Holding Hands We'll Fall

By: Phoenix Dayze

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII. This is purely for fun.

Part One: Breath

He panted. Not the rough, hard pants of exertion, but the tremulous, seductive breaths of passion. It was laden with need, and Cloud's fingers tightened in the bed sheets as his back arced, his head going back to dig into the mattress, his hips inevitably thrusting up… His breath came harder. His blue eyes were squeezed shut in blond-fringed slits. He needed this. Hell, he craved this. That mouth… Those hands… The release that they would give him… It was everything that had been torturing Cloud for all these long years. Years in which need had become second nature, and denial had become the first.

Sephiroth had never acknowledged him then. The General had never deemed himself to look at anyone, much less a skinny runt of a boy who hadn't yet passed his entrance exams. He had been untouchable and unaffected. And Cloud had lusted in agonized silence. For a while. Cloud still didn't know why, but one day, the General had pulled him aside, had taken him behind the barracks, and slid his hand inside Cloud's pants. With a fierce gleam in his eyes, Sephiroth had slowly, deliberately brought Cloud to orgasm, muffling the boy's hoarse cries of unabashed pleasure with an all-consuming kiss. He'd left Cloud gasping for breath, eyes glazed, knees weak. Since then, Cloud had found release many times at the General's hands, but that was the only time Sephiroth had ever kissed him.

Their meetings became a ritual of sorts. Sephiroth would come to Cloud and ease his youthful passions, and Cloud would always respect the General enough not to violate the one rule Sephiroth had set forth. Cloud was not to touch him.

Cloud still didn't know the reasons, and he fisted the sheets harder, knuckles going white as he resisted the urge to sink his fingers into the mane of silver hair. All the time they'd been together, and Sephiroth had never once allowed Cloud to stray a hand over his body, and they'd never truly joined. Sephiroth would only bring Cloud to climax with his hands, sometimes his mouth, and nothing more. He had never even asked Cloud to reciprocate. Sephiroth had never achieved release when he was with Cloud. And Cloud put a lot of energy into not asking why.

His breath hitched as the mouth encasing him tightened, pulling him harder, deeper. He let out a shaky moan. It wasn't often that the General would take him back to his rooms, lay him out on the bed, and pleasure him with his wickedly sensual mouth, and Cloud wanted to savor every moment, every sensation. He tried not to think what it would have been like if Sephiroth had been willing to remove his clothes, how it would feel to have that creamy skin flush against his own, but the visions rose unbidden just the same. Sephiroth's sex life and by association his nudity, was not something that Cloud shared. Sephiroth simply granted him an immaculate release because…well Cloud didn't know why, but dreams of the General's naked flesh always seemed to needle their way into their time together.

His arousal threatened to spill over and all of Cloud's thoughts were stayed as final desire took hold. He whimpered his release, his hands clutching at the air as Sephiroth swallowed him down. Heat flooded his body and once again, the thrill of being inside Sephiroth's mouth claimed his senses. Black stars danced before his eyes. He felt the bed shift and he forced himself to come out of his high enough to focus on the man who was already retreating.

Sephiroth was still perfect, unassuming and unused. He ran a gloved hand over his mouth, as though swiping away the evidence of Cloud's existence there. He smiled, a thin, knowing smile at Cloud's watchful stare. He brought a hand to Cloud's sweat-dampened face, caressing it, one finger lingering just a little longer than the others. "Tomorrow then." He said. Not a question, a statement.

Cloud nodded. He opened his mouth to speak, but the words he wanted to say were lost, buried behind fear and cowardice. He watched in silence as Sephiroth left, latching his door behind him. Hot tears leaked from Cloud's eyes. His insecure words circled in his head, a tangent of his own making. Will you love me tomorrow?