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After a long training with Kakashi, like the good old days, the three sixteen year-olds head home. The sun had already set, so they decided to call it a day. Today's training was over. The three walk the streets alone. Kakashi had gone off to a bar with his other jounin friends. Sakura argues with Naruto about him being stupid again. As always Sasuke just listens and stays quiet. After a few minutes Naruto wishes his two teammates a good night, as he turns left, towards his home. Sasuke and Sakura look at each other for a moment and then turn right. Sakura finds the silence between them uncomfortable, but Sasuke doesn't really notices her presence. When they reach Sakura's house, she says: ''Goodnight, Sasuke-kun.''

He replies with a short nod and moves straight on, oblivious to the green eyes watching his back. In a relaxed pace he walks towards his small apartment, five minutes away from Sakura's. Standing in front of the door, he grabs his keys and unlocks it. Once he's inside he goes straight to bed.


The raven haired boy mumbles something while sleeping soundly. He's dreaming of someone, he's annoyed.

Team seven is training in their training area. It's warm, annoyingly warm. He's tired and so warm. Naruto smashes his head from behind. And laughes out loud annoyingly. 'Sasuke-teme!' While hitting him back he snaps: 'You're so annoying' He turns his head back is startled by Sakura's face, only inces away from his own.

''What are you-''

''Sasuke-kun!'' she screeches, with her high shrieking voice. Why was she doing that? She's so close.

He groans annoyed, placing his hands on his ears. ''Stop yelling, you freak!'' Her face is still annoyingly near his. ''SASUKE-KUN!''

''Oi, stop it!'' he tries to push her away with his hand, but finds out he can't. Suddenly his hands are glued to his head.

''Sasuke-kun, Sasuke-kun, Sasuke-kun!!!!''

What the hell is wrong with her? Sakura raises her voice even more, her high voice making her sound like a crazy animal. Her head bumps multiple times to his, her eyes large and unhuman-like.

''SASUKE-KUN, SASUKE-KUN, SASUKE-KUN, SASUKE-KUN!!!'' it just keeps going on and on and on.


He wakes up, shaking, sweating. That awfull high voice of Sakura is still ringing in his mind. His black eyes flinch in horror. He shivers in dismay and tries to shut out the sound.

''How annoying...'' he rubs his temples, and scratches his chin for a second. No, he cannot sleep anymore. Sasuke shakes his head angrily. ''Even in my sleep, she is bothering me. She's so annoying!'' he sits up straight, watching his alarm clock. It says three AM. ''Oh, how am I supposed to sleep like this, when I CAN STILL HEAR HER VOICE!?''


Sakura shifts underneath her pinks sheets. Her pink hair messy and her green eyes closed. Yes, the girl is sleeping. She is dreaming, of her prince-charming.

''Oh Sasuke-kun, do you really find me gorgeous and sexy and pretty.''

Sasuke, who is kneeling in front of her, dressed in a shiny armor with a sword attached to his left hip, replies with his deep masculine voice: ''Yes, my sweet cherry blossom. I want to make you mine, forever and ever. I'll protect you with my life, I want you to be with me, forever!''

''OH SASUKE-KUN, MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!!!'' Instantly she stands up from her golden throne and jumps towards him, her long pink dress rushing after her. She jumps, attempting to dive into his arms. But she doesn't fall into his arms... hehe nope. She falls onto the ground, face first. With a shock, followed by a yell, she wakes up, lying on the ground. She whines childishly.

''No, Sasuke-kuuuuuuun.'' Angrily she gets up, and lies down again, wrapping herself tightly in her pink sheets. 'I was having such a nice dream!' she pouts.

Her head hits her pink pillow and softly, after closing her eyes and settling in her bed again, she whispers: ''Okay now Sasuke-kun, where were we?'' She drifts off to where her dream continues.


The sun rises, winning it's fight against the moon. Red and orange beams filling Sasuke's room, turning his sheets slightly... pink? He sits up and rubs his eyes. The Uchiha looks around, but he doesn't recognize his surroundings. W-what is this?

Sasuke stands, and takes notice of his bed, covered with PINK sheets. ''Where the hell am I?'' he asks out loud, noticing how strange his voice sounds. But his surroundings draw his attention. The room he's in is completely pink. It's a small room, a lot smaller than his own. This room has only one window with pink curtains. There's a brown desk and a large brown closet. A lot of clothes, which aren't his, are scattered over the floor. He also notices two doors, one's open. And it seems to lead to a bathroom he can tell as he leans to the right.

But he doesn't recognize any of this, he has never been here before. Slowly he stands up and starts walking through the room. As he passes the long mirror on the closet's door, his heart nearly stops.

His eyes widen and everything falls in place. ''WHAT THE HEEEELL!''

And how un-Sasuke-like this may sound, he keeps yelling at seeing his un-Sasuke-like appearence in the mirror. Hysterically he runs in circles through the small bedroom. Thoughts run through his mind as he keeps yelling. As he runs out of air, he suddenly stops both yelling and running. Being still scared, he slowly looks into the mirror again, carefully watching himself this time.

''Pink hair... green eyes... NOOOO, I'VE TURNED INTO SAKURA!''

His hands shoot up to his temples as he collapses to his knees. He clutches handsful of long pink hair and shakes his head.

''Is THIS happening because I always call her annoying? Someone ANSWER ME!!''

After a few more minutes of yelling and whining, he calmes down. He looks into the long mirror again, noticing he's only wearing black shorts and a Haruno tanktop. He takes a few deep breaths as he watches himself in the mirror.

''Okay, I need to stay calm, think things out. There must be a logical explanation for this.'' he tells himself. He is almost fascinated when he looks reflection, speaking those words. The girl he sees moves excatly when he's moving. This can't be me... it cannot be.

He closes his eyes for a moment, shutting al panic and horror out. ''Alright...'' he whispers after a few silent seconds.

''If I'm in her body, then she must be in mine.'' With a sudden move, he opens his green eyes, walks to the window and jumps out into the cool morning air. The man who has now become a woman climbs off the roof, without even thinking of putting shoes or more clothes on. The pink-haired female runs off to the house which once belonged to her.


A certain raven haired boy just wakes up and without even opening her eyes, starts peeling of her (or his) clothes. She stumbles into the bathroom, not feeling any different than usual. She rubs her sleepy eyes as she turns the shower on. She walks into her bedroom again and tiredly leans to the wall, waiting for the water to turn hot.

She looks into the mirror across of her and she sees... Sasuke looking at her. Her eyes widen and immediately she stands up straight. Strangely, Sasuke does the same. ''What are you doing here?'' she asks, her voice sounding strangely low as if she had been partying all boy doesn't answer, nnit his lips did move. Why isn't he wearing a shirt? And since when is my showercurtain blue?

And then BOOM, the horrible realization strikes her. She realizes that the boy Sasuke, she is seeing in the mirror, is HER! And right then, before Sakura gets the chance to look at herself, or actually... himself more carefully, someone jumps in through the window on her left that isn't supposed to be there. The person jumping into her room, pushes her aside, and causes them both to fall down hard on the floor.

'W-whaaaaat?' Sakura yells with a low male voice.

Sasuke in Sakura's body places his hand on his own body's mouth and watches his own body horrified. Sakura struggles against the girl sitting ontop of her and pushes her easily off her.

''What is going on! Who are you?!'' she yells after slapping the hand away. Looking at her body now sitting across of her. The pink haired girl pulls her hand back and a strange looks finds it's way to her face.

''S-Sakura?'' the girl asks the boy.

''Yes, wh- wh-who are you?'' the boy's bottomlip trembles.

''It's me Sasuke!'' the jade eyed girl responds.

''S-Sasuke-k-k-kun?'' her now black eyes wide in disbelief. They both stand, and look at eachother. Sakura inside a man's body, black eyes, messy black raven hair... naked. And Sasuke inside a woman's body, pink strands, red top, green eyes.

Yup there sure is something strange going on!

SORRY to end chapter 1 already, but I really have no time to make it longer! I promise I update next week and I PROMISE to make it longer!!!!