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Epilogue: Behind the Flashbulbs

Eighteen months later...

Standing up from her armchair, Oprah Winfrey waited for the crowd to stop clapping before she spoke. "Three years ago, our next guests shocked the world when they decided to get married. They became America's new infatuation and the media couldn't get enough of them. They were said to be the most photographed couple of 2007 and now they're here to talk to us about their new tell-all book which chronicles the ups and down of their whirlwind relationship. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Nathan and Haley Scott!"

The entire audience rose to their feet, applauding as Nathan and Haley walked out onto the stage hand-in-hand. She was dressed in a light blue flowing strapless sundress and he was wearing a pair of dark washed jeans and a brown jacket over a plain white t-shirt. Haley smiled and waved at a couple of the audience members as they reached Oprah.

The older woman enveloped Haley in a hug and received a kiss on the cheek from Nathan. The couple sat down on the love seat while the famous host sat in an armchair across from them. Nathan placed his arm around Haley's shoulders and she rested one of her hands on his thigh.

"It's so nice to have you two back here." Oprah smiled, placing her hands on her crossed legs.

"Nice to be here again." Haley said, smiling as well.

"So, Nathan, tell me about this book that you co-wrote with Haley." Oprah asked, turning her attention to the man on the loveseat across from her.

Smoothing his jacket out and looking over at Haley for a brief second, Nathan spoke, "Well, it's called Behind the Flashbulbs and it's about our history together and everything we've been through in our relationship. The parts that I wrote were written after the fact, after everything had happened but what I think is so great about this book is that the parts that Haley wrote are mostly journal entries. Those were her emotions right then and there. It's so raw and powerful, you know. It just blew me away."

"Haley, was it your idea to use, well basically, your diary for your part of the book?"

"No, it wasn't actually. I was very skeptical to use my journals as a part of the book. They're my private thoughts and it's a girl's worst nightmare for the world to have access to her diary, but Nathan and our editor thought it was be a nice touch. In the end, I think it turned out great, and now I wouldn't have it any other way."

Oprah nodded, "I was reading this book a couple weeks and was shocked to find out that the marriage between the two of you was actually arranged for a publicity stunt. Tell me how that came about."

Nathan chuckled slightly and looked over at Haley. "You wanna take this one?" he asked, a smile on his face.

Playfully elbowing him in his stomach, Haley began, "Yes, at first our marriage was for publicity. Our agents thought it would be a good idea at the time because Nathan needed good publicity to get his contract renewed and I needed some because I had a movie coming out, but it turned out to be some much more. I fell in love with him." She smiled up at Nathan and he returned the smile, giving her a kiss on her forehead.

Smiling at the young couple, Oprah continued, "Was it hard to pretend to be in love those first couple of months?"

"Strangely enough, no, it wasn't. It came surprisingly natural." Nathan answered.

"Nathan and I had actually had a romantic encounter before..."

"A one-night stand?" Oprah asked smiling, causing the audience to laugh.

"Yeah, a one-night stand." Haley chuckled, a slight blush creeping onto her cheeks. "So we just played off of those feelings and after a while we didn't have to pretend anymore, we fell in love with each other."

"See ladies, good things can come out of those 'romantic encounters'." Oprah joked, looking around at the audience causing everyone to laugh. Waiting until the audience came to a lull, the tv legend spoke again, "Alright, onto a more serious topic, in the book you also discuss your highly publicized pregnancy. Was it hard for both of you to relive that?"

Looking down at Haley and seeing that she didn't particularly want to talk about this subject, Nathan took the lead, "That was a really difficult place to revisit, but we wanted to tell the whole story so in order to do that we couldn't leave anything out, even parts of our lives that we thought we would never get through."

"In chapter twelve, Haley, you wrote, 'I'm pushing him away, I don't want to but I am. He thinks it's his fault and I guess I'm partly to blame for that. He tries to get me to open up to him, he tries so hard and he doesn't understand why I don't, why I can't. The truth is I blame myself ten times more than I can ever blame him. I love Jackson more than I ever thought one person can love another and he was taken from me. How can I be expected to be open to love another person again, especially with how much I love Nathan.' And Nathan, do you still blame yourself for the death of your son?"

Clearing his throat and swiping a stray tear away from the corner of his eye, Nathan spoke, "Um, no, not anymore. You know, there are times when I do doubt myself and start to think that it is my fault again but Haley is there to make sure I know that it's not."

"Haley, what advice could you give to other mothers going through a similar situation?" Oprah asked.

"Well, the best advice I could give someone in a situation like that is to not seclude yourself. Let your loved ones in, don't push your husband or boyfriend away. I made that mistake with Nathan and we barely survived that."

Oprah nodded and smiled sadly, "I know losing a child in the worst possible thing that could ever happen to a person, but have the two of you ever considered having another child?"

Letting a small smile creep onto her face, Haley looked up at Nathan who had a sly smile playing on his lips. "Well", she began, her small smile turning into a beaming one as she brought one of her hands to rest on her hidden rounded stomach. "We've more than considered it actually, I am pregnant." she let out in a tiny whisper and the whole place erupted in appluase.

"Wow, congratulations!" Oprah said as shocked as the rest of the world.

"Thank you", Haley responded giddily as Nathan laid a sweet kiss on her temple.

"Do you know how far along you are? The sex?" Oprah asked, rather intrigued.

"I'm four months and it's a girl", Haley revealed, letting out a girly laugh as the crowd started clapping widly again.

"Have you two thought of a name?" the older woman asked.

Nathan looked down at Haley for silent approval and she nodded, telling him that he could reveal the name. "Uh, yeah, we actually came up with Brooklyn Jackson Scott. We chose the name Brooklyn after my late fiance, Brooke, and the middle name Jackson after our son." Nathan explained as Haley squeezed his knee and gave him a warm smile.

"That's wonderful, I'm so excited for both of you. I wish you all the happiness in the world." Oprah gushed.

"Thank you so much." Haley responded, smiling brightly then looking up at Nathan, "We are happy."

"What's on your mind, babe?" Nathan asked looking down at Haley. They were in the back of the limo being driven from Oprah's studio to the airport. She was sitting pressed up next to him with his arm around her shoulders.

"Nothing", she sighed, picking at an imaginary piece of lint on the pant leg of his jeans. "Just thinking about how we're finally getting everything we've wanted for a while."

"Isn't that supposed to be a good thing?" He teased, pulling her in closer and giving her his infamous smirk.

"It is, but..."

"But what?" he prodded, placing a finger under her chin and forcing her to look at him.

Looking up into his eyes, Haley had to swallow hard to keep the emotions that were bubbling up in her throat at bay. "I just, I feel like I shouldn't let myself be happy because once I do, everything will go wrong."

"Hey", he whispered, placing his free hand on her cheek and using his thumb to wipe away a tear that was on the verge of falling down her cheek. "You should never, ever be afraid to feel happy, alright? I'm happy with you, are you happy with me?"

"Of course I am", she said in a reassuring voice, a small smile on her face as she brought a finger up to trace along his bottom lip.

"Then what else do we need?" He asked, giving her the genuine smile that she fell in love with. Pushing her face up to meet his, Haley let his lips cover hers in a sweet kiss. She brought her hand up to lay on his clean shaven cheek as they pulled apart. He leaned his forehead against hers, enjoying the feel of her warm breath surrounding him.

She looked up in his beautiful blues eyes, eyes which held all her hopes and dreams, eyes that she will be in love with for the rest of time, eyes that will leave her eternally breathless.


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