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Alone in the Dark

chapter 3

Kakashi sat outside Naruto's window, watching him eat. The boy seemed a little down, but nothing out of the normal. The only thing that was a little weird was something he said: "Neh, who cares…" But Kakashi didn't linger much with that comment, he could be thinking about almost everything.

After sitting there for almost an hour, watching as the boy reading some scrolls he decided it was about time for him to go home, it would get darker soon anyway, so the boy would most likely stay at home. He could come back later. Looking at the boy one last time he jumped over the rooftop and headed towards his own apartment.

As soon as Naruto felt the other ninjas chakra-signature disappear he let go of a sigh and stood from the table. He had felt someone outside the apartment for over an hour, though he couldn't recognize who it was.

'He probably tried to hide his chakra, but didn't care to do it properly. Maybe he thought I can't even feel chakra… Man, people really don't think I can do anything!' he thought to himself. Even those spying on him underestimated him! Some times it really pissed him off.

He sighed and found his ninja gear before heading out of the apartment towards the forest, running deep into it, not stopping for several minutes.

When he'd gotten to his goal he jumped up in a tree, looking at the setting sun over the horizon, throwing shadows over the forest. The sun made the clouds look amazing, with colors of pink and yellow in front of the blue sky, mesmerizing and beautiful on the far off horizon. To the southeast he could see a long river flowing gently through the green forest, miles and miles long. To the north the mountain with the Hokage monuments stood high and proud, looking out over the village and the forest, watching over and protecting them all.

Naruto sighed, at times like this he felt even more lonely. He had seen couples walking hand in hand, watching the sun go down time after time. They wanted to grow old together, they knew how to love and how it was to be loved. They promised always to love each other, through sickness and health, happiness and sorrow, to always be together, no matter what they would be there for each other, day after day after day, their love would never disappear.

Naruto sighed and looked at the sun. It sun never changed its course, so many evenings he had sat up in that same tree, watching as it disappeared, knowing that in some hours it would rise once again, telling everyone that a new day had arrived, that there was new opportunities, new chances, new roads to walk… It did the same thing day after day, yet it always brought new smiles, new laughers and new life, to what just before had lied in the shadows, cold and dark. He had seen winter, spring, summer and autumn, rain and snow, stormy and silent weather, some times it could not be seen through the clouds, but no matter what the sun always came back, day after day…

He shock his head and stood. Sitting here and musing about this, day after day, it was a waste of time, time he could use to training... He looked out over the horizon again. But it is so beautiful... he thought to himself. No, training time, not musing time.

He jumped down from the tree and ran further into the forest, coming to a deserted field in the middle of nowhere. People never came her, they never disturbed him or chased him away from this place.

This was his sanctuary.

He quickly made some handsigns and made 3 shadow clones and at once they came at him.

This was standard for Naruto now. He had to train for himself every night to hang on with what the others in the team was learning, what Kakashi-sensei was supposed to teach him. He sighed. A reason training with his team sucked at times, if he couldn't learn the moves as fast as Sasuke, Kakashi-sensei stopped trying to teach him. Sure, he understood why sensei wouldn't want to be bothered with him, he didn't learn as fast as the precious Uchiha protegy, to there was no reason trying with him. Sasuke was sooo special.

Naruto gave one of his clones a kick right in the stomach, a fatal blow he realized as the clone disappeared in a burst of smoke. The brilliant thing about his clones was that just like th original the found new moves to try out when they were fighting, though Naruto didn't know what they were trying before they did it, and whenever a clone disappeared all its memories and thoughts went straight into Naruto's mind and he knew it too.

As he stabbed another clone with a kunai he really wished he would have known about this when he was in the academy! He could've just stayed in bed all day whilst his clones could have gone to the boring school instead of him. But noooo, he had to drag himself to school every morning and sit there through those boring classes every day for years, he thought angerly as he sent a fist flying on one of the clones, but to his surprise the clone catched it and sent him flying into a tree by swinging him around, pain shooting through his back as he hit it. Damn, he needed to concentrate! If he couldn't even beat his own clones, how was he supposed to beat Sasuke!? He growled and sent another kunai flying, but this time it was surrounded by red flares of chakra and went straight through the clones forehead, landing with a thud on the tree behind him, chakra dissolved as it left the body. The clone stood there for a couple of seconds, still as stone before it poofed away.

Naruto blinked. What the hell was that? That red chakra always turned up when he got angry, it just came out of nowhere! Usually the color of his chakra would be blue... He sighed. No matter what it was this chakra was much stronger then the blue and it seemed that it didn't cause him any energy at all to use it.

The corners of his lips pulled slightly up. He'd learn to control that chakra and use it to become stronger. No question about it! He'd show everyone that he was just as good as them and good enough to become Hokage! He grinned wickedly and created more clones.

He'd have to work hard.

Kakashi frowned as he looked around in the apartment. This was the first time he had had any time to really look around as the last time he was here it had been to dark for him to see much, and he hadn't had any good view through the window earlier that evening. Now, what he looked around him, made him wish he had never entered the apartment.

The tapestry was literally falling down from the walls while he was looking at it, there were spiderwebs in every corner of the room and he was pretty sure that half of the woodwork was rotten and/or infested by fungus. The furniture was old and worn, the table that he'd seen Naruto sit by earlier had only three and a half leg, the half one held up by one of the two only chairs in the apartment, both looking like they would break at once if you put a piece of paper on them. The whole place seemed incredibly dirty, as if it hadn't been washed for a decade, and for all Kakashi knew, that might be the case.

How could the Hokage actually let someone live under these conditions? Especially her beloved Naruto, her little brother!

At the moment, the only thing he really wanted to right now was to go straight to Tsunade-sama and give her one straight in the face and yell at her for doing nothing about this place. It was a miracle Naruto had survived under these circumstances.

Naruto... that was why he was here. But where were the boy? He had only been gone for a brief hour, he couldn't have gotten into trouble in so little time?

He could feel a weak chakra-signature that he recognized as Narutos that lead out of the apartment that wasn't to old. A this weak signature could mean two things: either Naruto was badly hurt or he was hiding it somehow, though he'd never really thought about Naruto as a person that would do something like that, let be able to do so.

He quickly took off, following the traces of chakra Naruto had left behind and soon came to a halt as he felt a strong chakra being emerged from someone just a little in front of him. Hi crouched behind some bushes and looked for the source of the chakra. His eyes widened as what he saw chocked him, to say the least.

Red chakra surrounded Narutos body, sending red light over the forest around him, while he was making balls off chakra, just like his Rasengan, but the seemed so much powerful, and sent them into his clones, jumping around gracefully, blocking and dodging their attacks.

Kakashi could do nothing but stare in awe at his student. This was not the same Naruto that he trained every day and took on missions, not the loudmouthed, clumsy and annoying brat that always screwed up. Neither was this the weak and defenseless boy he had held in his arms just last night. What had happened? Was this another thing he should have noticed long ago?

The chakra that emerged from Narutos body... It was something strangely familiar about it, as if he'd accountered it before, a long time ago, he just couldn't put his finger on it. It was something evil about it, something that wasn't right... something that told him that it didn't belong to the blonde and that it shouldn't be messed with, but at the same time it was something good about it that did up for all the evil in it, like a light shining deep within it...

Kakashi jumped behind a tree as a energy ball missed one of the clones and came straight at him. He watched as it burned it's was through the bush and through several trees before descending. This power was amazing, like nothing he had ever seen before, if he didn't know better he would even say it was stronger then the power of the 4th. But no, it couldn't be...

He looked at his student for a while before the chakra started slowly fading and into Narutos normal chakra signature, signalizing that the boy was done training for the night. Watching as the boy collected his weapons and put them back in his pouch, he stood, wondering if he should tell Naruto about what he had seen, following on a distance as the younger man made his way home.