Chapter 9B – Here's the nicer one. Please read and review!

The girl grunted and David figured out that she was tied up. Her mouth was gagged and her arms were red from the constant rubbing of the ropes around her wrists.

"Shut up!" The boy turned to face her. "You are nothing. Worth nothing. We could kill you, but I haven't the time." He turned to the woman. "Keep her quiet."

The woman nodded and spoke. It wasn't the normal voice of a woman about twenty years old. It was deep and grumbly, leaving many questions to be answered.

"She's a fidget. We might as well kill her. Anyway, I'm hungry." The woman licked her lips. As she watched the girl's eyes widen.

"Ok, then." The boy shrugged and reached for his forehead, pulling back his fringe to reveal a blue glowing zip.

The girl frantically struggled and threw herself away from the blue glow. As she did so, the woman allowed her to, and exposed her similar zip at the top of her face.

David recalled a short lesson before one of his father's Friends fest. He'd told him of a time when his parents had met the awful Slitheen; a family exiled from Raxacoricofallipatorius.

The girl landed right next to the entrance to the under path. David considered leaving her, but the Doctor in him sent an urge through his body to be the hero.

He glanced back at the Slitheen. They were so preoccupied with revealing their true form that they wouldn't see him…

Before he knew what he was doing, the girl was sitting silently next to him after he'd dragged her under the grates. She was safe.

David ends up being the hero, like his father. Sorry it took so long, it's just I wrote this and couldn't find it. Anyway, which do you like better? 9A or 9B?