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Chapter 10

The room had become disturbingly quite after the other six had left. It was awkwardly just Senel and Chloe. Apparently, everyone knew exactly what Norma meant when she yelled to leave the two of them alone.

Chloe watched her feet nervously as if they were the most interesting thing in the world at the time, while Senel scratched at his IV.

"So…" he began. Chloe turned a brighter shade of red at hearing his voice. "Norma's…really crazy, huh?"

Chloe looked up fretfully. "Oh, um…yes." She didn't make much eye contact with him, seeing as how he wasn't much dressed. Senel didn't seem to be very uncomfortable though.

"Say, Chloe?"

Senel coughed a little, now his face was turning pink. "Aw, never mind."

Uncertain and confused, Chloe blinked. She walked closer to the side of his bed, "No, it's okay. What is it?" She sat down on the edge.

"Well, I was just thinking is all."
"Don't hurt yourself doing that." Chloe giggled.
The two of them were both a tanner shad after what seemed like they had 'broken the ice'.

"But I was wondering," Chloe stopped smiling and looked more serious. "Where were you the other day?"

Her seriousness faded, and once again Chloe turned an embarrassed shade.

"Th-the other day?"

"Yeah, when Norma, Will, Shirley and Grune all came to see me when I first got out of surgery. They said you and Moses went for a walk."

"Oh, well. Actually, I just wanted to make sure Sandor didn't do anything foolish. He was pretty mad."

Senel nodded a little with his eyes focused on the other side of the room. After fidgeting with the blanked he and Chloe were sitting on, his brow rose.
"So did it work?"

"Im sorry?"

"Did he do anything foolish?"

"Oh, no. Not foolish. It was quite in character for him really."

Senel merely sat on the bed staring at her. She took the look he gave her as a question of what exactly he did.

"He punched a man for talking bad about you and Jay." Chloe told him, looking the other way and shrugging. The corners of Senel's mouth tugged upward, revealing a sly smile. Soon, a small, muffled laugh was heard by Chloe.

"You're right. That is pretty 'in character' for him to do."

Chloe nodded, laughing herself as Senel began to snicker a bit louder.

Before she knew it, both she and Senel were laughing together. She was so happy that the moment of awkwardness had finally passed.

But, unfortunately, that moment came back quickly just as soon as the two had stopped with their chuckling.

While Senel lowered his gaze back to the needle stuck within his wrist (obviously thinking about ripping it out) Chloe though about the talk she and Grune had had those few days ago.

She had promised she would tell Senel everything…

"Coolidge…" Senel looked up at her hastily.


Chloe got up from her seat and made her way to the other side of the bed. She came to the side where she could sit side-by-side with Senel, though she intended clearly to look him eye-to-eye.

Senel looked a bit surprised at how she so suddenly had gotten close to him. Way close…

"Coolidge, there's been something I promised someone I'd say to you…"

Senel continued to look confused. One of his eyebrows rose while Chloe turned red for a third time.

"I promised that when we found you and Jay, I would tell you exactly what I wanted to tell you…"
Chloe rested one hand upon Senel's knee. Senel looked down onto where Chloe's hand was placed and then back up at the Gidorian knight; he looked ever so bewildered.

"But, I'm sure you know already what I wanted to say. Right?"

A sudden fluttery feeling rose up inside Chloe, a feeling of hope when Senel's confused look left his face. Chloe thought for sure Senel would know what she was talking about.

Heaven forbid she would have to tell him exactly how she felt about him.

No. Surely not.

The happiness inside Chloe grew more and more with each passing second. That feeling of thrill as to what the answer from the silver haired boy would boy gnawed at her nerves. So sure was she that he would say the words she would want to hear!..

"Chloe, what are you talking about?"

Chloe paled. Shocked. He had gained another confused facial expression.

He was that dense…

Chloe let a sigh and a grunt of frustration escape her heavily as she jerked her hand off of Senel's knee.

"I don't believe you!" She spat angrily while Senel's eye's grew wide in shock. "You know, if you weren't in the hospital right now, I would just have to kill you!"
She inched her way closer to him, while Senel scooted closer to the edge of the bed in fear. She looked as if she would attack him.

"What are you so mad about all of a sudden?" he asked shakily. Instead of answering, Chloe just grunted again and gave him a hard shove to the chest. This was enough to send Senel tumbling off the bed and onto the hospital floor.

He hit the floor with a loud 'THUD'! Luckily for him though, it was the side that the IV monitors were set up. Otherwise the needle would have been painfully jerked out of him.

Senel looked back up at Chloe, who had now gotten off the bed and still glaring menacingly at him. Her raven hair hand over her eyes as she sent evil glares at him.

"You're such a coward! I absolutely refuse to spell this out to you! Even if I did promise!"

The floor shook as Chloe stomped to the other side of the room to the door. She didn't hesitate to yank the door open roughly as soon as she got there, only to reveal Moses and Norma hiding behind the door.

Chloe only stepped over Norma as she fell to the floor from leaning up against the door trying the hear anything interesting happening on the other side. She hurriedly jumped back on her feet and rushed off after the older girl.

"C! Hey, wait up!" She called rushing down the hallway to Chloe, who was already heading downstairs.

Moses shook his head heavily, while sighing as he eyed the other boy lying in the floor. Still staring wide eyed and puzzled.

"Boy, I don't get you." he said leaning against the doorway. Senel looked up at him, pale faced.

"What? What?"

"You got all them girls after you, and that's how you act when one of em' makes a move at you?" Moses chuckled while Senel scratched his head.

"Making a move?"

"Hmm, you must really wanna keep that virginity of yours…" he shook his head again and stood back up straight. Senel jumped to his feet tensely, his face as red as Chloe's was a few moments ago, at hearing what Moses said.

"What are you talking about?" Senel questioned quickly; his voice cracking at the end of his sentence.

Moses chuckled again. "Well, whatever you wanna do. Some people wait 'til after marriage, others just hit it off right away."

He turned his back to Senel, about to walk out entirely to the hallway.

"I'll be seein' you tomorrow then, Senel." He looked back with a wave of one hand, smiling playfully, then disappeared into the hallway, shutting the door behind him.

Senel remained standing for a few seconds, trying to take in what Moses said to him. He pushed a few stray strands of hair out of his sweaty face, some still sticking.

Instead of mentally kicking himself for being so stupid and not giving into what Chloe was going for, Senel sighed and climbed back into the white-covered bed. The IV cord was tangling around his leg, so he carefully unwrapped it before pulling the covers up to his neck. He snuggled down under them; it was beginning to get cold, seeing as it was around nighttime.

"I'm never getting married then, if that's what you have to put up with every day!" he mumbled to himself, glaring at the shut door.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Finally, (finally!) after a week, he was out of a clenched room. Out of the hospital, and out of the cursed shed! Now he could walk a few more feet without slamming into a wall. Without feeling a jerk to the wrist. He could, though instead of re-inventing his boundaries, he stood staring into the crystal clear waters. He looked over himself in the reflection: wearing his usual Alliance Marine uniform (he had gotten his things out of the shed after being discharged), long locks of hair falling over his deep, blue eyes, and his face which had yet to be washed.

Surprisingly, he had no blemishes. Though he could at least comb his knotted hair.

He laughed mentally at the thought…

"Senel!" a voice called from behind him.
Senel turned away from the water's edge of the fountain plaza to the path coming from the square.

"Oh. Hey, Jay!" he said happily as the raven-haired boy ran to his side.

Jay hunched over, placing his hands atop his kneecaps to catch his breath. The sun brightly reflected the luster in his hair. Senel wondered why Jay neglected to cut it. It would, by the way, look really nice short.

Or, maybe he just thought it would make the younger boy look, well, like a boy!

Jay stood back up straight. "Norma told me they let you out today."
Senel nodded, "Yeah. Apparently I'm all fixed up now."

"I thought they fixed you up a few days ago."

"Well, then. How about now I'm fully rested."
Jay merely shrugged and turned his head to where a large patch of dirt had been dug and stocked with flowers and seeds. He eyed over the bright colors that littered the grassy areas, some just begging to break the surface of the soil and spring up towards the sun.

Senel's face soured as he looked to where Jay was staring.
"So sad, huh?"
Jay snapped his head back in Senel's direction. "What is?"

Sighing, Senel pointed at the bed of plants. "It's sort of all because of those damn flowers that we got locked in that shed in the first place."

"Actually, its all the shovel's fault we were locked in the tool shed."

"Touché," Senel chuckled back to the younger boy. Jay beamed triumphantly, however another thought ran through his mind a second later.

Senel caught the smile leave his face. He gained a puzzled look.
"What's wrong?"

Jay cleared his throat before answering. "Senel, do you remember anything from the other day."
Senel blinked. "What 'other day'?"

"You know, the day when you were poisoned by that mons--err, thing."

Jay waited for an answer, yet only received a raise from Senel's brow as a response.

"You don't remember what you asked me to do?" he asked a bit more stern. Senel jumped slightly, obviously realizing what Jay meant.

"Oh. You mean when I was nearly unconscious…"

"I'm sorry."
Senel looked at Jay. Both stun and amusement expressed on Senel's face as Jay lowered his gaze to his white shoes.

"What do you mean you're sorry?"

Jay exhaled softly; he nervously kicked a bit of dirt lapped over the red-bricked road of the plaza.
"You…asked me to cut off you're arm."

Senel shook his head. "Look, Jay. I was pretty…um…dopey at that time. But, that was pretty bad, what I asked you to do," he shoved his hands into his pockets, looking in the opposite direction of Jay (who still stared down at the ground.) "I didn't mean to put you through that. Even if I was practically dying…"

Jay finally looked up and back at Senel.

"Yeah, but…" he walked away from Senel, closer to the middle of the plaza.

"What?" Senel looked at Jay, wide-eyed, fearing that what he was thinking wasn't what Jay was about to tell him.

"I, well, actually did it." Jay's voice had some humor in it's tone. Senel noticed at once and ran quickly to his side.
"What? You actually tried to cut my arm off?"

Luckily, for them, there were only a few people in the fountain plaza at the time. The handful of people there looked over at the white-haired boy raising his voice, shouting such odd things.

"Well, you still have it don't you?" Jay asked, placing his hands on his hips. An evil smirk spread across his face.

"Y-yeah, but still. You actually tried to?"

"You were the one who asked me to."

Senel hung his head, defeatedly. "I just can't win in arguments with you, can I?"

Jay giggled slightly, crossing his arms across his chest. When Senel lifted his head, he turned away. His back was towards Senel now.

"Oh, and there's something else, too."
Senel's head tilted a bit in confusion (the look being utterly adorably.) "Hmm?"
"Are you sure you really want to know, Senel?"

"What is it?"

Jay shook his head slightly. "It will really piss you off."
Senel stepped to where he stood facing Jay's side. "What? Tell me!" he begged earnestly.

"Alright, if you're sure you want to know." He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a bottle. A bottle shaped like a three-dimensional 'eight', with a crimson luster to it.

Jay handed the bottle to Senel, who took it confused. "A panacea bottle?"

"I found that in my pocket's the day I got out of the hospital." Senel looked up surprised, Jay wasn't smiling anymore. More likely trying his best not to bust out laughing, only with a great disguise of seriousness. "I bought that about three days before Arbor day…"

Senel's surprise melted into several different emotions: anger, hurt, embarrassment, and worst of all, humor of the situation.

"So," his eyes were half closed from his angrily furrowed eyebrows. "You had an item with you the whole time I was poisoned…that was made to cure poison."

Jay nervously scratched his head. "I asked Will what he thought. He said it was very likely that would have cured you're poison when it first was injected into you, probably saving you a lot of pain."

Senel held the bottle in his hand a few seconds, taking in Jay's words slowly.

After a moment Senel handed the bottle back to Jay, who took it and placed it back within his pocket, and stood in place.


Jay took a step away from Senel. Nervously, he nodded his head. "Yeah, I know."
"I'm going to give you a five second head start to run for you're life."
Jay sighed and took another step away from the older boy. "Right." he sighed and turned, begging to pick up a pace.

"ONE!" Senel screamed loudly, shooting quickly from his rooted position in front of the fountain.

Jay yelped as he noticed Senel running quickly for him, his ninja reflexes reacting fast and running from the only thing threatening his life at the time.

"Dammit, Senel! You cheated! You cheated!"

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