Faith Departed

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Chapter 1: In His Cell

Tristan Craig sat in a jail cell watching the officer at his desk filing reports and drinking his coffee; it bored him to think that he had watched that go on for ten days and he had twenty more to go. He saw that the officer was unlocking his door.

"You got a visitor, Craig." The officer said disgruntled. "And I'll miss you here."

He walked away from the mattress to see who was bothering him now, not even in jail; Tristan couldn't get a moment of peace. The twenty-one year old walked into the visiting area to find Rory, her friend Ponyboy, and his eldest brother, Cody. All of them sat there awkwardly, trying to maintain their barrier between sobbing and sanity.

"Hey guys, long time no see." He said trying to lighten the mood.

"Yeah it's been awhile, kid. But we're not here to catch up; I've got some bad news." Cody said saddened.

"Don't beat around the bush, Cody. Listen Tristan, there was an accident…" Rory's voice trailed off. "And Mom and Dad…"

"What about them?" He asked, knowing it was bad news.

"They were killed, Tristan." Cody said.

In that split second, he felt his heart break into a million pieces and the world stop. He was the only one moving in a pointless existence, in a house without his parents. They were the people who truly loved him, they didn't criticize him for being a greaser, didn't jump him for pleasure, now they were gone, expired, dead. Tristan felt tears running down his face and six sets of eyes on him.

"It's gonna be okay, kid, alright? You'll be home tomorrow and we'll be a family again." His brother said as he walked away from the table.

As soon as they left him, the greaser put his head in his hands and sobbed, sobbed until he could cry no more. Tristan still couldn't believe that they were dead, not this soon. What he wanted was to be home with Rory, Cody, and Clint, that was all. He didn't want to be trapped here anymore. With his head down, Tristan walked back to his cell and went to sleep.

At home, Rory, Cody, and Clint were putting away pictures of Mom and Dad and keeping their barrier up although all three were fast losing the battle. Clint was watching his siblings pack up and noticed their faces; they were solemn, quiet faces.

"So I take it Tristan didn't take it too well." Clint said.

"We don't know how he did but we'll know tomorrow." Rory replied. "I'm going to bed."

"Night, kid." The brothers said.

"I've never seen her this quiet." Clint said concerned.

"Clint, she's been through a lot; honestly, I can't blame her." Cody replied.

They heard the door open and saw Darry Curtis's tall shadow. He had a worried look on his face and the boys knew something was wrong.

"Have either of you seen Ponyboy?" He asked.

"Not since he walked home? Why do you ask?" Cody replied.

"He never came home and I'm worried." Darry said with much concern..

"We'll go to the lot. Clint, stay here, I'll be back." Cody said.

He nodded and sat down on the couch. Clint didn't know what they would find or see but if they didn't find Ponyboy, things would get ugly, fast.