow.

"Yep, it's the only one she knows though," Sam said. "Now we don't know whether she wants to see you or use the bathroom," Kevin said.

"Danny!" Maddie called from the RV. "Come on son, let's get going!" Jack called. "I gotta go, bye!" Danny said.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Valerie asked. "Getting ready for tonight," Danny said. "Oh right," Valerie said.

"See you guys there!" Danny said. "Bye!" everyone called. Danny flew back into the RV and it rode off.

"Ghost boy!" Lilith peeped again. "Yep! But he's not just a ghost boy Lilith, he's a hero!" Allyson said smiling.


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