Every day I do this train so hard I can't even stand anymore. Why does it feel like I'm falling? Wait wasn't there a cliff near where I was training this time? This isn't good I cant even open my eyes. How far am I going to fall? At least the wind feels good. I think I stopped falling I still cant feel anything though did I land or not? Can't concentrate anymore so hard to stay awake.

Why is it soft here? I thought I fell. Why am I still so tired? Since it seems comfortable I guess I'll sleep here some more then continue training when I wake up. I always have my energy back after sleeping.

Naruto then woke up next to a strangely dressed girl who was blushing furiously. She had black hair tied into two buns. Her eyes were a brown color surrounded by her face that was close to becoming completely red. She was wearing a pink shirt that had red trimming and yellow fasteners that looked to be mostly decoration.

"Umm Where am I?" asked Naruto.

"You fell of the c-cliff and u-umm l-landed on me," squeaked the girl he thought was a little cute but probably a year or two older then him.

"Oh well sorry guess I was just training to hard passed out again but I'm fine now so I have to get back to training," replied the blonde kid.

"Wait, umm well can you tell me your name?" asked the girl.

"My name? Not many people seem to care not really sure why, but its Naruto. Yours?"

"My names is Tenten. Did you say you were training?"

"Yeah next year I am going to be entering the academy then I'll be a real ninja. Can't wait its going to be so much fun. Then maybe people will pay attention to me."

"Since your going to be a ninja can you teach me? I can't even throw a kunai right."

"I'm not to good with kunai or shuriken either and I have no clue how they do those really cool jutsu things or whatever but someone said I had talent in taijutsu."

"Oh well could you teach me that then? My dad said I had to wait two years 'till I could go to the academy."

"Okay now that I'm rested lets climb back up there. Its my favorite training grounds."

"Thanks for deciding to help me out since my dad won't teach me anything 'till I graduate from the academy."

After Tenten fell a few times and Naruto caught her they made it to the top of the cliff. When they reached the top Tenten was out of breath waiting for whatever came next while Naruto caught himself staring at her.

"Okay what do we do now?"

"While I never actually trained with anyone else."

"What about your dad or mom? Aren't they teaching you things?"


"Hey what's wrong?"

"I umm don't have any parents they died around the time I was born."


"It's not your fault. Well lets get back to training what I usually do is jump between these four logs and hit them as fast as I can like this."

Naruto jumped at the nearest log and punched barely doing any damage but then he almost disappeared and appeared next to another log about ten feat away punched it with the same results and repeated the process a few times jumping from log to log.

"Wow that's really cool how can you move that fast? Do you know how to use chakra to enhance your speed?"

"Chakra? What's that? Never heard of it before."

"You're training to be a ninja but you don't now about chakra?"

"What is it? Is it important?"

"Yeah my dad told me about it he said it was the most important thing for a shinobi."

"Can you teach me things about this chakra then?"

"Remember my dad didn't teach me any ninja skills."

"Well I'm going to have to go to the library then with all the scrolls they have chakra has to be in one or more of them if its important."

"Why didn't I think of that. Since my dad said he won't teach me anything right this is the best way he never said I couldn't figure it out on my own."

"Yeah lets go together."

"Umm It's getting dark out so lets meet in front of the library at eight tomorrow."

"Okay see ya then."

As Naruto ran away heading home Tenten thought about following him to see what someone with no parents life was like, but she decided against it though since she would be late home and wouldn't get any supper.

The next day Naruto was sitting in front of the library watching people go past. Most of them just ignored him rudely but some would be sure to give him a look of deep hatred. 'Why do they always give that look? What have I done wrong to deserve that? At least Tenten seems nice but why she is late?'

"Hey Naruto sorry but my dad wouldn't let me take breakfast with me." said Tenten apologetically.

"No problem. Let's see what we can find maybe some scrolls will explain how to use chakra or even teach us some cool jutsu

"Okay I'll ask the librarian for help on where I could find something about chakra. You start looking and tell me if you find anything helpful


Looking through various scrolls Naruto found two that made sense to him and one that had a jutsu called bunshin. The jutsu scroll didn't make any sense to him because it talked a lot about chakra. So he started reading the chakra scroll with more pictures and diagrams in it.

"Naruto the librarian showed me these said they are three best ones they had on how to use chakra she also gave me this one on how to do a kawarimi."

"Cool I have these two on how to use chakra and this one that explains how to do a bunshin. I think the bunshin thing would be a lot more useful if it made solid clones though'"

"I'll start reading this one. You can pick one of these two or one of the two you found."

"This one seems pretty good so I'll keep reading it. Started it while I was waiting for you to come back."

"I think its going to take awhile for me to figure this out."

"Yeah me to."

A few hours later Naruto tried focusing his chakra to do the bunshin jutsu but failed miserably. Tenten was still reading her scroll which was launched through the air along with anything else nearby from the chakra surge.

"Whoa, what did you do?"

"It said that I had to channel my chakra into a certain flow that I should feel from making the different hand signs, but it seemed like I put to much chakra and messed up the flow so the jutsu failed."

"Let me see that bunshin scroll. Okay make these hand signs in this order and use chakra to go along with the flow that the hand signs create as a guide for the jutsu."

"Doesn't really make sense to me. I think I felt the flow but when I tried putting chakra into it I messed it all up."

"It doesn't say it should make that huge gust of wind or whatever so maybe you did put to much chakra into it try using less this time"
"Shouldn't more chakra make more clones though"

"Just try it with less chakra then you can try making more later. Basics first."

"Okay less chakra focus on the flow of the jutsu more."

This time Naruto spent a few seconds preparing before he made the hand signs. After he completed the hand signs he immediately put some chakra into the jutsu to power it which made three puffs of smoke. The first one was missing a leg, laying on the ground, and pale. The second one was missing its arms and legs but the head and body looked fine even though they were laying on the ground. The third one looked fine except it couldn't move.

"Good start I guess."

"Yeah good start. Ill try this kawarimi now think I have a good enough understanding on how to use chakra."

"You have to use chakra right away because the flow disappears quickly unless you put chakra into it."

Tenten made the correct hand signs even though the scroll said that you had to be able to do it without having to use the hand signs for it to be of any use. After disappearing into a cloud of smoke being replaced by a scroll and sitting on a scrollshelf she started to laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"The jutsu all it really is is fast movement with a slight distraction, but the funny part is I can't get down."

"How is that funny?"

"Just is," she said while continuing to laugh slightly.

"Should I get some help, or do you just want to jump down and let me catch you?"

After Naruto offered to catch her Tenten blushed slightly which Naruto didn't notice.

"I'll jump just be sure to catch me."

Tenten jumped of the shelf and the result was Naruto smashed into the ground because he didn't know how heavy she was going to be having never had to catch someone before. Tenten was blushing even more now because of how she had landed on him. Naruto was trying to see if she was all right and get back on his feet when the librarian ran into the room to see what the noise was.

"What are you two doing in here?"

"I just fell sorry"

"Don't do it again." snapped the librarian who gave Naruto an extremely disgusted look before walking out.

"Want to go practice some taijutsu now."

"Yeah lets get some scrolls on it."

"I see a Kage style and basics of the Iron Fist style scroll here."

"I want the Strong Fist style that sounds cool."

"Okay the shadow style seems good enough for me. Will work even better if I become hokage like I sort of want to I'm not sure if I want to or not though."

"Why wouldn't you want to be it means you're the strongest ninja in the village. I just want to be as strong as Tsunade."

"Well I wouldn't really get to go on any missions so I just want to be a jounin or something, but being hokage would be cool."

"Lets go practice now"

"Wait don't we have to check these out"

"Oh yeah wouldn't want our future hokage to be stealing scrolls from the library now would we."

"I'm not going to be the hokage just the strongest ninja in the village."

"Yeah since you'll be the second strongest in the village. I'll be the best kunoichi and you can be the second best ninja"

"No way you can be the hokage but I'm going to be the best ninja!"

"Yeah right I'll be the best ninja and kunoichi and be the hokage as well!"

"My taijutsu is already way better then yours so ha I'm already ahead and I'm younger then you!"

"That's because my dad wouldn't let me do anything. I'll catch up in no time."

"Fine first one to the cliff gets to be the strongest ninja."

"Hey that's not fair you got a head start get back here."

When they were both on the cliff Naruto declared himself the strongest ninja of the village becuase he won the race.

"Umm I forgot to check the scrolls out."

"Now our second strongest ninja is a thief."

"Hey I won the race so I'm the strongest. I'll go back and check these out then they won't think I stole them."

After Naruto returned both of them continued training in their chosen taijutsu styles until Tenten had to go home for the night. Then Naruto did his normal training which consisted of running across the rooftops of konoha full speed and punching the practise logs until he passed out.

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