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Chapter 13: Choice and Consequence

Lexa, Max, Dax, Mike, Gabriel, Al, Josh, Zack, Adam and Rosalie as sat around in the situation room waiting for Shalimar and Jesse to speak the next morning. Shal stood up, "I thought about this all night, I cried I got angry at the impossible situation and finally decided that I only had one right choice to make. Mari should have a say in this, but since she isn't here, Gabe…"


"Tell Diana to save Mel," she said looking down at Jesse who had his head bowed down. Jesse looked up at her with tears in his eyes. He knew how much Shalimar wanted Brennan back alive and knew how much it had hurt her to make that sacrifice.

Jesse stood up and hugged her. She sat down as Jesse tried to speak, "Shalimar, who have no idea how much it mean to me that you would be willing to hurt yourself to avoid me being hurt. However, I cannot let you do that. Bringing back Mel will not end the war with D.A.P before it wages out of control. Stopping him before he kills Brennan will. I loved Mel with all of my heart and me making this decision doesn't mean I didn't."

"Jesse…" said Shalimar.

"Gabriel, tell Diana to save Brennan."

Gabriel looked at Adam, "What do I do?"

Adam did not know what to say. Rosalie sniffled, "Gabriel, by saving Brennan, won't that automatically save Mel? I mean if John is dead than he can't send the chocolate right?"

"Wrong, he sent the chocolate two days before Melodie got them. Dead or alive she would have gotten them," said Ashley as he entered followed by Diana Moller.

Rosalie wrapped her arms around Shal's shoulders.

Diana walked over to Gabriel, "Have they decided?"

"Yeah," said Jesse, "we decided to save… Brennan."

"All right, then we need to decide who to send back to shoot John Cates."

Gabriel, Lexa, Max, Dax, Alcazar, Mike, Jesse, Shalimar, Josh, Zack, Ashley and Rosalie all looked at each other.

Diana spoke, "It has to be someone who wasn't there that day. It's too dangerous to do the other way."

"That was already decided as well actually," said Alcazar as he glanced toward Gabriel. "It will be me."

"No, it can't be," said Ashley. "If Harmony sees you shoot your father, she will never believe you didn't know he was alive."

"Ashley's right," said Lexa. "But I can do it."

"But you were there that day," said Jesse.

"But I can disappear remember?"

"Would that work?" asked Rosalie to Diana.

"Yeah, it will work. Lexa, you need a gun with a silencer on it, so that the other won't hear the shot."

"I got one of those," she smirked.

"Figured you were the type of girl to have one," smiled Max.

"Shut up honey," she smiled.

"Can you two shut up?" asked Jesse. "I'm going to my room, someone come tell me when it's over."

Lexa knew that watching her kid around with Max hurt Jesse because he used to do the same with Melodie. Lexa went to her room to fetch her gun.

Diana was talking to Shalimar when Lexa returned, "Are you ready?"

"Yeah, so how does this work?"

"You might want to do your little invisible trick before leaving, because the landing might be a bit rough," shared Shalimar.

"Gotcha," smiled Lexa.

Diana warned, "You got only one shot at this, no repeats. You shoot John and I will pull you back. When you are ready to return, think the word 'Sanctuary' and I will be able to bring you back at the point. The good news is I've had more practice since sending Shalimar back, so enjoy the landing."

Lexa phased out just as Diana sent her back…

Lexa materialized right in front of herself back at the warehouse. She moved quickly to avoid being hit by herself as she was advancing through the door into the main room of the warehouse. She quickly looked around for John Cates, she ran to side of the warehouse to avoid being hit by Harmony when she came in.

It was somewhat nice knowing what was going to happen before it did.

She noticed a man standing in the shadows on the second level. He wasn't very well hidden, why hadn't she seen him 3 days before when it happened? So many questions, not enough time to figure them out. From photos she had seen of John Cates matched the man she saw above. She ran as fast as she could to get to the second level of the warehouse in time to stop him. She managed to get to the second level just as John Cates was above to fire his shot at Brennan. She raised her gun and fired striking John Cates in his head; he fell without a sound.

She turned at the sound of flames. She saw the ending of the fight where Harmony ran off. However, this time she had the chance to see where Harmony ran to. She wanted to see, but she had to get back. She glanced one time just to make sure she had succeeded in saving Brennan. He was standing up trying to help Dax get Max off the floor. He was alive.

She took off running after Harmony. She had to know where the girl went after she had left them. She followed Harmony up the stairs. To her amazement, the girl ran to her father who was lying on the floor of the second level, dead.

Lexa watched below as her team walked out of the warehouse. She knew she needed to leave, but she wanted to see Harmony do this. She knew that this did not happen three days ago, but she also knew that this meant Harmony had known that her father was there that day and was going to shoot someone.

However, the next thing she heard made her sick to her stomach…

"Daddy, wake up! You promised if I helped you that you would take me to mommy! I can't find her without you…"

The monster hadn't told her that her mother was dead. Cates had used Harmony's love for her mother to force her to attack us.

She had to return to her time now...

Lexa appeared in Sanctuary, she glanced at Diana who was alone in the room when she returned. "Where is everyone?"

"In the living room asleep."

Lexa ran into the living room, "Wake up!"

Shalimar was the first to wake up and then everyone else, "Did it work?"

"Yes, at least on my end it did. I shot John and Brennan was alive last time I saw him."

Shalimar couldn't believe it herself when she hugged Lexa. Shalimar was happy to know the Brennan was alive again. She couldn't wait to tell Mari and she knew B.J. would love playing with her daddy again.

However, when she turned around all she saw was Jesse. He had sacrificed so much for this moment to happen for her. Lexa ran up the stairs of Sanctuary, then back down again slightly, "We have to pack and go home, but first Jesse give me your cell phone."

"Use your own."

"Jesse, now!"

Jesse handed her his phone. She quickly dialed a number, "Hey, it's me Lexa, how are you? Good, yeah we are on our way home. Yeah, there's someone here who wants to speak to you." She hands the phone to Jesse, "here."

"You're too happy," he tried to smile. He took the phone, "Hello."

"Hey Jesse, when you coming home?"


"Yeah, who else?

"But, you…"

"But I what, shouldn't be up this late? Try telling that to the little soccer player daughter of yours who keeps kicking me."

"I love you."

"I love you too, so when you coming home."

"As soon as I can get the Helix in the air and faster if possible."

He hung up the phone, "Lexa, how?"

"I took a chance and told you, well the you in the past, to throw her chocolate away when you got it or she would die."

"You revealed yourself to me?"


"Wow, and I must have listened to you."

"Well of course you did, you trusted me."

"Who told you how to trust?"

"You did, when you talked me into staying here at Mutant X."

"We talk about this later; I want to hug my wife."

Shalimar hugged him, "Let's pick up our family back at the other location and all go home. I need to hold my daughter."

"Let's go, can't wait to see Alex's face when he sees his mom is alive."

Two weeks later (Xavier Estates)…

Brennan sat holding his daughter playing on the floor with Mari and a teddy bear. Jesse sat with Melodie on his lap watching Alex trying to stand on his head.

Shalimar sat next to Jesse. She leaned over, "Slap me next time I take this for granted."


Alcazar came into the room, "Shalimar you ready?"

Brennan looked up, "Where you two off too?"

"Movies and dinner," answered Shalimar. "Harmony is babysitting Emma's and Mike's little boy Chris tonight, so it will just be the two of us. Our first official date," she smiled.

"But not our last," added Al. "Mind if I say goodnight to B.J. before I leave?"

Alcazar had been very respectful of Brennan's right as BJ's dad. Brennan smiled, "Sure."

Alcazar picked up B.J., "You going to be good girl while mommy goes out for a bit? Of course you are; you're always a good girl aren't you?"

Brennan smiles, "Not always, but she's cute so it gets forgiven."

"She gets that from her momma," said Al.

Shalimar laughed slightly, "Yeah right."

Shalimar came around Alcazar to look at her daughter only to find she had fallen asleep again on Alcazar. "What is it with you and my daughter?"

Brennan gently took B.J. from Alcazar, "I'll put her down you two get going."

"All right. Enjoy you game later with Jesse," said Shalimar.

"Thanks, I will but he won't, he can't play basketball."

"Yes I can," said Jesse from the couch. "I just don't want to embarrass you."

Emma watched from the kitchen of Xavier Estates. She smiled and thought to herself 'Some things never change.'

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