Okay…I just went to see if Eternal Sabbath was on was shocked by the lack of stories…no offense to anyone…heheheh…this is my first attempt at writing Eternal Sabbath fanfic (well duh) and I hope its not too obvious that I'm making this up as I go…It should be mentioned that asofar I have only read up to Volume Two of the manga so that's where this picks up...

No One Cared

Izaku smirked as he led Yuri back towards the city. Of course, to her, he was Tomo-kun, not Izaku. He left her on the corner where he usually did before slowly beginning to walk 'home'. He was eager to kill, eager to destroy another life and smother the pain that he didn't even know he was appeasing. Izaku did not recognize the emotion 'pain'. In a small part of his young mind, he wanted to show Yuri his power, to his impress her, but these were not conscious thoughts. They were buried deep in his subconscious, however curious it might be that someone with a power like his would have some part of their own brain that they didn't know.

He turned the next corner, wondering whether Sakaki and Shuro had died. Oh how he relished the thought of that researcher – even in his mind he said the word like a curse- being killed. The smirk dropped from his face as he thought of the lab where he had been created and was replaced by a glare to rival Shuro's.

His hate for Shuro was not as well rooted as that for the researchers. In fact, it was more jealousy than anything. Shuro had been taken care of at least. Perhaps neither ES had known love, but Shuro had been treasured by the lab. True, he was loved for all the wrong reasons, but in Izaku's mind that didn't change anything.

Izaku's glare intensified. He had been held captive in a glass monstrosity for the better part of his short life, alone in the darkness, unloved. He had heard their thoughts, known what they were going to do to him and the first conscious feelings he could remember were fear and anger. Despair came later. He stayed in the tank for years, growing, developing, and all that time he was learning more and more from the scientists who held him captive. He had thought the situation hopeless. That is, until the day that he discovered that not only could he read people's minds, he could control them too. He had tested in first on the head researcher. When he realized that it didn't work, he had destroyed the lab.

Izaku had no concept of right and wrong but for his purposes that didn't matter. It was clear to him what he wanted, how he was going to get it, and why he wanted it. He wanted to avenge himself on his captors. He wanted Sakaki dead and Shuro out of the picture. And then, he would be free to continue killing. It was obvious that he had to kill Sakaki, Shuro and anyone who got in his way. He reasoned that this was fair. After all, they had kept him in that artificial womb far past the time he should have been 'born'. Shouldn't they die for that? But the random murders…He didn't really analyze why he committed those because he himself didn't know.

It would have been different if he hadn't been locked up in that tank for so long. Maybe he would have been a more normal child- not that ES00 or ES01 could ever truly be normal. He would have known enough to realize that he killed because it blotted out the pain that stemmed from his nonexistent childhood. But for now, he was exactly what he seemed to be: a lost, angry, violent little boy with a dangerous power and an abnormal lifespan. Maybe it could have been different if someone had cared. But no one cared and it looked like no one ever would.

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