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Chapter 16: Status Quo

"Hi Col," Gary said, two weeks later as she walked in from work. "How was your day?" She looked at him and walked into her room and slammed the door. "That good." Guy shook his head. Connie was sitting in the kitchen

"She's just upset." He said. "Can't be easy, being around all these happy couples." Gary smiled. "What?"

"We're a happy couple," he kissed him.

"We are aren't we," Guy laughed. Colleen walked out of her room and sat down on the couch next them. "Hi, Colleen."

"Let the record show that I am the most pathetic person to ever live." She said. "Tonight I have a date."

"Good for you," Gary nodded, "Get back on the horse."

"He's a busboy," Colleen said, "He's a junior at NYU, he has no career prospects and since I moved to New York he has asked me out seventeen times."

"And you're going out with him why?" Connie said from the kitchen.

"Because the rich stock broker who I actually like, and want to be with," Colleen pouted, "Is determined to either have no strings attached sex with me, or never speak to me again. So I'm going to a poetry reading with a twenty one year old loser who's big life plan is to move back in with his parents after college until he sells a painting."

"Ooh, a painter," Gary said, "He's cultured."

"He paints pictures of dog's asses," Colleen groaned. "I'm pathetic."

"Hello," Rick and Scooter walked in, Rick walking directly to Connie, "Hi baby," he kissed her.

"Hi," she smiled. She looked over and saw Colleen stand up and walk to her room. Scooter sighed, disappointed. Connie looked over at him. "You have a lot of nerve coming here."

"Connie be nice," Rick said kissing her neck.

"I'm going to go talk to her," Scooter said and walked in. "Col,"

"Leave," she said sitting down on the bed. He sat down next to her. "That's not leaving."

"Col, please," he said, "I've hated these past two weeks. Not seeing you has totally sucked."

"I haven't loved it either." She said. "Especially with the couples all flitting around so fucking happy all the time. I don't even have Gary to be bitter with anymore."

"Have you been thinking about what I said?" She looked at him and sighed. "I guess you have. And?"

"I can't talk about this right now," she said, "I have a date."

"You have a what?" Scooter said.

"Are you jealous?" She smiled cruelly.

"More confused," he said, "Look, I wanted to apologize, it was wrong of me to assume that you,"

"Were a slut who would let you use me?" She stopped and looked at him.

"Yeah," he nodded, "that. Look, I'd really like to still be friends." He smiled. "Can you be my Colleen again?"

"How do we know it won't happen again?" she sighed loudly. "I mean, it was incredible."

"No doubt," he shook his head, "But we can make sure it doesn't happen again. We're adults."

"I guess so." She smiled, he smiled back at her. "Um, I actually do have a date."

"Right," he nodded, "OK."

Fulton Reed walked slowly and quietly to his apartment in Minneapolis after a long day. He stopped when he saw a small blonde young woman sitting on the stoop of the building. He sent her an icy glare and walked past her.

"Portman's not here," he said sharply, "You might be disappointed."

"I deserve that," Tammy said. "But please, give me five minutes. You owe me that,"

"I don't owe you anything," he shot back at her, "You disappear for what was it?"

"About two years," she said quietly.

"Yeah, two years," Fulton snorted. "Then you resurface, and its because you slept with my best friend. God Tammy, how do you even begin to explain that one?"

"I was scared, and drunk," she said, "He was there. She had just broken his heart."

"Julie never broke his heart," Fulton said, "She wouldn't."

"She was engaged to another man," Tammy pointed out, "Look this isn't about them. It's about us."

"There is no us Tammy," he said sharply pointing the words.

"I love you!" She said, "I always have, since we were ten years old."

"Yeah, but its never enough is it?" He said, "You get scared, you get bored, you get restless! Christ Tammy," he shook his head. "You're beautiful, and you're smart, and fun, and God knows we have great sex, but you're the anywhere but here girl, I accepted that a long time ago."

"Julie and Dean did it," she said, "They're together, they made it work. I saw it with my own eyes Fulton."

"You went to New York?" Fulton said. She nodded. "That was brave of you."

"Granted I didn't know when I went that they were back together," she said, "But the point is she forgave him, can't you forgive me?"

"Why'd it take you so long to come?" He finally asked.

"You wouldn't return my calls," she whispered, "So for a while I gave up. And then I talked to Charlie." Fulton nodded. "How long have you been alone?"

"I don't know," he shrugged, and smiled, "About two years?"

"You smiled," she pointed at him, "I saw it." She looked up at him. "I'm so sorry Fulton, I can't even begin to say how much. I did come back here for you, please believe that."

"I'm not moving," Fulton said, "I'm not a pussy whipped bitch like Portman who'll pack up everything just because you ask me to."

"I can live in Minneapolis," she said trying to convince herself, "I can, I mean, my parents are still here, and Tommy."

"I know," Fulton nodded, "I see Tommy all the time."

"Can I come in?" She whispered and moved close to him, he kissed her softly.

"I love our apartment," Julie fell back and landed on the couch. "I love saying that our apartment." Dean laughed and sat down next to her. She turned her head and smiled at him. "I love that I'm unpacked too."

"Yeah, I didn't so much love unpacking you," He nodded, "But it probably would have taken you a year to get out of those boxes." She smiled and kissed him. "Mm, that was nice."

"That was paying you back for unpacking," she laughed. They kissed again.

"And that?" He smiled.

"Was for staying," she whispered. He kissed her with the same feeling and intensity. "That?"

"Was for giving me another chance." He said. They lost themselves in a whirl of kisses and touches, perfectly and ecstatically happy.

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