Based strictly off the movie. What if Bev hadn't picked Ben? Who really had her heart-then and now?

Transitions past and present, much like the movie.

Chapter 1: Secret love for a loser

Ever since the night Bev had received the call from Mike, just a mere several hours ago, her mind had at first been filled with worry: the worry of the fact that IT was back and killing. Now that she was on a plane headed for Derry, she let the other worry hit her: the worry that she would see the "loser" that had taken her breath away and stolen her heart-and that this time she wouldn't stop herself from throwing herself into his arms.

It had been so long, from that first kiss behind the Paramount to secret "dates" behind her father's back, she was getting the shakes just thinking about it. She hadn't seen him in nearly 12 years, but she still knew that what she felt for him was still there, no sense in denying it.

She sighed a deep breath and leaned back against the seat, wondering just why IT was back. Even though the memories of that year of fear were so horrific, she pushed it out of her mind as best she could. Every now and then she'd see a clown or an advertisement for a circus and she'd feel a chill creep up her spine. But even then she wasn't quite sure why nor what caused it.

Closing her eyes, she conjured up the image of the losers club: Bill, with blond hair and blue eyes, she knew she wasn't the only girl to have a crush on him, Eddie, sweet and innocent, big eyes that were often fearful, Richie, bright red hair and dancing blue eyes, glasses that always had tape, Ben, silent most of the time, but a poet of heart she suspected, Stan, the "straight arrow"of the group, a smirk that was deadly to the ladies come high school, Mike, also quiet like Ben, but kind and a smile that could say so much without words. Smiling, she considered the fact that all six were different and maybe that was why she loved them all.

But there was that one...

"We are now landing in Derry International, please fasten your seatbelts."

Sighing, she braced herself-for both the landing and seeing the loser that had her hear even now.