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All right this story is the last part of my Mutant X series that started with Wolf Crossing (which I'm rewriting), Undercover Agent, Dominion Wars, Let it Snow, Tribulation and now Love and War. This is without a doubt my final part, no matter how much nagging I get (Mel, love you!)

All right, just so all of you are up to date:

Shal and Brennan are not together, but have a daughter named Brooklyn Jessica (B.J for short)

Emma is married to Mike, they have a child, Chris. Mike is the son of Adam and brother of Gabriel Ashlocke.

Jesse is married to Melodie and they have a 5-year-old son, Alex, and she's pregnant with another child.

Brennan is married to Marisol and she isn't pregnant.

Gabriel is no longer evil, he is married to Cassandra and they have two children, Gabriella and Ashley(who is a boy), they are twins and both 16 years old. Gabriella is deceased.

Lexa is married to Max. Rosalie is married to Dax. Josh ran off with Zack after he killed his brother by accident.

All the mutants live in a mansion named Xavier Estates, not Sanctuary, or Haven.

I hope that I updated you all, if not, please read the above mentioned stories for a refresher course.

Alcazar and Harmony are my new characters and their lives will unfold in this story.

Chapter 1: Alcazar

My name is Alcazar Cates; I'm 20 years old, though to be honest, I feel much older sometimes. Lately, I've wanted something more in my life than what I have, but circumstances beyond my control have limited my options.

Four years ago, my parents were killed in a car accident and that left me taking care of my 16 year old sister Harmony. I love her, but she is a pain in the butt. She is the nicest person to be around, always there when I need her and always doing her part to keep our little family together.

As much as I love her, I also wish, I didn't have this responsibility. I had dreams of going to college to become a doctor. Now, I'm just hoping to have enough money to put food on the table every night, hoping to have enough to pay our rent, so we have a roof over our heads.

To make matters worse, we're both mutants. I'm elemental and she's thermal elemental. However, lately she's been having these horrible headaches and there's nothing I can do to help her. It isn't as if I can take her to the doctor.

I'm on my way to pick her up from school. It is days like this that I wish my parents had more than one car when they died. But more than anything, I wish my parents were here, they would know what to do.

It looks like it's going to rain today; I hope it holds off till I can get home. I hate walking in the rain.

Finally, I'm here at Harmony's school, I hope she is ready to go. There she is, standing in front of the school waiting for me, talking to some guy. He looks too old to attend school here, better walk faster, might have to kick his butt.

"Hey Al!"

"Hey Brandi!"

Brandi Wilson was Harmony's best friend; she came over and hugged me. We talked for a few minutes, and then the most sickening sound ever erupted. Harmony screamed.

I turned toward her to see that guy picking her up. He was holding her where her arms were pinned she couldn't use her power. I ran toward her, I had to stop that guy. He must have seen me running toward him. He turned toward me and fired a gun.

I felt the sharp pain in my shoulder and another pain in my chest. I could hear screaming from everywhere. But beyond Harmony, the screams were coming from the other kids. I fell to my knees. I tried to get back up, but couldn't. The last thing I remember was the look in Harmony's eyes….

Mercy Hospital…

Mike walked down the hallway of Mercy Hospital. He was grateful to Adam for letting him get a job outside of Mutant X. He had always wanted to finish medical school and as of last month, he had. He was now in rotation in the ER and loving every minute of it.

Emma was being great about the hours he was keeping. The only drawback was not getting to see her and Chris as much as he would like. He knew he didn't have to work, his father was rich and Mutant X was in little danger of going bankrupt, but he had wanted to be a doctor his whole life.

He was on his way to Trauma Room 2. A gunshot victim has been brought in with multiple gunshots wounds. The ER nurses were unsure how many because of all the blood.

He pushed the door open and walked inside the trauma room. The nurses were right; there was a lot of blood. He rushed to the side of the victim, struck by how young he was.

"What's his name?"

"Alcazar Cates."

Mike picked up a scalpel and began cutting into Alcazar's skin. His heart rate was getting shallow and Mike knew the kid was barely holding on to life. He knew if he didn't get these bullets out of him and the holes stitched up where the bullets had hit him, he would die.

The machine went off next to Mike; the kid's heart had stopped. Mike reached for the defibrillator to shock Alcazar's heart. As Mike shocked him, Alcazar's body arched on the operating table, though he was unconscious, his eyes opened. To Mike's amazement, there were small electrical charges in Alcazar's eyes. His heart started beating again. Mike knew instantly that he was dealing with an Electrical Elemental.

Knowing that, he knew that he would have to proceed differently. "Get Dr. Weller in here, now!"

Mike knew that if they could stop the bleeding and get him patched up that Alcazar would have a better chance than normal people would. Mutant were stronger and so where their healing mechanisms.

Dr. Weller ran into the trauma room and began helping Mike patch Alcazar. They worked feverishly for a half hour and finally succeeded in patching Alcazar. They wheeled him out of the trauma room and moved him upstairs to a room.

Mike turned toward a nurse, "Where is his family?"

"According to the girl out there, his parents are dead and his sister was kidnapped today. He was trying to stop it when he was shot."

Mike walked out of the trauma room, "You with Alcazar Cates?"

"Yes, is he all right?" the young woman said holding back tears.

"Yes he is; he'll be fine."

"Thank God, this is terrible; he and his sister don't deserve this."

"Your name?"

"Oh sorry, Brandi Wilson."

"Is there any family that I can call for him?"

"No, it's just him and Harmony. No aunts, no uncles, and no parents."

"All right, do I need to call someone to come pick you up?"

"No, my parents are on the way, but thanks anyway. Hey Doctor?"


"Take care of him all right? He's one of the nicest guys I know."

"I will take care of him."


5 minutes later….

Adam is awakened by the sound of a phone ringing, "Hello?"

"Dad, it's me Mike, I need a favor."

"Hey, do you know its 3 am in the morning?"


"All right, since that is settled. What's the favor?"

"I got a mutant here in the hospital dad, and he really needs help right now."

"Do we need to rescue him or can we just get him out calmly?"

"Calmly should work, just work it out, cause we don't have a whole lot of time."

"All right, be there in 15 minutes."


15 minutes later….

"Yes sir, may I help you?"

"Yes I'm here to transfer a patient to another facility."

"Alright, name?"

"Alcazar Cates, room 1123."

"Which hospital will he be moving too?"

"It's all right here in these forms."

Jesse handed the forms to the nurse. The whole drive over he had wondered why he was doing this. As far as he knew, Alcazar wasn't in any danger and Mike didn't tell Adam any details other than the name and room number. Jesse knew the only reason he was there was because Adam's son and his friend, had asked him to come.

"Alright sir, everything seems in order, I'll have the orderlies meet you there."


1 hour later…

Jesse walked out of Mercy Hospital with Alcazar in a stretcher. The orderlies helped him get Alcazar in the ambulance and Adam drove off. After 20 minutes, he pulled through the gates of Serenity Estates where his home was located. There were about 12 houses in this estate and he was still getting used to having neighbors.

He pulled up to Xavier Manor and drove the ambulance into the garage. He spoke into his com-ring, "Max, Dakota, I need both of you in the garage, now!"

Within 5 minutes, both guys arrived and helped unload Alcazar, "Put him into one of the rooms on the first floor for now."

"All right Jesse," said Dakota.

"When you two get done, tell Brennan to take this ambulance back to the hospital where I stole it from."

"No problem."


"Hey Jesse, are you still not talking to Brennan?" asked Max.

"Not unless I have to, why?"

"Just wondering how long this is going to go on."

"Until one of us dies probably," said Jesse sarcastically, "Or at least until he grows up."

"He isn't the only one who needs to grow up," said Dakota. "This isn't your fight Jesse, Shal has decided to let it go, you need to do the same."

"Whatever, I'll forgive him when I'm ready."

Mike came home at 6 am and was met by Adam in the kitchen, "We need to talk."



"All I know is he got shot today trying to rescue his sister from being kidnapped. He has no family Adam, no one to help him get her back."

"From the test I ran on him, he's your basic electrical elemental."

"Yeah, I figured as much."

"But I ran him through the mutant database, his sister Harmony, is quite different."

"How so?"

"She could be the most powerful mutant ever."

All right, kind of a cliffhanger, I know. However, I'm so good at those, lol. More soon, I promise!