Ah, Demyx. How long had he stood in the wings, waiting nervously, looking out over the crowd? He chose only his sitar to go out onto the stage with him- Who could ever need anything, anything, else? Carrying it, trying to look as close to the rocking boy he was made out to be in fanfiction, he stood center stage, took a deep breath, opened his mouth, and screamed:

"I am Demyx!"

The jet-noise returned again from the fans. By this time, the fires had gone out in the audience and the sobbing had gone down, and everyone's eyes were intensly on the suddenly peppy, happy boy in the center of the stage.

"Like a real rock star!"

"So hot!"


"How on earth can I marry you?" Demyx asked, staring at the girl in the front row with such intensity that it made her blush and turn away. "My dear, dear woman, I am already begotten to another... To my beautiful Zexion!"

Zexion thought to himself that he would have to remember to kill Demyx. The author sympathized with him.

"Come here, my love, and let me play you a duet to wipe away all of your sadness! Let me change you into someone worth being!" The voices drowned out anything else he was about to say as they mixed with wolf-whistles, cat-calls, and shrieks from the few fans who had, indeed, been looking for a different ship.

If looks could kill, Demyx would've fallen dead on the stage as Zexion came to stand beside him. Taking very much the same stance as Axel, Demyx grabbed him roughly around the waist and pulled him to his side with a grin to rival the Cheshire cat. "This," he said to the assembled crowd, "Is my little Zexion. He's had his share of problems in his life, but I've changed him. So much that he no longer cuts himself, cries alone at night, or otherwise feels any angst. After all, that's the power of love!"

"He probably has nothing to cry about at night!"

"Oh how romantic!"

"All you ever need is someone bright to make you a better person!"

The author rolls her eyes at these statements and would like to point out that fangirls are stupid and love isn't the only thing that's going to change an emo kid.But she also promised herself she'd stop with the asides and let the characters do all of the talking, so I'll do all of the talking and complaining through them.

"I-It is the power of love," Zexion managed through his teeth, which all of the fans took for a smile. Demyx pulled him closer with a little grin and so Zexion, in a rare display for cruelty towards Demyx, reached up and ruffled his hair.

"You ruined it!" Demyx screeched. "He has yet to understand just how important my looks are to me! They go with my award-winning, heart-throbbing, smiling, overly-bright personality, which is totally befitting of me! I hate to kill, I hate to fight... Is there no peace in this world? I want only peace for myself and my sweet, sweet Zexion!"

Everyone in the room was either crying, cheering, or, in the case of the force known as the narration, trying not to spit back up the meal she's eating as she types these words.

"You are wonderful, my dear," Zexion said. "You're comfort in the darkest room, and the thing that's the most in this world. Your music... Oh your musical talent is what truly moved me to love you, and I truely do love you!"

Demyx, surprisingly, cracked first. "Okay Zexion, you're freaking me out," he said, and stopped the vain attempts to fix his hair, dropped his sitar to the stage, and moved to address the crowd.

"Let's get two things straight about me: One, I am not in love with Zexion! Two, I am not some peppy, happy, peace-loving boy who's full of naive innocence and is looking to bring perfect peace and light into this world!"

Zexion used this chance to sneak away, secretely satisfied with the new hairdo he'd given Demyx, but disgustedly wishing he could go take a shower and get the disgusting feeling that was crawling over his skin off of him- Did that boy ever shower? He smelled positivly disgusting...

"What about you and Axel?!" Asked a rabid voice from the front row, and there were several cheers from the crowd. There were even movements to whip out additional signs and drawings, but Axel stepped foward so fast and radiated such an intensity that most of them dropped them to the floor. In the case of the girl who was worried about having her fantasy crushed, she jumped on top of her sign protectivly and growled, causing a slight shifting of the crowd.

"Axel?! Axel?! What kind of proof or reason is there for ME to want Axel?"

"He's hot!"

"You're both newer, younger members!"

"He's obviously gay, so he has to love someone who's not Roxas!"

"I AM NOT GAY!" Axel roared from behind Demyx.

"If that's your idea of hot you need a reality check," Demyx muttered. "Besides, Axel isn't gay. At least not for me. You never know about that stuff with him and Roxas though..." He grinned, and Axel's face turned livid as Xenmas grabbed the back of his robe and moved him back into the silent ranks of Nobodys in an attempt to keep him from incinerating the whole of the audience and his fellow Nobodies, who were all laughing.





"No! Ew! What is WRONG with you people? Marly's gross, Zigbar and Xaldin are old, and Xenmas is my boss! Would you sleep with your boss?"

"Ew, no, gross, my boss is old!"

"And mine's stupid!"

"I'd sleep with mine!" This boy, who was well-known to have a male boss, sank down in his seat and said nothing, now grinning to himself at that thought. A few of the fangirls giggled, but most were fixed on Demyx, who was finishing an impassioned speech on stamping out Yaoi and poor characterization.

"And so," he yelled, "I want all of you to stop and think next time! It is not cute! It is not funny! It's not even HUMANE to write about me as a rock god saving an emo kid. What kind of plot is that? A washed up one, that's what!"

And, with a strum of his sitar and a wave of water, which conviently just happened to wash over into the crowd, he stepped backwards off the stage. "Luxlord, Marly, are you ready?"

Neither of them said anything. They were too busy watching the water drain and the people caught in it struggle to stay afloat, some clutching for their Organization plushies, others attempting to shed fandrawings. "So far, this hasn't worked," Luxlord noted dryly.

"At least it's funny," Marly pointed out, and they stepped forward.

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