Once again, another memory from Bev as she is driving to the library. Sorry it took so long to get back to this one. Enjoy!

3: That Night

Her nerves were still a little rattled after the fortune cookie incident but as she got closer to the library she was slowly getting a hold of herself. She fumbled with the radio, finally giving up and leaving it on the first station that worked. A commercial was on, advertising some clothing store in the new mall.

She shook her head and wondered what had happened to the Derry she had know so long ago? Even though she had forgotten most of it, the longer she was there the more her memory returned. Whether that was good or bad was yet to be determined.

She had just turned a corner when she heard the opening words and her breath caught. The king of soul, aka Otis Redding, was crooning about his arms, how they were lonely and blue. And it took her back, back to a summer after the IT incident...She shivered and faintly blushed as she remembered the way his arms had held her tight, how strong and firm he was, far more toned than when they had been in grade school, how gentle his kisses were, even when...She sighed and shook her head.

Every moment that they had spent together she had been certain her father would stumble upon them. Especially that first time...Or "that night." She shuddered, it had been this song that had played, yes, this very one, on a sticky, sweet summer night many years ago. She shivered again and kept on driving trying to clear her mind, changed the channel, but by then it was too late, the song echoed in her head, along with her unwanted memories.

"Don't go" he had whispered in her neck, kissing her there. She let her head slide to the side and sighed deeply.

"You could always come with me..."

"No. And we both know why." She looked into his eyes, deep, dark, broken, so far so she was sure she would see his weeping soul. He buried his face at the hollow of her neck, breathing deeply, as if he could breathe her into him. They were being torn in opposite directions, neither could deny that and both would have to let go. But for that night they didn't have to. Instead, they stopped fighting and gave in to their hearts and desires. When it was over, they lay breathless under a night sky, looking up at thousands, millions of them, and a bright full moon. She rested her head on his chest and he just held her.

It was the last time they saw each other-until now. He hadn't wanted to see her leave and she didn't want to have to look into those sad sad eyes again. She sighed as she pulled into the lot of the library. At least it still looked the same. Then again, looks could be deceiving.